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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-08-03Human glycine alpha 1 receptor inhibition by quercetin is abolished or inversed by alpha 267 mutations in transmembrane domain 2Lee, Byung-Hwan; Lee, Jun-Ho; Yoon, In-Soo; Lee, Joon-Hee; Choi, Sun-Hye; Pyo, Mi Kyung; Jeong, Sang Min; Choi, Woo-Sung; Shin, Tae-Joon; Lee, Sang-Mok; Rhim, Hyewhon; Park, Yong-Sun; Han, Ye Sun; Paik, Hyun-Dony; Cho, Ssany-Goo; Kim, Cheon-Ho; Lim, Yoong-Ho; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2007-03Identification of ginsenoside interaction sites in 5-HT3A receptorsLee, Byung-Hwan; Lee, Jun-Ho; Lee, Sang-Mok; Jeong, Sang Min; Yoon, In-Soo; Lee, Joon-Hee; Choi, Sun-Hye; Pyo, Mi Kyung; Rhim, Hyewhon; Kim, Hyoung-Chun; Jang, Choon-Gon; Lee, Byoung-Cheol; Park, Chul-Seung; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2008-03Modifications of aliphatic side chain of 20(S)-ginsenoside Rg(3) cause an enhancement or loss of brain Na+ channel current inhibitionsLee, Jun-Ho; Choi, Sun-Hye; Lee, Byung-Hwan; Yoon, In-Soo; Shin, Tae-Jun; Pyo, Mi Kyung; Lee, Sang-Mok; Rhim, Hyewhon; Park, Myung Hwan; Park, Tae Yoon; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2009-07Mutations Leu427, Asn428, and Leu431 Residues within Transmembrane Domain-I-Segment 6 Attenuate Ginsenoside-Mediated L-Type Ca2+ Channel Current InhibitionsChoi, Sun-Hye; Lee, Jun-Ho; Pyo, Mi Kyung; Lee, Byung-Hwan; Shin, Tae-Joon; Hwang, Sung-Hee; Kim, Bo-Ra; Lee, Sang-Mok; Oh, Jae-Wook; Kim, Hyoung-Chun; Bae, Chun Sik; Rhim, Hyewhon; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2007-09Mutations of arginine 222 in pre-transmembrane domain I of mouse 5-HT3A receptor abolish 20(R)- but not 20(S)-Ginsenoside Rg(3) inhibition of 5-HT-mediated ion currentsLee, Byung-Hwan; Lee, Jun-Ho; Yoon, In-Soo; Lee, Joon-Hee; Choi, Sun-Hye; Shin, Tae-Joon; Pyo, Mi Kyung; Choi, Woo-Sung; Lee, Sang-Mok; Lim, Yoongho; Rhim, Hyewhon; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2015-09Oral Administration of Gintonin Attenuates Cholinergic Impairments by Scopolamine, Amyloid-beta Protein, and Mouse Model of Alzheimer's DiseaseKim, Hyeon-Joong; Shin, Eun-Joo; Lee, Byung-Hwan; Choi, Sun-Hye; Jung, Seok-Won; Cho, Ik-Hyun; Hwang, Sung-Hee; Kim, Joon Yong; Han, Jung-Soo; Chung, ChiHye; Jang, Choon-Gon; Rhim, Hyewon; Kim, Hyoung-Chun; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2021-07Protective Effects of Gintonin on Reactive Oxygen Species-Induced HT22 Cell Damages: Involvement of LPA1 Receptor-BDNF-AKT Signaling PathwayCho, Yeon-Jin; Choi, Sun-Hye; Lee, Ra-Mi; Cho, Han-Sung; Rhim, Hyewhon; Kim, Hyoung-Chun; Kim, Byung-Joo; Kim, Jong-Hoon; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2010-09Quercetin Enhances Human alpha 7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor-Mediated Ion Current through Interactions with Ca2+ Binding SitesLee, Byung-Hwan; Choi, Sun-Hye; Shin, Tae-Joon; Pyo, Mi Kyung; Hwang, Sung-Hee; Kim, Bo-Ra; Lee, Sang-Mok; Lee, Jun-Ho; Kim, Hyoung-Chun; Park, Hye-Young; Rhim, Hyewhon; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2014-04Resveratrol Inhibits Glycine Receptor-Mediated Ion CurrentsLee, Byung-Hwan; Hwang, Sung-Hee; Choi, Sun-Hye; Kim, Hyeon-Joong; Jung, Seok-Won; Kim, Hyun-Sook; Lee, Joon-Hee; Kim, Hyung-Chun; Rhim, Hyewhon; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2015-05Structure of ginseng major latex-like protein 151 and its proposed lysophosphatidic acid-binding mechanismChoi, Sun-Hye; Hong, Myoung-Ki; Kim, Hyeon-Joong; Ryoo, Nayeon; Rhim, Hyewhon; Nah, Seung-Yeol; Kang, Lin-Woo
2013-01Suppression of metastasis of intravenously-inoculated B16/F10 melanoma cells by the novel ginseng-derived ingredient, gintonin: Involvement of autotaxin inhibitionHwang, Sung Hee; Lee, Byung-Hwan; Kim, Hyeon-Joong; Cho, Hee-Jung; Shin, Ho-Chul; Im, Keum-Soon; Choi, Sun-Hye; Shin, Tae-Joon; Lee, Sang-Mok; Nam, Suk Woo; Kim, Hyoung-Chun; Rhim, Hyewon; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2009-04The Effects of Ginsenoside Rg(3) on Human Kv1.4 Channel Currents without the N-Terminal Rapid Inactivation DomainLee, Jun-Ho; Choi, Sun-Hye; Lee, Byung-Hwan; Shin, Tae-Joon; Pyo, Mi Kyung; Hwang, Sung-Hee; Kim, Bo-Ra; Lee, Sang-Mok; Bae, Dong-Ho; Rhim, Hyewhon; Nah, Seung-Yeol