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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-09-18Formation of silver nanoparticles induced by poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide)Kim, HS; Ryu, JH; Jose, B; Lee, BG; Ahn, BS; Kang, YS
2000-02-28Hydrogenolysis of CFC-12 (CF2Cl2) over Pd/gamma-Al2O3 pretreated with HCFC-22 (CHF2Cl)Ahn, BS; Jeon, SG; Lee, H; Park, KY; Shul, YG
2000-09Hydrogenolysis of HCFC-142b over supported palladium catalystLee, KH; Seo, KW; Mok, YI; Park, KY; Ahn, BS
2004-12Ionic liquid-derived imidazolium metal halides for the coupling reaction of ethylene oxide and CO2Kwon, OS; Palgunadi, J; Lee, H; Bae, JY; Ahn, BS; Kim, HS; Lee, SH
2004-12-14Ionic liquid-derived zinc tetrahalide complexes: structure and application to the coupling reactions of alkylene oxides and CO2Palgunadi, J; Kwon, OS; Lee, H; Bae, JY; Ahn, BS; Min, NY; Kim, HS
2001-06Kinetics of dimethyl carbonate synthesis from ethylene carbonate and methanol using alkalimetal compounds as catalystsHan, MS; Lee, BG; Ahn, BS; Park, KY; Hong, SI
1997-05Laser-induced direct etching of GaAs using chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) alternative gasesKim, MS; Lee, C; Park, SK; Choi, WC; Kim, EK; Kim, SI; Ahn, BS; Min, SK
1998-10-14Mathematical modeling of penicillin G extraction in an emulsion liquid membrane system containing only a surfactant in the membrane phaseLee, SC; Chang, JH; Ahn, BS; Lee, WK
1996-06-12Mathematical modeling of silver extraction by an emulsion liquid membrane processLee, SC; Ahn, BS; Lee, WK
2005-07Model to predict dimethyl carbonate synthesis through transesterification of ethylene carbonate with methanol in fixed-bed reactorAbimanyu, H; Yoo, KS; Moon, DJ; Ahn, BS; Song, J
2000-02New AB or ABA type block copolymers: atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) of methyl methacrylate using iodine-terminated PVDFs as (macro)initiatorsJo, SM; Lee, WS; Ahn, BS; Park, KY; Kim, KA; Paeng, ISR
2004-09-28Ni-based catalyst for partial oxidation reforming of iso-octaneMoon, DJ; Ryu, JW; Lee, SD; Lee, BG; Ahn, BS
2002-11Partial oxidation (POX) reforming of gasoline for fuel-cell powered vehicles applicationsMoon, DJ; Ryu, JW; Lee, SD; Ahn, BS
2004-02Pyrolysis of a mixture of trifluoromethane and tetrafluoroethylene to produce hexafluoropropyleneMoon, DJ; Ahn, BS
2002-06-12Pyrolysis of trifluoromethane to produce hexafluoropropyleneMoon, DJ; Chung, MJ; Kim, H; Kwon, YS; Ahn, BS
2002-01Reaction equilibrium of penicillin G with amberlite LA-2 in a nonpolar organic solventLee, SC; Ahn, BS; Kim, JG
2003-11Reactive extraction of a degradable organic acid in an agitated vessel: Comparison of mass transfer models with negligible continuous phase mass transfer resistanceLee, SC; Ahn, BS
2000-06Reversible olefin complexation by silver ions in dry poly(vinyl methyl ketone) membrane and its application to olefin/paraffin separationsKim, HS; Ryu, JH; Kim, H; Ahn, BS; Kang, YS
2003-11-15Role of sulfonic acids in the Sn-catalyzed transesterification of dimethyl carbonate with phenolLee, H; Kim, SJ; Ahn, BS; Lee, WK; Kim, HS
1996-09-10Selective hydrogenolysis of chlorofluorocarbons by RhCl(PPh(3))(3)Kim, HS; Cho, OJ; Lee, IM; Hong, SP; Kwag, CY; Ahn, BS
2004Studies on microfiltration of binary protein mixturesAhn, BH; Moon, DJ; Ahn, BS; Ho, CC
2003-04-30Surface properties of CuCl2/AC catalysts with various Cu contents: XRD, SEM, TG/DSC and CO-TPD analysesHan, MS; Lee, BG; Ahn, BS; Moon, DJ; Hong, SI
2001-05-14Synthesis of dimethyl carbonate by vapor phase oxidative carbonylation of methanol over Cu-based catalystsHan, MS; Lee, BG; Suh, I; Kim, HS; Ahn, BS; Hong, SI
2004-10Synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from CH3OH and CO2 with Ce1-xZrxO2 catalystsHan, GB; Park, NK; Jun, JH; Chang, WC; Lee, BC; Ahn, BS; Ryu, SO; Lee, TJ
2003-09-01The role of copper chloride hydroxides in the oxidative carbonylation of methanol for dimethyl carbonate synthesisHan, MS; Lee, BG; Ahn, BS; Kim, HS; Moon, DJ; Hong, SI
2004Transesterification between methanol and ethylene carbonate over fixed-bed K/MgO catalyst for reactive distillationAhn, BS; Han, MS; Lee, YJ; Abimanyu, H