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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04Gamma EEG Correlates of Haptic Preferences for a Dial InterfacePark, Wanjoo; Kim, Da-Hye; Kim, Sung-Phil; Lee, Jong-Hwan; Kim, Laehyun
-Haptic Effects Design for Haptic Dial SystemShin Sang Kyun; Kim, Laehyun; Han, Manchul; Cho, Hyun Chul; Park, Se Hyung
-Haptic Feedback of Mouse Interface Using an ElectromagnetPark Wan Joo; Park, Se Hyung; Kim, Laehyun; Shin, Seung-Jae
-Helical Resonance Coil-based Wireless Power Transmission System for Endoscopic Capsule RobotPark, Wan Joo; Ju-ho Kim; Chin-Wook Chung; Kim, Laehyun
2023-02-21Hybrid approach of SSVEP and EEG-based eye-gaze tracking for enhancing BCI performanceHan, Yaeeun; Park, Sangin; Ha, Jihyeon; Kim, Laehyun
-Hybrid Simulation for Laparoscopic SurgeryLee, Deukhee; Kim, Laehyun; Kim Youngjun; Park, Se Hyung
2020-02Identifying error features in a MI-BCI system using microstatesKim, Laehyun; Kim, Seul-Kee
2021-11-05Improving Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface Performance Based on Sensory Stimulation Training: An Approach Focused on Poorly Performing UsersPark, Sangin; Ha, Jihyeon; Kim, Da-Hye; Kim, Laehyun
2023-01Improving Performance of Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface in Poorly Performing Subjects Using a Hybrid-Imagery Method Utilizing Combined Motor and Somatosensory ActivityPark, Sangin; Jihyeon Ha; Kim, Laehyun
-Individual Optimization of EEG Channel and Frequency Ranges by means of Genetic AlgorithmLee Chungki; JUNG JIHEE; Kwon, Gyu Hyun; Kim, Laehyun
-Information Ranking in Real-Time for Summarizing Emergency CallsKim, Jae Kwan; Park, Myon Woong; Kim, Laehyun; Keonsoo Lee
2019-08-20Machine-Learning-Based Detection of Craving for Gaming Using Multimodal Physiological Signals: Validation of Test-Retest Reliability for Practical UseKim, Hodam; Kim, Laehyun; Im, Chang-Hwan
2015-08Markerless Surgical Robotic System for Intracerebral Hemorrhage SurgeryShin, Sangkyun; Cho, Hyunchul; Yoon, Siyeop; Lee, Deukhee; Kim, Youngjun; Park, Sehyung; Kim, Laehyun; Park, Kyusic
-Markerless Surgical Robotic System for Intracerebral Hemorrhage SurgerySangkyun Shin; Cho, Hyun Chul; SIYEOP YOON; 박규식; Youngjun Kim; Park, Se Hyung; Kim, Laehyun; Lee, Deukhee
-Mesh-to-mesh collision detection by ray tracing for medical simulation with deformable bodiesKim Youngjun; Koo Sang Ok; Lee, Deukhee; Kim, Laehyun; Park, Se Hyung
2016-08Motor imagery learning across a sequence of trials in stroke patientsLee, Minji; Park, Chang-Hyun; Im, Chang-Hwan; Kim, Jung-Hoon; Kwon, Gyu-Hyun; Kim, Laehyun; Chang, Won Hyuk; Kim, Yun-Hee
2014-01Motor Rehabilitation Based on Brain Machine Interface and Microsoft KinectLee, Chungki; Park, Hoyeoul; Kwon, Gyu Hyun; Kim, Byeongnam; Kim, Laehyun; Kim, Jungchae
-Motor task-based differences in brain networks: Preliminary resultsDa-hye Kim; Park, Wan Joo; Yun-Hee Kim; Kim, Laehyun; Kwon, Gyu Hyun
-Multi-model Structure and Mapping Method of Liver Model for Laparoscopic Surgery SimulationKim Youngjun; Park, Se Hyung; Kim, Laehyun; Lee, Deukhee; Shin Sangkyun; Kwak Hyun Soo; J. S. Kim
2011Needle Insertion Simulator with Haptic FeedbackShin, Seungjae; Park, Wanjoo; Cho, Hyunchul; Park, Sehyung; Kim, Laehyun
2017-02Neurophysiological indicators of Internet gaming addiction in resting state electroencephalographyPark, Wanjoo; Kim, Laehyun; Ha, Jihyeon
2021-07Non-Contact Measurement of Motion Sickness Using Pupillary Rhythms from an Infrared CameraPark, Sangin; Mun, Sungchul; Ha, Jihyeon; Kim, Laehyun
2017-06-09Non-invasive transmission of sensorimotor information in humans using an EEG/focused ultrasound brain-to-brain interfaceLee, Wonhye; Kim, Suji; Kim, Byeongnam; Lee, Chungki; Chung, Yong An; Kim, Laehyun; Yoo, Seung-Schik
2019-02Optimization method of error-related potentials to improve MI-BCI performance이슬기; Kim, Laehyun; Kim, Da-Hye
2015-03Predicting the Performance of Motor Imagery in Stroke Patients: Multivariate Pattern Analysis of Functional MRI DataPark, Chang-hyun; Chang, Won Hyuk; Lee, Minji; Kwon, Gyu Hyun; Kim, Laehyun; Kim, Sung Tae; Kim, Yun-Hee
2009Process and Location-Aware Information Service System for the Disabled and the ElderlyHan, Manchul; Kim, Gunhee; Park, Sehyung; Kim, Laehyun; Ha, Sungdo
-Process and Location-aware Information Service System for the Disabled and the ElderlyHan, Manchul; Kim, Gunhee; Park hyun chul; Kim, Laehyun; Ha, Sungdo; Park, Se Hyung
-Ranking Algorithm for User-Created Video Contents based on User ReputationCho, Hyun Chul; Wiyartanti Lisa; Han, Yo-Sub; Jeong-won Cha; Kim, Laehyun
2010-09Ranking Parameters based on Social Network for User-generated Video ContentsKim, Laehyun; Wiyartanti, Lisa; Cho, Hyunchul; Han, Yo-Sub; Cha, Jeong-Won
2020-05Resilience in the Surgical Scheduling to Support Adaptive Scheduling SystemWiyartanti, Lisa; Lim, Choon Hak; Park, Myon Woong; Kim, Jae Kwan; Kwon, Gyu Hyun; Kim, Laehyun