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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-10Decellularized PLGA-based scaffolds and their osteogenic potential with bone marrow stromal cellsHong, Yu Jin; Bae, Soon Eon; Do, Sun Hee; Kim, Ik Hwan; Han, Dong Keun; Park, Kwideok
2009-03Dedifferentiated Chondrocyte Culture using Alginate Microbead Prepared from Microfluidic TechniquePark, Kwideok; Hwang, Ji Young; Kim, Choong; Kang, Ji Yoon; Chun, Heung Jae; Han, Dong Keun
2016-06Directing Human Embryonic Stem Cells towards Functional Endothelial Cells Easily and without PurificationGil, Chang-Hyun; Ki, Byeong-Seong; Seo, Joseph; Choi, Jong-Jin; Kim, Hana; Kim, In-Gul; Jung, A-Ra; Lee, Won-Young; Choi, Youngsok; Park, Kwideok; Moon, Sung-Hwan; Chung, Hyung-Min
2013-10-25Dual Growth Factor Delivery Using Biocompatible Core-Shell Microcapsules for AngiogenesisChoi, Dong Hoon; Subbiah, Ramesh; Kim, Ik Hwan; Han, Dong Keun; Park, Kwideok
2014-12Dual growth factor-loaded core-shell polymer microcapsules can promote osteogenesis and angiogenesisSubbiah, Ramesh; Du, Ping; Hwang, Mintai Peter; Kim, In Gul; Van, Se Young; Noh, Yong Kwan; Park, Hansoo; Park, Kwideok
2008-09Effect of bioreactor system on chondrocyte proliferation using cell adhesive PLLA-PAA-RGD scaffoldsSeok-Yang, Hee; Park, Kwideok; Kim, Jae-Jin; Kim, Byung-Soo; Han, Dong Keun
2019-02-21Effect of chain flexibility on cell adhesion: Semi-flexible model-based analysis of cell adhesion to hydrogelsLee, Jooyoung; Song, Boa; Subbiah, Ramesh; Chung, Justin J.; Choi, U. Hyeok; Park, Kwideok; Kim, Sang-Heon; Oh, Seung Ja
2008-12Effect of RGD-Immobilized Dual-Pore Poly(L-Lactic Acid) Scaffolds on Chondrocyte Proliferation and Extracellular Matrix ProductionJung, Hyun Jung; Park, Kwideok; Kim, Jae-Jin; Lee, Jin Ho; Han, Ki-Ok; Han, Dong Keun
2010-01Effect of Surface-activated PLLA Scaffold on Apatite Formation in Simulated Body FluidPark, Kwideok; Jung, Hyun Jung; Kim, Jae-Jin; Han, Dong Keun
2023-09Effect of Target Power on Microstructure, Tribological Performance and Biocompatibility of Magnetron Sputtered Amorphous Carbon CoatingsDhandapani, Vishnu Shankar; Subbiah, Ramesh; Thangavel, Elangovan; Kim, Chang-Lae; Kang, Kyoung-Mo; Veeraraghavan, Veeravazhuthi; Park, Kwideok; Kim, Dae-Eun; Park, Dongkyou; Kim, Byungki
2010-04-02Effect of temporally controlled release of dexamethasone on in vivo chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cellsBae, Soon Eon; Choi, Dong Hoon; Han, Dong Keun; Park, Kwideok
2016-03-01Elasticity Modulation of Fibroblast-Derived Matrix for Endothelial Cell Vascular Morphogenesis and Mesenchymal Stem Cell DifferentiationDu, Ping; Suhaeri, Muhammad; Subbiah, Ramesh; Van, Se Young; Park, Jimin; Kim, Sang Heon; Park, Kwideok; Lee, Kangwon
2022-10-07Engineered endothelium model ensures direct EC-pericytes interactions via polyvinyl alcohol/ECM-based artificial basement membraneDa Costa, Avelino Dos Santos; Drobyshava, Valeryia; Vadym, Kopych; Park, Kwideok
2009-08Enhanced dermal wound neovascularization by targeted delivery of endothelial progenitor cells using an RGD-g-PLLA scaffoldKim, Koung Li; Han, Dong Keun; Park, Kwideok; Song, Sun-Hwa; Kim, Ji Yeon; Kim, Jeong-Min; Ki, Ho Yun; Yie, Se Won; Roh, Cheong-Rae; Jeon, Eun-Seok; Kim, Duk-Kyung; Suh, Wonhee
2023-06Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Using Stem Cell Delivery Patch in a Cavernous Nerve Injury Rat ModelMoon, Hyong Woo; Kim, In Gul; Kim, Mee Young; Jung, Ae Ryang; Park, Kwideok; Lee, Ji Youl
