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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09CeO2(111) Surface with Oxygen Vacancy for Radical Scavenging: A Density Functional Theory ApproachLawler, Robin; Cho, Jinwon; Ham, Hyung Chul; Ju, Hyunchul; Lee, Seung Woo; Kim, Jin Young; Choi, Ji Il; Jang, Seung Soon
2021-07Conformation-modulated three-dimensional electrocatalysts for high-performance fuel cell electrodesKim, Jong Min; Jo, Ahrae; Lee, Kyung Ah; Han, Hyeuk Jin; Kim, Ye Ji; Kim, Ho Young; Lee, Gyu Rac; Kim, Minjoon; Park, Yemin; Kang, Yun Sik; Jung, Juhae; Chae, Keun Hwa; Lee, Eoyoon; Ham, Hyung Chul; Ju, Hyunchul; Jung, Yeon Sik; Kim, Jin Young
2021-10-07DFT-Machine Learning Approach for Accurate Prediction of pK(a)Lawler, Robin; Liu, Yao-Hao; Majaya, Nessa; Allam, Omar; Ju, Hyunchul; Kim, Jin Young; Jang, Seung Soon
2020-02Effect of the Side-Chain Length in Perfluorinated Sulfonic and Phosphoric Acid-Based Membranes on Nanophase Segregation and Transport: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation ApproachLawler, Robin; Caliendo, Charles; Ju, Hyunchul; Kim, Jin Young; Lee, Seung Woo; Jang, Seung Soon
2020-04-14Innovative cathode flow-field design for passive air-cooled polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell stacksLee, Jaeseung; Gundu, Mohamed Hassan; Lee, Nammin; Lim, Kisung; Lee, Seung Woo; Jang, Seung Soon; Kim, Jin Young; Ju, Hyunchul
2017-09Investigation of electrolyte leaching in the performance degradation of phosphoric acid-doped polybenzimidazole membrane-based high temperature fuel cellsJeong, Yeon Hun; Oh, Kyeongmin; Ahn, Sungha; Kim, Na Young; Byeon, Ayeong; Park, Hee-Young; Lee, So Young; Park, Hyun S.; Yoo, Sung Jong; Jang, Jong Hyun; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Ju, Hyunchul; Kim, Jin Young
2022-07Structure-controlled graphene electrocatalysts for high-performance H2O2 productionLee, Kyungbin; Lim, Jeonghoon; Lee, Michael J.; Ryu, Kun; Lee, Hoyoung; Kim, Jin Young; Ju, Hyunchul; Cho, Hyun-Seok; Kim, Byung-Hyun; Hatzell, Marta C.; Kang, Joonhee; Lee, Seung Woo
2020-12Synergetic Structural Transformation of Pt Electrocatalyst into Advanced 3D Architectures for Hydrogen Fuel CellsKim, Jong Min; Kim, Joo-Hyung; Kim, Jun; Lim, Youngjoon; Kim, Yongmin; Alam, Afroz; Lee, Jaeseung; Ju, Hyunchul; Ham, Hyung Chul; Kim, Jin Young