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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-09highly stereoselective synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted 3-vinylidene tetrahydrofurans via prins-type cyclization신철; 사티시; 배애님; 차주환; 고훈영; 장문호; 최정훈; 조용서
2004-07Hologram quantitative structure activity relationship studies on 5-HT6 antagonists무니크말레디; 이연주; 조용서; 최경일; 고훈영; 배애님
2010-09Identification of novel antitubercular compounds through hybrid virtual screening approach무다사; 장재완; 홍승곤; 조용서; 김은경; 금교창; 오태권; 조상래; 배애님
2009-07Identification of novel serotonin 2C receptor ligands by sequential virtual screening아시프; 추현아; 조용서; 박우규; 배애님
2017-09Identification of Optically Active Pyrimidine Derivatives as Selective 5-HT2C Modulators배애님; 추현아; 조용서; 김주현; Hanbyeol Jo; Hyunseung Lee; Hak Joong Kim; Sun-Joon Min
2012-09Identification of structural determinants of ligand selectivity in 5-HT2 receptor subtypes on the basis of protein-ligand interactions장재완; 김민섭; 조용서; 조은성; 배애님
2016-12Identification of the first in silico-designed TREK1 antagonists that block channel currents dose dependently조용서; 배애님; 박기덕; 황은미; 임상민; Ambily Nath Indu Viswanath; 정서윤; 민선준
2010-10IKKβ inhibitor identification: a multi-filter driven novel scaffold샨티; 추현아; 조용서; 신계정; 오광석; 이병호; 배애님
2010-09IKKβ inhibitor identification: a novel multi-filter driven scaffold샨티; 추현아; 조용서; 오광석; 이병호; 배애님
2009-04IKKβ inhibitors identification part I: Homology model assisted structure based virtual screening샨티; 무니크말레디; 추현아; 조용서; 오광석; 이병호; 배애님
2010-06IKKβ inhibitors identification part II: Ligand and structure-based virtual screening샨티; 추현아; 조용서; 오광석; 이병호; 신계정; 배애님
2010-10Improvement of pharmacological profile of mibefradil, a selective T-type calcium channel blocker: Synthesis and biological evaluation of dihydrobenzofuran analogues derived from mibefradil신선미; 구수진; 민선준; 한소엽; 배애님; 이재균; 조용서
2011-01In silico analysis on hERG channel blocking effect of a series of T-type calcium channel blockers장재완; 송치만; 최기현; 조용서; 백두종; 신계정; 배애님
2006-05In Silico Renal Clearance Model Using Classical Volsurf Approach무니크말레디; 조용서; 고훈영; 김동현; 배애님
2003-07In/InCl₃-mediated 1,2-addition of allyl group to α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds김혜연; 최경일; 배애님; 고훈영; 최정훈; 조용서
2004-07InBr3-catalyzed deoxygenative allylation of benzylic and allylic alcohols and acetates with allyltrimethylsilane김상희; 신철; 배애님; 고훈영; 장문호; 정봉영; 조용서
2000-12Indium and tin mediated allylation of 3-hydroxycephem in aqueous media이지은; 차주환; 고훈영; 최경일; 배애님; 김유승; 조용서
1999-01Indium and tin mediated allylation reactions of 3-hydroxycephem in aqueous media.이지은; 이정규; 고훈영; 최경일; 배애님; 조용서; 김유승
1999-04Indium and zinc mediated barbier type reactions조용서; 이지은; 고훈영; 최경일; 배애님
1999-01Indium and zinc mediated barbier type reactions: allylation and propargylation reactions of 6-oxopenicillanate and 7-oxocephalosporanate조용서; 이지은; 배애님; 최경일; 고훈영
2001-07Indium mediated allylation and propargylation reactions of dimethyl acetals and ketals권진선; 배애님; 최경일; 고훈영; 김유승; 조용서
1999-04Indium mediated allylation of acetal and ketal derivatives in aqueous media권진선; 조용서; 고훈영; 최경일; 배애님; 윤철민
2001-08Indium mediated allylation of nitro group on nitrobenzene derivatives in aqueous media강경호; 최경일; 고훈영; 김유승; 정봉영; 조용서
2000-04Indium mediated allylation of nitrobenzene in aqueous media강경호; 조용서; 배애님; 고훈영; 김유승; 정봉영; 최경일
2000-04Indium mediated allylation reaction of a-chlorocarbonyl compounds and preparation of homoallylic epoxides신정아; 조용서; 배애님; 고훈영; 김유승; 강한영; 최경일
2001-01Indium mediated reduction of nitro and azide groups in the presence of HCI in aqueous media이정규; 최경일; 고훈영; 김유승; 강용한; 조용서
2002-04Indium trichloride mediated intramolecular prins-type cyclization조용서; 김혜연; 배애님; 차주환; 고훈영; 최정훈; 장문호
2002-04Indium wire-mediated reduction of nitro groups n the presence of HCI in water전보경; 조용서; 배애님; 고훈영; 장문호; 한소엽
2004-09Indium(III) Halide Mediated SN2' reactions of Substituted Allenols: Synthesis of 2-Halo-1,3-dienes조용서; 전보경; 배애님; 차주환; 고훈영; 장문호; 한소엽
2001-04Indium-mediated 1,2-addition allylation김혜연; 조용서; 최경일; 고훈영; 배애님; 최정훈