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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03A Bioinspired Sca?old with Anti-Inflammatory Magnesium Hydroxide and Decellularized Extracellular Matrix for Renal Tissue Regeneration정윤기; 박우람; 박기완; 전소영; 김현철; 권태균; Jeffrey A. Hubbell; 한동근; Eugene Lih
2010-04A dual growth factor delivery system of PLGA/alginate microcapsules using a coaxial system최동훈; 한동근; 김익환; 박귀덕
2011-05A Highly Selective Staurosporine Derivative Designed by a New Selectivity FilterIbrahim M. El-Deeb; 정수진; 박병선; 유영준; 최기항; 양영목; 이상우; 김인태; 한동근; 이소하
2013-08A new strategy for improving the durability of polymer-coated cobalt-chromium surface as drug-eluting stents타릭 베딜; 조영진; 정윤기; 한동근
2014-11A novel controlled release system of sirolimus drug using additives and solvent for drug-eluting stent김성민; 강종희; Samy Gobba; 정윤기; 김익환; 한동근
2018-08A Novel Dorsal Slit Approached Non-Ischemic Partial Nephrectomy Method for a Renal Tissue Regeneration in a Mouse Model정윤기; So Young Chun; Dae Hwan Kim; Jeong Shik Kim; Hyun Tae Kim; Eun Sang Yoo; Jae-Wook Chung; Yun-Sok Ha; Phil Hyun Song; 한동근; Sung Kwang Chung; Bum Soo Kim; Tae Gyun Kwon
1998-01A novel precursor for color and fluorescence iamging김종만; 강종희; 한동근; 이찬우; 안광덕
2015-11A novel radiopaque, biodegadable polydioxanone stent for esophageal obstruction treatment최슬기; 이유진; 오민규; 안동준; 한동근; 정윤기
2014-09A Poly(lactide) Stereocomplex Structure with Modified Magnesium Oxide and Its Effects in Enhancing the Mechanical Properties and Suppressing Inflammation금창헌; 조영진; 서성호; 정윤기; 안동준; 한동근
2000-01A polymer having pendent α-aminoanthracene groups as a fluorescent chemosensor김종만; 장태은; 한동근; 안광덕
2016-11A Promising Approach for Improving the Coating Stability and In Vivo Performance of Biodegradable Polymer-Coated Sirolimus-Eluting Stent한동근; 정윤기; Tarek Mosaid Ismail Bedair; 강성남
2007-10A Study on the Biocompatibility of PLA/Si-OH Composite for Bone Regeneration이종록; 정현정; 한동근; 강호종
1985-10A study on the preparation and its optical characteristics of GRIN rod for plastic optical fiber.김정엽; 한동근; 임승순
2016-10A Versatile Approach to Direct Extracellular Matrix Coating Using Polydopamine and Fibronectin for Biomedical Devices한동근; 정윤기; 박광숙; 정미진; 김익환
2010-04Acellularized Scaffold for Osteogenic Differentiation of Rabbit Bone Marrow Stromal Cells홍유진; 김익환; 한동근; 박귀덕
2006-10Acrylic Acid-grafted Hydrophilic Electrospun nanofibrous Poly(L-lactic acid) Scaffold박귀덕; 정현정; 김재진; 안광덕; 한동근; 주영민
2011-04Adhesion and proliferation of chondrocyte in 3D environment of RGD-grafted F127 hydrogel이혜선; 최지연; 박귀덕; 최보규; 정병문; 한동근
2009-11Adhesion Behavior of Chondrocyte and Fibroblast on specific Peptide-immobilized PLGA Film조성배; 박철호; 박귀덕; 정동준; 한동근
2012-06Adhesion Behavior of Chondrocyte and Osteoblast on Biodegradable Surface-Modified PLLA Films and Scaffolds최지연; 정현정; 박방주; 정윤기; 박귀덕; 한동근
1993-10Adsorption behavior of fibrinogen to sulfonated polyethyleneoxide-grafted polyurethane surfaces한동근; 유규하; 박기동; 정서영; 김영하; 민병구
1995-01Adsorption behavior of fibrinogen to sulfonated polyethyleneoxide-grafted polyurethane surfaces.한동근; 류규하; 박기동; 정서영; 김영하; 민병구
1992-05Albumin immobilized polyurethane and its blood compatiblity.김영하; 한동근; 류규하; 민병구
1998-10Alicyclic polymers based on t-BOC protected norbornene derivatives for applications as ArF photoresists강종희; 신중한; 이재형; 김준우; 김종만; 한동근; 안광덕; 박재근; 문성윤; 문봉석
1998-04Alicyclic polymers based on t-BOC-dinorbonene as resists materials이재형; 강종희; 김종만; 이찬우; 한동근; 안광덕; 조의환; 구재선; 오승훈; 이상균; 문성윤; 강신이
2015-02Allylimidazolium salt based antibacterial polymer coatings produced by thiol?ene photocuring김미리내; 송치만; 한동근; 안광덕; 황승상; 안동준; 김만호
2009-10Alternative embedding of multi-components in one-dimensional structure박철호; 박귀덕; 한동근
2016-09An investigation on optimal conjugation of catechol group onto hyaluronic acid in coronary stent coating for the prevention of restenosis한동근; 정윤기; 이유진; 최슬기; 안동준
1993-08Analysis of the adsorbed plasma proteins in the moving actuator type total artificial heart.유규하; 김종원; 신인선; 한동근; 이규백; 김영하; 민병구
2016-10Anti-CD146 Antibody Immobilized Coronary Stent Modified by Silicone Nanofilament for Endothelial Progenitor Mediated Re-endothelialization한동근; 정윤기; 박성빈; 김대환; 이규백
2013-08Anti-CD146 antibody-immobilized cobalt-chromium surface for capture of late endothelial progenitor cells강성남; 정윤기; 한동근