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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12Person re-identification in indoor videos by information fusion using Graph Convolutional NetworksSoni, Komal; Dogra, Debi Prosad; Sekh, Arif Ahmed; Kar, Samarjit; Choi, Heeseung; Kim, Ig-Jae
2020-09Person Re-identification in Videos by Analyzing Spatio-temporal TubesSekh, Arif Ahmed; Dogra, Debi Prosad; Choi, Heeseung; Chae, Seungho; Kim, Ig-Jae
2006-12Personalized life log media system in ubiquitous environmentKim, Ig-Jae; Ahn, Sang Chul; Kim, Hyoung-Gon
2021-06-01Planar Abstraction and Inverse Rendering of 3D Indoor EnvironmentsKim, Young Min; Ryu, Sangwoo; Kim, Ig-Jae
2020-08POP: A Generic Framework for Real-Time Pose Estimation of Planar ObjectsChae, Seungho; Hong, Je Hyeong; Choi, Heeseung; Kim, Ig-Jae
2022-11-23PPL: Pairwise Prototype Learning for Masked Face RecognitionKim, Minsoo; Nam, Gi Pyo; Hong, Yu-Jin; Kim, Ig-Jae
2022-06Probabilistic Representations for Video Contrastive LearningPark, Jungin; Lee, Jiyoung; Kim, Ig-Jae; Sohn, Kwanghoon
2018-09PSI-CNN: A Pyramid-Based Scale-Invariant CNN Architecture for Face Recognition Robust to Various Image ResolutionsNam, Gi Pyo; Choi, Heeseung; Cho, Junghyun; Kim, Ig-Jae
2020-08Query-Based Video Synopsis for Intelligent Traffic Monitoring ApplicationsAhmed, Sekh Arif; Dogra, Debi Prosad; Kar, Samarjit; Patnaik, Renuka; Lee, Seung-Cheol; Choi, Heeseung; Nam, Gi Pyo; Kim, Ig-Jae
2022-08Rank-GCN for Robust Action RecognitionLee, Haetsal; Park, Unsang; Kim, Ig-Jae; Cho, Junghyun
2023-08RareAnom: A Benchmark Video Dataset for Rare Type AnomaliesThakare, Kamalakar Vijay; Dogra, Debi Prosad; Choi, Heeseung; Kim, Haksub; Kim, Ig-Jae
2021-01Relational Deep Feature Learning for Heterogeneous Face RecognitionCho, MyeongAh; Kim, Taeoh; Kim, Ig-Jae; Lee, Kyungjae; Lee, Sangyoun
2021-09Scene Adaptive Online Surveillance Video Synopsis via Dynamic Tube Rearrangement Using OctreeYang, Yoonsik; Kim, Haksub; Choi, Heeseung; Chae, Seungho; Kim, Ig-Jae
2015-01Single-view-based 3D facial reconstruction method robust against pose variationsJo, Jaeik; Choi, Heeseung; Kim, Ig-Jae; Kim, Jaihie
2016-03-16Smart Advisor : Real-time Information Provider with Mobile Augmented RealityChae, Seungho; Yang, Yoonsik; Choi, Heeseung; Kim, Ig-Jae; Byun, Junghyun; Jo, Jiyoon; Han, Tack-Don
2014-01Smart Booklet: Tour Guide System with Mobile Augmented RealityChoi, Heeseung; Kim, Ig-Jae; Han, Gyu Chull
2023-04Speculating on Risks of AI Clones to Selfhood and Relationships: Doppelganger-phobia, Identity Fragmentation, and Living MemoriesLee, Patrick Yung Kang; Ma, Ning F.; Kim, Ig-Jae; Yoon, Dongwook
2019-10-10The age distribution of facial metrics in two large Korean populationsLee, Hae-Young; Cha, Seongwon; Ban, Hyo-Jeong; Kim, In-Young; Park, Bo-Reum; Kim, Ig-Jae; Hong, Kyung-Won
2019-06-05The Unconstrained Ear Recognition Challenge 2019?. Emer?ic; A. Kumar S. V; B. S. Harish; W. Gutfeter; J. N. Khiarak; A. Pacut; E. Hansley; M. Pamplona Segundo; S. Sarkar; H. J. Park; Nam, Gi Pyo; Kim, Ig-Jae; S. G. Sangodkar; U. Kacar; M. Kirci; L. Yuan; J. Yuan; H. Zhao; F. Lu; J. Mao; X. Zhang; D. Yaman; F. I. Eyioku; K. B. ?zler; H. K. Ekenel; D. Paul Chowdhury; S. Bakshi; P. K. Sa; B. Majhi; P. Peer; V. ?truc
2012-11Web Image-based Super-resolutionLee, Jongho; Ahn, Sang Chul; Lim, Hwasup; Kim, Ig-Jae; Kim, Jaewon; Kim, Hyoung-Gon