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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-01A discrete-event approach to the task planning and control for robotic manipulation전은석; 유범재; 조영조; 윤태웅
1998-11A new modular 3-phase AC-DC flyback converter for telecommunication이종필; 최주엽; 윤태웅
1999-04A new modular 3-phase AC-DC flyback converter for telecommunication이종필; 최주엽; 송중호; 최익; 김택용; 윤태웅
1997-10A study on the design and performance analysis of an application layer of CAN for high speed railway최치권; 조영조; 유범재; 오상록; 윤태웅
1998-07Adaptive nonlinear control for an induction motor using fuzzy approximators박창호; 윤태웅; 최익; 김광배
1997-07Adaptive nonlinear control of an induction motor윤성식; 김광배; 남기범; 박창호; 윤태웅; 최익
1991-01Analysis of a load commutated CSI-FED induction motor drive.송중호; 윤태웅; 김권호; 김광배; 윤명중
1999-01Analysis of a structure between comfort feeling and sensibility in indoor environment : a neural network approach.최주엽; 최익; 김진성; 김규식; 박정민; 윤태웅
1990-10Control characteristics of a load commutated CSI-induction motor system.송중호; 윤태웅; 김권호; 김광배
1992-05Control loop study of a load commutated CSI-FED induction motor송중호; 윤태웅; 김권호; 김광배; 윤명중
1999-07High power factor three-phase AC-DC flyback converter module using zero voltage switching이종필; 최주엽; 송중호; 최익; 윤태웅
2001-11Priority considered fast CAN message buffer-scheduling method한신; 윤태웅; 최익
2006-10Sound Source Localization using Dual Microphones Array김진성; 유범재; 윤태웅
2002-10Speed and flux estimation for an induction motor이길수; 이동현; 윤태웅; 이교범; 송중호; 최익
1997-07Synthesis of controller parameters optimal in robust degree of stabilityDmitry Kim; 오상록; 윤태웅
1998-08Two adaptive nonlinear control schemes for an induction motor남기범; 윤태웅; 윤성식; 최익; 김광배; 박창호
1992-01고정자전압제어 전류형 인버터에 의한 유도전동기 구동시스템의 안정도 해석 .송중호; 윤태웅; 김광배; 윤명중
1998-10안정성도 최대화에 의한 제어법칙 설계김드미트리 *; 오상록; 윤태웅