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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09-15Low temperature NH3-SCR activity enhancement of antimony promoted vanadia-ceria catalystKumar, Pullur Anil; Jeong, Young Eun; Ha, Heon Phil
2012-03Monolayer V2O5/TiO2-ZrO2 catalysts for selective oxidation of o-xylene: preparation and characterizationRao, Komateedi N.; Venkataswamy, Perala; Bharali, Pankaj; Ha, Heon Phil; Reddy, Benjaram M.
-Nanoporous Pt thin films with controlled porosity for catalytic applicationsKim, Sang Hoon; Kim Do hyung; 정현용; 정영준; Ha, Heon Phil; Byun, Ji Young
2022-01New insight into the role of Mo-Sb addition towards VMoSbTi catalysts with enhanced activity for selective catalytic reduction with NH3Kwon, Dong Wook; Choi Jeong Eun; Nam Ki-Bok; Ha, Heon Phil
2008-11Novel Silver Loaded Hydroxyapatite Catalyst for the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO(x) by PropeneKumar, Pullur Anil; Reddy, Maddigapu Pratap; Lee, Kyung Ju; Ha, Heon Phil
2014-06-25Novel sulfation effect on low-temperature activity enhancement of CeO2-added Sb-V2O5/TiO2 catalyst for NH3-SCRMaqbool, Muhammad Salman; Pullur, Anil Kumar; Ha, Heon Phil
2021-04-07NOx reduction consequences of lanthanide-substituted vanadates functionalized with S or P poisons under oxidative environmentsAn, Hyo Jin; Kim, Dong Ho; Ha, Heon Phil; Kim, Jongsik
2008-06Photocatalytic disinfection of Escherichia coli over titanium (IV) oxide supported on H beta zeoliteReddy, Maddigapu Pratap; Ha, Heon Phil; Subrahmanyam, Machiraju
2013-09Production from ilmenite of TiO2-supported catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3Lee, Kyung Ju; Maqbool, Muhammad Salman; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Song, Kwang Ho; Ha, Heon Phil
2018-10-21Rational selection of Fe2V4O13 over FeVO4 as a preferred active site on Sb-promoted TiO2 for catalytic NOX reduction with NH3Kim, Jongsik; Kim, Dong Ho; Kwon, Dong Wook; Ha, Heon Phil
2018-06Sb modified Fe-Mn/TiO2 catalyst for the reduction of NO (x) with NH3 at low temperaturesChoi, Hyun; Jeong, Young Eun; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Lee, Kwan-Young; Ha, Heon Phil
2006-12Selective catalytic NOx reduction on Antimony promoted V2O5-Sb/TiO2 catalystHa, Heon Phil; Chung, Soon Hyo; Oh, Young Joo
2012-08-08SO2 promoted alkali metal doped Ag/Al2O3 catalysts for CH4-SCR of NOxRao, Komateedi N.; Ha, Heon Phil
2019-01-25SO32-/SO42- functionalization-tailorable catalytic surface features of Sb-promoted Cu3V2O8 on TiO2 for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3Kim, Jongsik; Lee, Somin; Kwon, Dong Wook; Lee, Kwan-Young; Ha, Heon Phil
-Studies on the Steam CO2 Reforming of Methane at high pressure for GTL-FPSO ApplicationsYunJu Lee; Arif Khan; Eun-hyeok Yang; Kim, Sang Woo; Ha, Heon Phil; Ahn, Byoung Sung; Suk-in Hong; Moon, Dong Ju
2006-12Study on SCR De NOx mechanism through in situ electrical conductivity measurements on V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalystsHa, Heon Phil; Jung, Soon Hyo; Lee, Jun Yub; Hong, Sung Ho
2021-01-15Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction-Mediated Amendment of a Manganese Oxide Surface Desired to Selectively Transform Nitrogen Oxides and/or AmmoniaKim, Jongsik; Lee, Seokhyun; Ha, Heon Phil
2022-08Surface insights into MnOx-based catalysts containing metal oxides for the selective catalytic reduction of NOX with NH3Kim, Dong Ho; Yeonjae Park; Lee, Kwan-Young; Ha, Heon Phil; Kwon, Dong Wook
2013-03Synthesis and characterisation of K-Ag/Al2O3 catalysts for CH4-SCR of NOx: effect of SO2Lee, Kyung Ju; Rao, Komateedi N.; Yu, Chang Yong; Hong, Suk In; Ha, Heon Phil
2010-06Synthesis and Dispersion of Dendrimer-Encapsulated Pt Nanoparticles on gamma-Al2O3 for the Reduction of NOx by MethaneKumar, Pullur Anil; Ha, Heon Phil
2012-07Synthesis of spherical and size-controlled Pt dendrimer-encapsulated nanoparticles for SCR of NOxRao, Komateedi N.; Yu, Chang Yong; Ha, Heon Phil
2023-08Tailoring the catalytic properties of Mn-V metal oxide composites for NOx abatement with NH3 under NO- or NO2-rich conditionsKim, Dong Ho; Park, Yeon Jae; Jung, Min Gie; Lee, Kwan-Young; Ha, Heon Phil; Kwon, Dong Wook
-The effect of Mg on Ag/Al2O3 catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx by propylenePullur Anil Kumar; Lee Kyung Ju; BAE, HYUN SOOK; Byung-Yong Yu; Ha, Heon Phil
2019-07-01The role of molybdenum on the enhanced performance and SO2 resistance of V/Mo-Ti catalysts for NH3-SCRKwon, Dong Wook; Park, Kwang Hee; Ha, Heon Phil; Hong, Sung Chang
2022-02Thermal stability of CeVO4-based catalysts depending on support composition for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx by ammoniaKim, Dong Ho; Park, Yeon Jae; Lee, Kwan-Young; Ha, Heon Phil; Kwon, Dong Wook
2023-10Uncovering the centrality of mono-dentate SO32-/SO42-modifiers grafted on a metal vanadate in accelerating wet NOX reduction and poison pyrolysisLee, Seokhyun; Ha, Heon Phil; Lee, Jung-Hyun; Kim, Jongsik
2023-06Unlocking the significance of high H2O resistance for nickel vanadate phases to improve the kinetic parameters or consequences of catalytic NOX reduction and poison pyrolysisLee, Seokhyun; Ha, Heon Phil; Lee, Jung-Hyun; Kim, Jongsik
2023-03Unravelling rate-determining step and consequence of O2-or H2O-assisted, wet CO transformation on catalytic CuO-CeO2 domains via interfacial engineeringKim, Dong Ho; Oh, Sang-Ho; Ha, Heon Phil; Joo, Young-Chang; Kim, Jongsik
2023-03Unravelling the promotional effect of Nb and Mo on VOx-based catalysts for NOx reduction with NH3Park, Yeonjae; KIM, DONG HO; Lee, Jung-Hyun; Ha, Heon Phil; Kwon, Dong Wook
2024-03Unveiling the Catalytic Merits of LaV3O9 over Conventional LaVO4 Polymorphs to Boost Desired Kinetics of Humid NOX Reduction and Poison DisintegrationLee, Seokhyun; Choi, Jeongeun; Ha, Heon Phil; Lee, Jung-Hyun; Park, Jongwook; Kim, Jongsik