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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-06The efficacy of acrylic acid grafting and arginine-glycine-aspartic acid peptide immobilization on fibrovascular ingrowth into porous polyethylene implants in rabbitsPark, Byung Woo; Yang, Hee Seok; Baek, Se Hyun; Park, Kwideok; Han, Dong Keun; Lee, Tae Soo
2018-12-15The three dimensional cues-integrated-biomaterial potentiates differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cellsPark, Min Hee; Subbiah, Ramesh; Kwon, Min Jung; Kim, Woo Jun; Kim, Sang Heon; Park, Kwideok; Lee, Kangwon
2007-02Therapeutic ultrasound effects on interleukin-1 beta stimulated cartilage construct in vitroPark, Kwideok; Hoffmeister, Brent; Han, Dong Keun; Hasty, Karen
2011-01Thermal gelling polyalanine-poloxamine-polyalanine aqueous solution for chondrocytes 3D culture: Initial concentration effectChoi, Bo Gyu; Park, Min Hee; Cho, So-Hye; Joo, Min Kyung; Oh, Hye Jin; Kim, Eun Hye; Park, Kwideok; Han, Dong Keun; Jeong, Byeongmoon
2011-04-12Thermoreversible Radial Growth of Micellar Assembly for Hydrogel Formation Using Zwitterionic Oligopeptide CopolymerChoi, Bo Gyu; Cho, So-Hye; Lee, Hyesun; Cha, Myung Hwa; Park, Kwideok; Jeong, Byeongmoon; Han, Dong Keun
2007Thermosensitive and cell-adhesive pluronic hydrogels for human adipose-derived stem cellsPark, Kwideok; Jung, Hong Hee; Son, Jun Sik; Rhie, Jong-Won; Park, Ki Dong; Ahn, Kwang-Duk; Han, Dong Keun
2016-05Tribological properties, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of magnetron sputtered titanium-amorphous carbon coatingsDhandapani, Vishnu Shankar; Ramesh, Subbiah; Thangavel, Elangovan; Arumugam, Madhankumar; Park, Kwideok; Gasem, Zuhair M.; Veeraragavan, Veeravazhuthi; Kim, Dae-Eun
2016-11Tunable Crosslinked Cell-Derived Extracellular Matrix Guides Cell FateSubbiah, Ramesh; Hwang, Mintai P.; Du, Ping; Suhaeri, Muhammad; Hwang, Jun-Ha; Hong, Jeong-Ho; Park, Kwideok
2014-09Vascular Morphogenesis of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells on Cell-Derived Macromolecular Matrix MicroenvironmentDu, Ping; Subbiah, Ramesh; Park, Jung-Hwan; Park, Kwideok