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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01Effect of electrode types and soil moisture on the application of electrical resistivity tomography and time-domain induced polarization for monitoring soil stabilizationAhn, Yongtae; Han, Manho; Choi, Jae Young
2011-08-24Effects of Acid Mine Drainage on Microbial Community Development in Stream Sediments at Young-dong Mine, South KoreaChoi, Jae Young
2021-11-15Efficient removal of formaldehyde using metal-biochar derived from acid mine drainage sludge and spent coffee wasteAhn, Yongtae; Cho, Dong-Wan; WALEED, AHMAD; JO, JUNGMAN; Jurng, Jongsoo; Kurade, Mayur B.; Jeon, Byong-Hun; Choi, Jae Young
2023-01Evaluation of pyrite/sodium hypochlorite for activating purification of arsenic from fractured-bedrock groundwaterDa-won Lee; Ahn, Yongtae; Dong-Wan Cho; Bikram Basak; Byong-Hun Jeon; Choi, Jae Young
2024-05Highly selective and low-overpotential electrocatalytic CO2 reduction to ethanol by Cu-single atoms decorated N-doped carbon dotsPurbia, Rahul; Choi, Sung Yeol; Woo, Chae Heon; Jeon, Jiho; Lim, Chulwan; Lee, Dong Ki; Choi, Jae Young; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Baik, Jeong Min
2022-02-15In-situ growth of manganese oxide on self-assembled 3D-magnesium hydroxide coated on polyurethane: Catalytic oxidation mechanism and application for Mn(II) removalJang, Seok Byum; Choong, Choe Earn; Pichiah, Saravanan; Choi, Jae Young; Yoon, Yeomin; Choi, Eun Ha; Jang, Min
2010-04-01nhibition of growth and activity of oxidation bacteria for reducing acid mine draingeChoi, Jae Young
2009-09-01The%20effect%20of%20organic%20solvent%20treatment%20on%20Klebsiella%20oxytoca%20for%20biosorption%20of%20ironChoi, Jae Young
2010-04-01국내 폐광산 지역 ASTM 방법을 이용한 산발생 능력 평가 및 동적 testChoi, Jae Young
2010-04-01국내폐광산 산성배수 저감을 위한 사적억제기술 개발Choi, Jae Young
2010-05-01국내폐광산 산성배수 저감을 위한 사전억제기술 개발Choi, Jae Young
2010-04-01국내폐광산 산성배수 저감을 위한 사전억제기술 개발Choi, Jae Young
2010-04-01"부산 기장군 일광면 일대에 분포하는 일광광산의 중금속 오염에 대한 core testingChoi, Jae Young
2011-08-03산성광산배수 서식 미세조류의 바이오에너지 전환 가능성 연구Choi, Jae Young
2010-04-01산성광산배수의 발생저감을 위한 황철석 표면의 피막형성 기술개발Choi, Jae Young
2007-10-01성광산배수로 제조된 철 코팅사를 이용한 비소제거Choi, Jae Young
2010-05-01중화제를 이용한 산성광산배수 처리효율 특성Choi, Jae Young
2010-10-01천연광물을 이용한 폐광산 산성배수 저감을 위한 황철석 표면 처리 기술 개발Choi, Jae Young
2010-04-01천연광물을 이용한 폐광산 산성배수 저감을 위한 황철석 표면 처리기술개발Choi, Jae Young
2008-10-01토양 세척법을 이용한 비소로 오염된 광미 처리Choi, Jae Young
2010-10-01황철석 표면의 산화방지를 위한 피막형성 기술개발Choi, Jae Young