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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01Layered-Layered-Spinel Cathode Materials Prepared by a High-Energy Ball-Milling Process for Lithium-ion Batteries김수; 노재교; Muratahan Aykol; Zhi Lu; 김해식; 최원창; 김천중; 정경윤; Chris Wolverton; 조병원
2003-11LiCoO2 Thin FIlm Deposited by Bias Sputtering Method I. Electrochemical Characteristics이영재; 박호영; 조병원; 조원일; 김광범
2017-02Lithium intercalation mechanism into FeF3 center dot 0.5H(2)O as a highly stable composite cathode material조병원; 정경윤; 장원영; 정훈기; 이지훈; 굴람 알리; 남경완
2014-11Local degradation and thermal stability of charged LixNiyMnzCo1-y-zO2 cathode materials for Lithium ion batteries studied by TEM-EELS황수연; 김세영; 김승민; 박성민; 조병원; 정경윤; 이정용; Eric A. Stach; 장원영
2013-06Low temperature performance of LiFePO4 cathode material for Li-ion batteries장원영; 김수진; 박인태; 조병원; 정경윤; 신헌철
2011-10Low-Temperature Performance of LiFePO4 Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries장원영; 김수진; 조병원; 최우성; 김은지; 박수진; 신헌철; 정경윤
2008-05Manipulating interfaces in a hybrid solar cell by in situ photosensitizer polymerization and sequential hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity control for enhanced conversion efficiency이원주; 신승훈; 한성환; 조병원
2014-05Mechanochemical Synthesis of Li2MnO3 Shell/LiMO2 (M = Ni, Co, Mn) Core-Structured Nanocomposites for Lithium-Ion Batteries노재교; 김수; 김해식; 최원창; 장원영; 변동진; 조병원; 정경윤
2014-10Metal Oxide Coated Lithium Cobalt Fluorophosphate Cathode Materials for Lithium Secondary Batteries?Effect of Aging and TemperatureS. Amaresh; K. Karthikeyan; K. J. Kim; J. Y. An; S. J. Cho; 정경윤; 조병원; 남경완; 이윤성
2011-08Microstructural and electrochemical properties of Ti-doped Al2O3 coated LiCoO2 films최지애; 이성래; 조원일; 조병원
2019-03MnOx-carbon black-embedded LiFePO4 (MnOx/C-LFP) as a cathode material for high-power Li-ion batteries조병원; 정경윤; 김지영; 김수진; 조재현; 이관영
2009-05Modeling of the capacity loss of a 12V automotive lead-acid battery due to ageing and comparison with measurement data김의승; 신치범; 정승면; 김성태; 조병원
2009-05Modification of Materials for Rechargeable Lithium System by Various Methods조원일; 신호철; 정경윤; 조병원
2005-10Modified Electrode in Nano-scale for Secondary Batteries조원일; 오시형; 조병원; 정경윤; 윤원섭
2008-01Morphology-Dependent Electrochemical Supercapacitor Properties of Indium OxideJinho Chang; Wonjoo Lee; Rajaram S. Mane; 조병원; 한성환
2009-08Nano-sized lithium manganese oxide dispersed on carbon nanotubes for energy storage applications마상복; 남경완; 윤원섭; 박성민; Xiao-Qing Yang; 조병원; 김광범
2017-12Nanoscale Zirconium-Abundant Surface Layers on Lithium- and Manganese-Rich Layered Oxides for High-Rate Lithium-Ion Batteries조병원; 오시형; 정경윤; 안주현; 김종학; 김상륜; 최장욱
2003-05Ni, Ag 음극 박막을 이용한 박막 전지의 사이클 특성에 관한 연구 .이영재; 김광범; 조병원; 조원일
2003-11Novel synthesis of high-capacity cobalt vanadate for use in lithium secondary cells김용탑; Gopukumar; 김광범; 조병원
2008-09Organic Solvents Containing Zwitterion as Electrolyte for Li Ion Cells제가타; 김형선; 이재균; 조병원; 노은주; 이상기
2010-08Palladium Nanoparticles Suspended in an Ionic Liquid as Reusable Catalyst for Alkyne Semihydrogenation이진규; 김대원; 정민석; 이현주; 조병원; 김훈식; DebKumar Mukherjee
2003-05Performance of electrostatic spray-deposited vanadium pentoxide in lithium secondary cells김용탑; Sukumaran Gopukumar; 김광범; 조병원
2005-06Performance of Graphite Electrode Modified with Carbon Nanofibers for Lithium Ion Secondary Battery문승환; 진원지; 김택래; 함현식; 조병원; 김명수
1999-08Performances of pressed-type rare-earth-based hydrogen storage alloys as a negative electrode in metal hydride battery김계민; 조원일; 조병원; 주재백; 윤경석
1992-12Photoelectrochemical behaviour of oxide films on Ti-Ga//O//3 alloy.조병원; 윤경석; 박성용; 이응조
1994-04Photoelectrochemical characteristics at the titanium oxide electrode with light intensity and pH of the solution.조병원; 윤경석; 박성용
2011-05Photoelectrochemical Polymerization of Thiophene on Self-Assembled RuL2(NCS)2/Di(3-Aminopropyl)Viologen on Indium Thin Oxide이원주; 형경희; 황윤희; 조병원; 이수형; 한성환
1994-01Photoelectrochemical properties of bismuth-doped titanium oxide electrodes조병원; 윤경석; 박성용; 이응조
2016-06Polythiophene-Wrapped Olivine NaFePO4 as a Cathode for Na-Ion Batteries조병원; 정경윤; 굴람 알리; 디키 수산토; 이지훈; 최성원; 남경완
2004-03Porous Carbon Aerogel-Silica Gel Composite Electrodes for Capacitive Deionization Process양천모; 최운혁; 조병원; 한학수; 윤경석; 조원일