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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Deactivation of redox mediators in lithium-oxygen batteries by singlet oxygen정훈기; 곽원진; 김훈; Yann K. Petit; Christian Leypold; Trung Thien Nguyen; Nika Mahne; Paul Redfern; Larry A. Curtiss; Sergey M. Borisov; Stefan A. Freunberger; 선양국
2012-04Effect of Elastic Network of Ceramic Fillers on Thermal Cycle Stability of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack이종호; 김형철; 김성문; 노태욱; 정화영; 임현엽; 정훈기; 손지원; 김혜령; 김병국; 제해준; 이재춘; 송휴섭; 이해원
2014-09Effect of micro-patterned fluorine-doped tin oxide films on electrochromic properties of Prussian blue films이규하; 김아영; 박지훈; 정훈기; 최원창; 이화영; 이중기
2021-05Effect of surface characteristics of carbon host on electrochemical performance of nonaqueous Li-O2 batteries오시형; 정훈기; 임희대; 이민석; 유이슬; 곽진환; Young Soo Yun; Dongjin Byun
2020-07Effect of the interfacial protective layer on the NaFe0.5Ni0.5O2 cathode for rechargeable sodiumion batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 임희대; 굴람 알리; 디키 수산토; 이크라
2016-03Electrochemical Investigations on TiO2-B Nanowires as a Promising High Capacity Anode for Sodium-ion Batteries이정연; 이중기; 정경윤; 정훈기; 김해식; 문준영; 최원창
2021-04Electrochemical storage behavior of NiCo2O4 nanoparticles anode with structural and morphological evolution in lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 정민기; Mobinul Islam; Ghulam Ali; 남경완
2019-09Electrochemically Induced Metallization of NaCl: Use of the Main Component of Salt as a Cost-Effective Electrode Material for Sodium- Ion Batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 임희대; 박재호; 이크라
2017-12Elucidating the reaction mechanism of SnF2@C nanocomposite as a high-capacity anode material for Na-ion batteries오시형; 정경윤; 정훈기; 굴람 알리; 이지훈
2020-11Elucidation of the role of lithium iodide as an additive for the liquid­based synthesis of Li7P2S8I solid electrolyte정경윤; 정훈기; 임희대; 김준태; 히즈 무하마드 빈탕; 이성수; 황동목
2020-12Entangled reduced graphene oxide nanosheets as an insertion anode with large interlayer spacing for high rate Na-ion batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 김형석; 굴람 알리; 무하마드 아크바; AsadMehmood; MobinulIslam; 남경완
2007-06Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Multi-Cell Arrayed Planar SOFC Stack김형철; 정화영; 정훈기; 김주선; 이종호; 이해원; 송휴섭
2022-01Facilitating Sustainable Oxygen-Redox Chemistry for P3-Type Cathode Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 김형석; 임희대; Jae HyeonJo; Hee Jae Kim; Ji Ung Choi; Natalia Voronina; Kug-Seung Lee; Kyuwook Ihm; Han-Koo Lee; Hitoshi Yashiro; Seung-Taek Myung
2013-02Formation of a Continuous Solid-Solution Particle and its Application to Rechargeable Lithium Batteries노형주; 명승택; 정훈기; Hitoshi Yashiro; Khalil Amine; 선양국
2020-10Functionalized Sulfide Solid Electrolyte with Air-Stable and Chemical-Resistant Oxysulfide Nanolayer for All-Solid-State Batteries김병국; 김형철; 정훈기; 김지수; 신성수; 전민재; 정으뜸; 이종흔; 정용재
2021-12Gold-incorporated porous hollow carbon nanofiber for reversible magnesium-metal batteries정훈기; 임희대; 곽진환; 신성희; 이성수; Dong Woo Kang; Jun-Woo Park; Seung-Ho Yu; Byung Gon Kim
2002-04Heat resistant POF and its application진문영; 박기홍; 정훈기
2020-07High-energy O3-Na12xCax[Ni0.5Mn0.5]O2 cathodes for long-life sodium-ion batteries정훈기; 유태연; 김종순; 황장연; 김형섭; 한금재; 선양국
2019-05High-performance Ti-doped O3-type Na[Tix(Ni0.6Co0.2Mn0.2)1-x]O2 cathodes T for practical sodium-ion batteries정훈기; 유태연; 황장연; 배인태; 선양국
2018-11Highly Flexible, Transparent, and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Silver Nanowire/Nanocarbon Hybrid Conductor김상우; 정훈기; 김상혜
2018-09Improved Cycling Stability of Li[Ni0.90Co0.05Mn0.05]O2 Through Microstructure Modification by Boron Doping for Li-Ion Batteries정훈기; 박강준; Liang­Yin Kuo; Payam Kaghazchi; 윤종승; 선양국
2017-02Improved electrochemical performance of boron-doped carbon-coated lithium titanate as an anode material for sodium-ion batteries정훈기; 윤빈나; 두 호앙 롱; 황장연; 선양국
2018-04Improved performance of dual-conducting polymer-coated sulfur composite with high sulfur utilization for lithium-sulfur batteries조병원; 정경윤; 정훈기; 이윤성; 정태경; 김용태
2013-06Influence of the temperature on the lithium-oxygen battery behavior박진범; Jusef Hassoun; 정훈기; 김희수; 윤종승; 오인환; Bruno Scrosati; 선양국
2021-12Investigating the energy storage performance of the ZnMn2O4 anode for its potential application in lithium-ion batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 김지영; 정민기; 무하마드 아크바; Mobinul Islam; Ghulam Ali; Basit Ali; 남경완
2008-09Investigation of anode-supported SOFC with cobalt-containing cathode and GDC interlayer정훈기; Yang-Kook Sun; 정화영; 박종성; 김혜령; 김긍호; 이해원; 이종호
2006-10Investigation on various cathode materials in zirconia-based SOFCs정훈기; 정화영; 선양국; 김성문; 장대훈; 김긍호; 박종성; 김혜령
2019-01Kinetic and Electrochemical Reaction Mechanism Investigations of Rodlike CoMoO4 Anode Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 김지영; 굴람 알리; 모비눌
2016-07Li?O2 cells with LiBr as an electrolyte and a redox mediator정훈기; 곽원진; Daniel Hirshberg; Daniel Sharon; Michal Afri; Aryeh A. Frimer; Doron Aurbach; 선양국
2020-03Limited effects of a redox mediator in lithium-oxygen batteries: indecomposable by-products정훈기; 김훈; 곽원진; 선양국