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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-10Bumpy Structured Donor-Acceptor Interfaces via Polymer Blend for Efficient Bilayer polymer Solar Cells양희연; 강남수; 홍재민; 김태환; 임정아
2001-08Carrier mobilities of polymer/organo-clay nanocomposite electroluminescent devices이태우; 박오옥; 홍재민; 김동영; 김영철
2000-12Carrier mobilities of polymer/organo-clay nanocomposite electroluminescent devices이태우; 박오옥; 홍재민; 김동영; 김영철
2010-10Carrier-suppressing effect of scandium in InZnO systems for solution-processed thin film transistors최유리; 김건희; 정웅희; 배정현; 김현재; 홍재민; 유재웅
2001-03Charge carrier mobilities of fluorene-based polymers김세종; 조현남; 김영철; 홍재민
2011-05Compact heterodyne interferometer for bio-chemical readout sensor윤승현; 최희덕; 박영규; 송용원; 홍재민; 조규만
2008-04Controlled topology of block copolymer gate insulators by selective etching of cylindrical microdomains in pentacene organic thin film transistors조필성; 성진우; 박철민; 김은혜; 유두열; 표승문; 김호철; 홍재민
2006-05Direct imprinting via 2-dimensional colloidal nanopattern of PS-co-PDMS beads김미선; 이규호; 홍재민; 이현정
2007-10Dye-sensitized solar cells using network structure of electrospun ZnO nanofiber mats김일두; 홍재민; 이병홍; 김동영; 전은경; 최덕균; 양대진
2011-04Effect of surface treatment for the improvement of performance and patterning clarity of inkjet-printed transistor and inverter윤대건; 강남수; 홍재민; 진병두
2007-04Effect of the dispersibility of BaTiO3 nanoparticles in BaTiO3/polyimide composites on the dielectric properties최승훈; 김일두; 홍재민; 박기홍; 오성근
1998-03Effects of humidity on the morphology of microporous membranes박현채; 홍재민; 하성룡; 강용수; 안규홍
2012-11Efficient bilayer heterojunction polymer solar cells with bumpy donor-acceptor interface formed by facile polymer blend양희연; 강남수; 홍재민; 송용원; 김태환; 임정아
2001-06Efficient photoluminescence and electroluminescence from environmentally stable polymer/clay nanocomposites이태우; 박오옥; 김장주; 홍재민; 김영철
2009-08Electrically stable low voltage operating ZnO thin film transistors with low leakage current Ni-doped Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 gate insulator김영배; 김정웅; 최덕균; 홍재민; 김일두
2009-09Electrochemical Properties of MnOx-RuO2 Nanofiber Mats Synthesized by Co-Electrospinning현태선; 강지은; 김호기; 홍재민; 김일두
1999-01Electroluminescence in alternating copolymers with acetylene units조현남; 홍재민; 김재경; 김동영; 김정엽
1999-01Electroluminescence in alternating copolymers with the acetylene unit김동영; 홍재민; 김재경; 조현남; 김정엽
2012-08Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency in Bumpy Structured Donor-Acceptor Interfaces via Polymer Blend양희연; 홍재민; 김태환; 임정아
2013-05Enhancement of Power Conversion Efficiencies of Polymer Solar Cells by Intense Pulsed Light Irradiation양희연; 홍재민; 송용원; 김태환; 임정아
2010-01Fabrication and Electrochemical Properties of Electrospun Mn3O4 and RuO2-Mn3O4 Composite Nanofibers윤두영; 현태선; 최덕균; 홍재민; 김일두
2003-03Fabrication of micro-heatsink using nanotemplate함은주; 손원일; 홍재민
2005-08Fabrication of Nanostructures Using Porous Templates손원일; 김일두; 홍재민
2010-12Fabrication of One-Dimensional Nanostructures by Self-Assembly of Organic Semiconductors and Their Application to Electronic Devices임정아; 김주현; 이위형; 홍재민; 조길원
2000-02Facilitated transport of oxygen in copolymer membranes of styrene and 4-vinylpyridine containing cobalt schiff base carrier: effect of membrane thickness and carrier concentration홍재민; 강용수
1997-01Facilitated transport of oxygen in poly(dimethylsiloxane-co-styrene-co-4-vinyl pyridine) terpolymer membrane containing cobalt schiff base carrier홍재민; 이상욱
2018-02Flash-induced nanowelding of silver nanowire networks for transparent stretchable electrochromic devices홍재민; 김선홍; 오영수; 윤인선; 이치학; 주병권
2012-02Formation of a polymer particle monolayer by continuous self-assembly from a colloidal solution김수현; 최희덕; 김일두; 이종찬; 이범구; 임정아; 홍재민
2008-02Hierarchical Ordering of Block Copolymer Nanostructures by Solvent Annealing Combined with Controlled DewettingTae Hee Kim; Jiyoung Hwang; Won Seok Hwang; June Huh; Ho-Cheol Kim; Seung Hyun Kim; 홍재민; Edwin L. Thomas; Cheolmin Park
2007-04High efficiency phosphorescent organic light emitting diodes using triplet quantumn well structure김성현; 장정식; 홍재민; 이준엽