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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11Absorber delamination-induced shunt defects in alcohol-based solution-processed Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 solar modules민병권; 배수현; 장윤정; Seung Hoon Lee; Min Kyu Kim; Jiyeon Nam; HyunJung Park; Sang-Won Lee; JungYup Yang; Yoonmook Kang; Hae-Seok Lee; Donghwan Kim
2000-01Analysis of the bisphenol-A in human placenta명승운; 민혜기; 장윤정; 김명수; 김혜영; 곽현태
2015-10Atom probe tomograpy 정량 분석 연구이연희; 안재평; 이지영; 김양희; 장윤정; 송재봉
2015-10Atom Probe를 이용한 정량 분석의 신뢰성 연구이연희; 안재평; 이지영; 김양희; 장윤정; 송재봉
2000-10Bioequivalence evaluation of the tiropramide hydrochloride명승운; 김동현; 김명수; 강태경; 민혜기; 장윤정; 손동렬; 홍영훈; 신창식
2000-11Characterization of amiodarone metabolites and impurities using liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry명승운; 장윤정; 민혜기; 김동현; 김명수; 강태경; 유은아; 손영택; 임용현
2000-06Characterization of amiodarone metabolites and its impurities by HPLC/APCI-MS/MS명승운; 장윤정; 민혜기; 김명수; 강태경; 유은아; 임용현
2020-05Comparison of quantitative analyses using SIMS, atom probe tomography, and femtosecond laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry with Si1?XGeX and Fe1?X NiX binary alloys이연희; 김선희; 장윤정; 김경중; 김동환
2013-09Comparison of Quantitative Analysis for CIGS Thin Films by TOFSIMS, Magnetic Sector SIMS, and AES김선희; 장윤정; 윤정현; 정증현; 이연희
2013-10Comparison of Quantitative Analysis for Photocoltaic CIGS Thin Films by SIMS Depth Profiling with Element Ions and MCs+ Clusters이연희; 이지혜; 김선희; 장윤정
2018-05Complementary Characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin-Film Photovoltaic Cells Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, Auger Electron Spectroscopy, and Atom Probe Tomography이강봉; 이연희; 정증현; 이지혜; 장윤정; 김동환
1998-10Determination of homocysteine(Hcy), methionine(Met), and cysteine(Cys) in human plasma by a direct derivatization using gas chromatography장윤정; 강태경; 유은아; 명승운; 김명수
2000-04Determination of phthalate esters and adipate in water and sediment samples장윤정; 차수진; 민혜기; 명승운; 김택제; 김명수
2000-10Determination of phthalate esters and adipate in water and sediment samples명승운; 장윤정; 민혜기; 김명수
2002-08Determination of phthalic acid esters and adipate in sediment samples명승운; 장윤정; 윤성호; 조현우; 김명수
1999-01Determination of the homocysteine, cysteine and methionine in human plasma by gas chromatography with electron capture detector명승운; 장윤정; 유은아; 박준호; 민혜기; 김명수
2001-04Mass spectrometric study of cyclofenil and its metabolites in human urine명승운; 민혜기; 장윤정; 김혜영; Yoon SH; 김명수; 차수진; 유은아
2018-10Quantitative analysis and band Gap determination for CIGS absorber layers using surface techniques이강봉; 이연희; 이지혜; 장윤정; 김동환
2014-11Quantitative analysis for CIGS thin films by surface analytical techniques김선희; 장윤정; 윤정현; 정증현; 이연희
2020-09Structural colors and physical properties of elytra in the jewel beetle, Chrysochroa fulgidissima, using surface analytical techniques이강봉; 이연희; 이지혜; 장윤정; 탕기위 테리어
1998-04The simultaneously analysis for the non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) using the GC/NCI-MS명승운; 설경미; 김연제; 김명수; 장윤정; 유은아; 조현우
2020-01ToF-SIMS and AFM Characterization of Brown Cosmetic Contact Lenses: From Structural Analysis to the Identification of Pigments이강봉; 이연희; 이지혜; 김선희; 장윤정
2016-07Unbiased Sunlight-Driven Artificial Photosynthesis of Carbon Monoxide from CO2 Using a ZnTe-Based Photocathode and a Perovskite Solar Cell in Tandem고민재; 정인영; 장윤정; 이재혁; 이진우; 이재성
2016-11Wear Characteristics of Fluorocarbon Thin Films Deposited Using Inductively Coupled and Capacitively Coupled Plasma Methods한승희; 이연희; 조윤정; 장윤정
1999-12수질중의 프탈레이트 분석명승운; 장윤정; 민혜기; 김명수
2013-02표면분석장비를 이용한 CIGS 정량분석김선희; 윤정현; 장윤정; 이연희
1999-11-23호모시스테인의 혈중 농도의 분석 방법김명수; 명승운; 장윤정