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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Low Dose of Beryllium Influences Gut Microbiota Promoting Metabolic Syndrome차광현; 판철호; 양중석; 송대근; 에르덴돌고르 에르덴-오치르; 윤계윤; 김경아; 고광표
2014-03Microencapsulation of peppermint oil in an alginate-pectin matrix using a coaxial electrospray system구송이; 차광현; 송대근; 정동화; 판철호
2013-08Microfluidization Enhances Absorption of Lutein from Chlorella vulgaris by Caco-2 Intestinal Cells and Adult Rats차광현; 정상훈; 안홍열; 강석우; 김경아; 판철호
2012-06Mint oil Encapsulation with Alginate/Pectin using Co-axial Electrospray System구송이; 차광현; 송대근; 판철호
2012-05Mint oil Encapsulation with Alginate/pectin using Co-axial Electrospray system구송이; 차광현; 송대근; 판철호
2009-04Nongenomic estrogen signaling of a plant isoflavone, tectoridin강경수; 이샛별; 정상훈; 차광현; 박우동; 손영창; 노주원
2008-06Novel extraction technology of bioactive compounds from marine products차광현; 구송이; 판철호
2008-05Novel extraction technology of bioactive compounds from natural products차광현; 구송이; 이동언; 판철호
2009-10Optimization of Pressurized Liquid Extraction of Carotenoids and Chlorophylls from Chlorella vulgaris차광현; 이희주; 구송이; 송대근; 이동언; 판철호
2010-01Optimization of Pressurized Liquid Extraction of Carotenoids and Chlorophylls from Chlorella vulgaris차광현; 이희주; 구송이; 송대근; 이동언; 판철호
2010-08Optimization of pressurized liquid extraction of zeaxanthin from chlorella ellipsoidea구송이; 차광현; 송대근; 판철호
2012-08Optimization of pressurized liquid extraction of zeaxanthin from Chlorella ellipsoidea구송이; 차광현; 송대근; 정동화; 판철호
2016-01Optimization, Bio accessibility of Tricin and Anti-oxidative Activity of Extract from Black Bamboo Leaves상아방; 차광현; 이은하; 판철호; 엄병헌
2011-10Phlorofucofuroeckol-A, a promising dual inhibitor of aldo-keto reductase family 1 B1 and 1 B10이주영; 김상민; 송대근; 정우석; 차광현; 엄병헌; 손진기; 판철호
2008-10Post-harvest amplification of sulforaphane in broccoli using High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP) technology구송이; 차광현; 김철영; 판철호
2010-08Rapid Identification of Furanocoumarins in Angelica dahurica using the Online LC-MMR-MS and their Nitric Oxide Inhibitory Activity in RAW 264.7 cells강석우; 김철영; 송대근; 판철호; 차광현; 이동언; 엄병헌
2009-12Rapid Identification of Radical Scavenging Phenolic Compounds from Black Bamboo Leaves using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled to an Online ABTS+-Based Assay김철영; 이희주; 정상훈; 이은하; 차광현; 강석우; 판철호; 엄병헌
2020-01Roseburia spp. Abundance Associates with Alcohol Consumption in Humans and Its Administration Ameliorates Alcoholic Fatty Liver in Mice차광현; 서보람; 전경찬; 문성현; 이기욱; 김운기; 정혜인; 임미영; 강원대; 권미나; 성주헌; 김원; 박주홍; 고광표
2004-12Selection of Optimum Expression System for Production of Kringle Fragment of Human Apolipoprotein(a) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae차광현; 김명동; 이태희; 임형권; 정경환; 서진호
2021-12Simulation of the mucosal environment in the re-construction of the synthetic gut microbial ecosystem차광현; 판철호; 히타예주 엠마누엘; 인탄 리즈키 마울리아사리; 험프리; Kilaza Samson Mwaikono; 윤효신; Erick V.G. Komba
2019-09Small black bean (Rhynchosia volubilis) extract ameliorates gut microbial and metabolic perturbation in ovariectomized mice정상훈; 차광현; 유지혜; 강경수; 판철호; 강석우; 진종범; 시미 타스님 알람; 김경아
2013-08Stability and bioaccessibility of ginsenosides from white and red ginseng in the simulated digestion김은옥; 차광현; 이은하; 판철호; 엄병헌
2020-05Supplementation with Chlorella vulgaris, Chlorella protothecoides, and Schizochytrium sp. increases propionate-producing bacteria in in vitro human gut fermentation차광현; 판철호; 차진욱; 진종범; 신일식; 전진영
2020-11Susceptibility of Campylobacter Strains to Selected Natural Products and Frontline Antibiotics차광현; 판철호; 송대근; 윤계윤; 노엘; Leonard E.G. Mboera; Mecky I. Matee; Dieudonne Mutangana; Raghavendra G. Amachawadi; Erick V.G. Komba
2021-01Synthetic gut microbiome: Advances and challenges차광현; 판철호; 송대근; 김은정; 윤효신; 험프리; Erick.V.G. Komba; 고광표
2008-08Tectoridin isolated from Belamcanda chinensis (L.) DC. exerts an estrogenic effect through extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK)-dependent pathway강경수; 이샛별; 정상훈; 차광현; 노주원
2009-03Tectoridin, a Poor Ligand of Estrogen Receptor α, Exerts Its Estrogenic Effects via an ERK-dependent Pathway강경수; 이샛별; 정상훈; 차광현; 박우동; 손영창; 노주원
2007-02The antimicrobial activity of essential oil from Dracocephalum foetidum against pathogenic microorganisms이샛별; 차광현; 김수남; Shataryn Altantsetse; Sanduin Shatar; O. Sarangerel; 노주원
2007-06The Chemopreventive Effect of Taxifolin Is Exerted through ARE-Dependent Gene Regulation이샛별; 차광현; Dangaa Selenge; Amgalan Solongo; 노주원
2014-04The extract of Chlorella vulgaris protects transformed retinal ganglion cells from oxidative stress-induced cells death김경아; 차광현; 최순정; 판철호; 정상훈