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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-04Glass Forming Ability and Mechanical properties of Misch Metal-Based Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composite김지훈; 이주연; 박진만; 에릭플러리; 김원태; 김도향
2008-07Identification of Farnesyl Pyrophosphate and N-arachidonyl glycine as endogenous ligands for GPR92오다영; 윤정민; 문미진; 황종익; 채한; 이주연; 김재일; 김선오; 임혜원; 데이비드 오델
2021-12Metal-Ion-Intercalated MXene Nanosheet Films for NH3 Gas Detection구종민; 김선준; 두세현; 김수빈; 이주연; 강윤찬
2009-05Molecular interaction between kisspeptin decapeptide analogs and a lipid membrane이주연; 문정선; 은영재; 이철원; 양성태; 이승규; 정현호; 김하형; 임혜원; 성재영; 김재일
2018-03Nutrient removal from hydroponic wastewater by a microbial consortium and a culture of Paracercomonas saepenatans노주원; 김형석; 이주연; Arifur Rahman; Juliana Behrens; 함박눈; 윤성택; Hossain Azam; 권만재
2011-01Plasmonic nano-necklace arrays via reconstruction of diblock copolymer inverse micelle nanotemplates이지영; 이지은; 장유진; 이주연; 장윤희; Saji Thomas Kochuvee; 이상수; 김동하
2013-10Privileged Structure-based Discovery of Novel 2-Iminothiazoles as Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Inhibitors안대로; 이주연; 신동윤
2017-12Spatial distribution, mineralogy, and weathering of heavy metals in soils along zinc-concentrate ground transportation routes:implication for assessingheavy metal sources양중석; 이승학; 황윤호; 권만재; 이주연; 전수경; 윤성택
2014-08Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorene-Based Polybenzimidazole Copolymer for Gas Separation한준영; 이주연; 김형준; 김만호; 한수경; 장종현; 조은애; 유성종; 헨켄스마이어디억
2017-10Targeting the epitope spreader Pep19 by naive human CD45RA+ regulatory T cells dictates a distinct suppressive T cell fate in a novel form of immunotherapy이정애; 김현주; 차길선; 주지영; 이주연; 김성조; 박수연; 최점일
2017-07Transformation of zinc-concentrate in surface and subsurface environments: Implications for assessing zinc mobility/toxicity and choosing an optimal remediation strategy양중석; 이승학; 권만재; 황윤호; Maxim Boyanov; 이주연; Bhoopesh Mishra; Kenneth Kemner
2021-03Waste nutrient solutions from full-scale open hydroponic cultivation: Dynamics of effluent quality and removal of nitrogen and phosphorus using a pilot-scale sequencing batch reactor양중석; 권만재; 황윤호; 이주연; 함박눈; Arifur Rahman; Hossain Azam