2014-01Establishment and characterization of human engineered cells stably expressing large extracellular matrix proteinsKwon, Daekee; Kang, Gwang-Sik; Han, Dong Keun; Park, Kwideok; Kim, Jae-Hwan; Lee, Soo-Hong
2013-11-06Evaluation of cytotoxicity, biophysics and biomechanics of cells treated with functionalized hybrid nanomaterialsSubbiah, Ramesh; Ramasundaram, Subramaniyan; Du, Ping; Hyojin, Kim; Sung, Dongkyung; Park, Kwideok; Lee, Nae-Eung; Yun, Kyusik; Choi, Kyoung Jin
2007Evaluation of RGD-grafted porous PLLA scaffold for chondrogenic differentiation of stem cellsJung, Hyun Jung; Park, Kwideok; Cho, Kyoung Jin; Ahn, Kwang-Duk; Ahn, Dong-June; Han, Dong Keun
2020-12-01Exosomal miRNA-19a and miRNA-614 Induced by Air Pollutants Promote Proinflammatory M1 Macrophage Polarization via Regulation of ROR alpha Expression in Human Respiratory Mucosal MicroenvironmentShin, Cheol-Hee; Byun, Junhyoung; Lee, Kijeong; Kim, Byoungjae; Noh, Yong Kwan; Tran, Na Ly; Park, Kwideok; Kim, Sang-Heon; Kim, Tae Hoon; Oh, Seung Ja
2020-11-14Extracellular matrices derived from different cell sources and their effect on macrophage behavior and wound healingSavitri, Cininta; Ha, Sang Su; Liao, Emily; Du, Ping; Park, Kwideok
2011-05Fabrication and controlled release of electrosprayed ReoPro-loaded metal surface for vascular stentKim, Dong Min; Lee, Bong Soo; Kang, Jong Hee; Choi, Jiyeon; Park, Kwideok; Son, Tae-Il; Jeong, Myung Ho; Han, Dong Keun
2019-09-01Fabrication of bacterial cellulose-collagen composite scaffolds and their osteogenic effect on human mesenchymal stem cellsNoh, Yong Kwan; Da Costa, Avelino Dos Santos; Park, Yong Seek; Du, Ping; Kim, Ik-Hwan; Park, Kwideok
2010-10-15Fabrication of core-shell microcapsules using PLGA and alginate for dual growth factor delivery systemChoi, Dong Hoon; Park, Chul Ho; Kim, Ik Hwan; Chun, Heung Jae; Park, Kwideok; Han, Dong Keun
2009-01-05Fabrication of covered porous PLGA microspheres using hydrogen peroxide for controlled drug delivery and regenerative medicineBae, Soon Eon; Son, Jun Sik; Park, Kwideok; Han, Dong Keun
2014-11-28Fibroblast-derived matrix (FDM) as a novel vascular endothelial growth factor delivery platformDu, Ping; Hwang, Mintai P.; Noh, Yong Kwan; Subbiah, Ramesh; Kim, In Gul; Bae, Soon Eon; Park, Kwideok
2022-09Fibroblasts Close a Void in Free Space by a Purse-String MechanismDa Costa, Avelino Dos Santos; Subbiah, Ramesh; Oh, Seung Ja; Jeong, Hyuntae; Na, Jung-Im; Park, Kwideok; Choi, In-Suk; Shin, Jennifer H.
2014-12Fibronectin-tethered graphene oxide as an artificial matrix for osteogenesisSubbiah, Ramesh; Du, Ping; Van, Se Young; Suhaeri, Muhammad; Hwang, Mintai P.; Lee, Kangwon; Park, Kwideok
2009-03-10Functional PLGA Scaffolds for Chondrogenesis of Bone-Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem CellsPark, Kwideok; Cho, Kyoung-Jin; Kim, Jae-Jin; Kim, Ik-Hwan; Han, Dong Keun
2009-01Grafting and Characterization of Zwitter Ionic Poly(ethylene glycol) on Gold-Coated Nitinol Surface Chemisorbed with L-CysteineShin, Hong Sub; Park, Kwideok; Kim, Jae-Jin; Kim, Ji Heung; Han, Dong Keun
2024-05Human Fibroblast-Derived Matrix Hydrogel Accelerates Regenerative Wound Remodeling Through the Interactions with MacrophagesSavitri, Cininta; Ha Sang Su; Kwon, Jae Won; Kim, Sung Hoon; Kim, Young Min; Park, Hyun Mee; Kwon, Haejin; Ji, Mi Jung; Park, Kwideok