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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991-01Heteroleptic crown thioether complexes: synthesis and characterization of [M(CO)//3(9S3](M=Cr, Mo, W) :손연수; 정종화; 김현준; 도영규; 이효원
2011-01Mercury Ion Detection based-on Organic-Inorganic or Bio-Inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials박민성; 이지하; 이혜진; 손현종; 김연석; 정종수; 정종화
1995-01Molecular switching coordination polymers, 4,4'-chalcogenobispyridine bridged cobalt benzoquinone complexes.손연수; 정옥상; 조두환; 정종화; Hwan Jin Yeo
2006-09Organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterial as a new fluorescent chemosensor and adsorbent for copper ion이수진; 이심성; 나명수; 홍재민; 정종화
1990-01Preparation and reactivity of (phenylsilatrane)manganese tricarbonyl perchlorate이영아; 정영근; 김유승; 정종화
1992-01Preparation and structure of CH//2CH//2OOCCHCH//2SnCl//3.손연수; 정옥상; 이영아; 정종화
1990-01Preparation and structure of CH3OOCCHCH(COOCH3)CH2SnCl3손연수; 정옥상; 정종화
1989-01Preparation, properties and structures of estertin(IV) sulphides손연수; 정옥상; 정종화
1991-01Structure and properties of diestertin(IV) complexes (CH//3OOCCH//2CH//2)//2Sn(Ch)Cl (Ch = dimethyldithiocarbamate, dihydrobis(pyrazolyl)borate).손연수; 정종화; 정옥상
1990-01Structure of bis(triphenyltin(IV)piperazinebis(dithiocarbamate).손연수; 정옥상; 정종화; 김민정
1990-01Structure of chlorobis(N,N-dimethyldithiocarbamato)(3-methoxy-3-oxopropyl)tin(IV)손연수; 정옥상; 정종화
1992-01Synthesis and coordination chemistry of itaconic estertin(IV) complexes.손연수; 정옥상; 정종화
1991-01Synthesis and molecular structures of six-coordinate stannabicyclooctanes, ROOCCH//2CH//2Sn(S//2CNMe//2)(XCH//2CH//2)//2Y (X = O, S손연수; 정종화; 정옥상
1989-01Synthesis and properties of dicyclohexyltin(IV) complexes, structure of Cy//2Sn(S//2CNMe//2)//2.손연수; 정옥상; 정종화; 김민정
1989-01Synthesis and properties of organotin(IV) complexed of dimethyldithiocarbamate, the crystal structure of CH3OOCCH2CH2Sn(S2CNMe2)Cl2손연수; 정옥상; 정종화
1991-01Synthesis and reactivity of (phenylsilatrane)manganese tricarbonyl perchlorate: molecular structure of [{ η **5-1-N(CH//2CH//2O)//3Si-6-PhC//6H//5}Mn(CO)//3]이영아; 정영근; 김유승; 정종화; 정규성; 이덕환
1999-04Synthesis of C ₂ -symmetric 1,3-imidazolidin-2-ones as bifunctional chiral auxiliaries from industrial chiral waste오천림; 송충의; 노은주; 이상기; 정종화
1994-01Synthesis, structure, and antitumor activity of 1,3-dithiol- and 1,3-dithiolan-2-ylidenemalonatoplatinum(II) complexes.손연수; 김관묵; 정종화; 노동윤; 이종옥; 최상은
1990-01Tris(pyrazolyl)borate complexes of 3-methoxy-3-oxopropyltin(IV), crystal structure and properties of CH//3OOCCH//2CH//2Sn((pz)//3BH)X//2 (X=Cl, NCS).손연수; 정옥상; 정종화