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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12New insight into the visible-light-driven photoinduced electron transfer mechanism for ozone activation over defective sites of ceria for organic compounds destructionKim, Min Ji; Wong, Kien Tiek; Kim, Minhee; Choong, Choe Earn; Nah, In Wook; Yoon, Yeomin; Choi, Eun Ha; Jang, Min
2019-04-10Novel self-assembled 3D flower-like magnesium hydroxide coated granular polyurethane: Implication of its potential application for the removal of heavy metalsVafaeifard, Mohsen; Ibrahim, Shaliza; Wong, Kien Tiek; Pasbakhsh, Pooria; Pichiah, Saravanan; Choi, Jaeyoung; Yoon, Yeomin; Jang, Min
2023-01Recent advances in the TiO2 based photoreactors for removing contaminants of emerging concern in waterRahman, Nurhaslina Abd; Choong, Choe Earn; Pichiah, Saravanan; Nah, In Wook; Kim, Jung Rae; Oh, Sang-Eun; Yoon, Yeomin; Choi, Eun Ha; Jang, Min
2019-03Sonocatalytic reduction of nitrate using magnetic layered double hydroxide: Implications for removal mechanismWong, Kien Tiek; Saravanan, Pichiah; Nah, In Wook; Choi, Jaeyoung; Park, Chulhwan; Kim, Namchan; Yoon, Yeomin; Jang, Min
2019-01Sonophotocatalytic degradation of bisphenol A and its intermediates with graphitic carbon nitrideSunasee, Sharmini; Leong, Kah Hon; Wong, Kien Tiek; Lee, Gooyong; Pichiah, Saravanan; Nah, InWook; Jeon, Byong-Hun; Yoon, Yeomin; Jang, Min
2020-09-15Understanding the potential band position and e-/h(+) separation lifetime for Z-scheme and type-II heterojunction mechanisms for effective micropollutant mineralization: Comparative experimental and DFT studiesWong, Kien Tiek; Kim, Seung Chul; Yun, Kayoung; Choong, Choe Earn; Nah, In Wook; Jeon, Byong-Hun; Yoon, Yeomin; Jang, Min
2024-04Understanding the synergistic effect of hydrated electron generation from argon plasma catalysis over Bi2O3/CeO2 for perfluorooctanoic acid dehalogenation: Mechanism and DFT studyChoong, Choe Earn; Kim, Minhee; Lim, Jun Sup; Hong, Young June; Lee, Geon Joon; Chae, Keun Hwa; Nah, In Wook; Yoon, Yeomin; Ha Choi, Eun; Jang, Min
2021-02-15Unexpected discovery of superoxide radical generation by oxygen vacancies containing biomass derived granular activated carbonChoong, Choe Earn; Wong, Kien Tiek; Kim, Hyeseong; Jang, Seok Byum; Yoon, So Yeon; Nah, In Wook; Kim, Wooyul; Kim, Sang-Hyoun; Jeon, Byong-Hun; Yoon, Yeomin; Jang, Min