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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Metal enrichment and magnetic properties of core sediments from the eastern Yellow Sea, East Asia: Implications for paleo-depositional change during the late Pleistocene/Holocene transition권만재; 윤성택; 도성재; 손병국; 최경식; 김원년
2011-06Microbial Community Analysis in Healthy and Diseased Ascidians, Halocynthia roretzi이우람; 김성훈; 최재영; 권학철; 권만재
2012-06Microbial Community Compositions and Geochemical Characteristics in Extremely As-rich Sediments Contaminated from Mine Tailings함박눈; 황윤호; 박영태; 양중석; 최재영; 권만재
2020-06Modified approach for estimating geogenic Pb isotope ratios in soils for metal source apportionment양중석; 이승학; 전수경; 권만재; 윤성택
2018-03Nutrient removal from hydroponic wastewater by a microbial consortium and a culture of Paracercomonas saepenatans노주원; 김형석; 이주연; Arifur Rahman; Juliana Behrens; 함박눈; 윤성택; Hossain Azam; 권만재
2011-09Passivation of Sulfide Mineral Oxidation by Surface Coating Agent: Batch Study윤현식; 지민규; 지은도; 이우람; 박영태; 양중석; 권만재; 전병훈; 최재영
2011-09Passivation of Sulfide Mineral Oxidation by Surface Coating Agent: Field Study지민규; 윤현식; 지은도; 이우람; 박영태; 양중석; 권만재; 전병훈; 최재영
2022-04Peroxide activation by microbially synthesized sulfidated iron: Comparison against abiotic iron-based materials in terms of treatment efficiency and oxidative degradation pathway오형석; 고영진; 우희수; 양보언; 서세인; 이정길; 류화수; 함소영; 김재성; 최재민; 이상훈; 박희등; 권만재; 이홍신; 이재상
2017-12Photosynthetic Microalgae-Mediated Transformation of Hexahydro-1,3,5-Trinitro-1,3,5-Triazine under Initially Anaerobic Conditions이승학; 황윤호; 윤성택; 권만재
2012-04Reduction of UVI-phosphate Mineral by Metal Reducing Bacteria권만재; X. Rui; M. Boyanov; E. J. OLoughlin; S. Dunham-Cheatham; J. Fein; B. Bunker; K. Kemner
2013-06Removal of TPH and Metal from Contaminated Soil using Micro-Bubble Enhanced Soil Washing양중석; 최재영; 권만재
2014-06Riboflavin-mediated RDX transformation in the presence of Shewanella putrefaciens CN32 and lepidocrocite배성준; 이윤화; 권만재; 이우진
2011-08Roles of Sulfate and FeIII Reduction on Microbial Community Development권만재; Maxim I. Boyanov; Dion A. Antonopoulos; Jennifer Brulc; Kenneth Kemner; Edward J. O
2013-12Soil Washing and Effluent Treatment for Contaminated Soil with Toxic Metals양중석; 황진민; 백기태; 권만재
2011-10Solution and Microbial Controls on the Formation of Reduced U(IV) SpeciesM. Boyanov; K. Fletcher; 권만재; X. Rui; E. J. O'Loughlin; F. Loffler; K. Kemner
2017-12Spatial distribution, mineralogy, and weathering of heavy metals in soils along zinc-concentrate ground transportation routes:implication for assessingheavy metal sources양중석; 이승학; 황윤호; 권만재; 이주연; 전수경; 윤성택
2011-08Subsurface Iron and Sulfur Biogeochemistry: application for bioremediation권만재
2014-12The transport behavior of As, Cu, Pb, and Zn during electrokinetic remediation of a contaminated soil using electrolyte conditioning양중석; 권만재; 최재영; Kitae Baek; Edward J. O’Loughlin
2017-07Transformation of zinc-concentrate in surface and subsurface environments: Implications for assessing zinc mobility/toxicity and choosing an optimal remediation strategy양중석; 이승학; 권만재; 황윤호; Maxim Boyanov; 이주연; Bhoopesh Mishra; Kenneth Kemner
2021-03Waste nutrient solutions from full-scale open hydroponic cultivation: Dynamics of effluent quality and removal of nitrogen and phosphorus using a pilot-scale sequencing batch reactor양중석; 권만재; 황윤호; 이주연; 함박눈; Arifur Rahman; Hossain Azam
2015-12Water quality changes in acid mine drainage streams in Gangneung, Korea, 10 years after treatment with limestone심무준; 최병영; 이기현; 황윤호; 양중석; Edward O'Loughlin; 권만재
2014-10-22기체크로마토그래피의 UCM 정보를 이용한 유종분석방법 및 장치고명수; 권동욱; 권만재; 양중석; 이승학
2012-04미세조류를 이용한 Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) 생분해황윤호; 함박눈; 윤현식; 박영태; 양중석; 최재영; 권만재
2014-02-06박층크로마토그래피를 이용한 유종 분석장치 및 이를 이용한 오염 토양의 유종 분석방법고명수; 권동욱; 권만재; 양중석; 이승학
2011-08산성광산배수 서식 미세조류의 바이오에너지 전환 가능성 연구윤현식; 지민규; 이우람; 박영태; 권만재; 최재영; 전병훈
2012-08전자셔틀에 의한 오염토양 내 중금속의 생물학적 용출 향상 연구황윤호; 박영태; 양중석; 최재영; 권만재