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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-10Death Domain of Fas and FADD form hetero-oligomeric complex: significance of hetero-oligomeric interaction in death signaling이영태; 이진희; 홍종희; 방숙희; 로이안쿠르; 김태형; 뉴엔티민후옌; 김기선
2020-09Defective, oxygen-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes as an efficient peroxymonosulfate activator for degradation of organic pollutants홍석원; 김은주; 김웅섭; 사와이라 아딜; 김태형; 이승현
2015-12Delivery of tumor-homing TRAIL sensitizer with long-acting TRAIL as a therapy for TRAIL-resistant tumors김광명; 오유민; Magdalena Swierczewska; 김태형; 임성묵; 음하나; 김재형; 나동희; 이강춘; MartinG. Pomper; 이슬기
1998-08Development and round robin test of Pt-Co alloy thin film standard materials for the quantification of surface compositional analysis김경중; 문대원; 한명섭; 강희재; 김준곤; 한승희; 이중환; 윤선진; 신광수; 김차연; 김태형; 이동석; 김영남; 최홍민; 김경원; 홍태은
2004-07Development of biological livestock wastewater treatment system combined with physical pretreatment and chemical posttreatment김태형; 이창주; 박완철
2013-08Development of Multifunction Flexible Neural Probe Integrate Optical Fiber이부용; 김태형; 박정호; 김진석
2014-04Development of Multifunction Flexible Neural Probe Integrate Optical waveguide and Microchannel이부용; 김태형; 진주영; 정진우; 최원석; 박정호; 김진석
1997-05Development of wastewater treatment facilities for small livestock farms하준수; 박완철; 김태형
2020-11Don’t Bother Me: How to Handle Content-Irrelevant Objects in Handheld Augmented Reality황재인; 이명호; 김한섭; 김태형; 김정현
2020-06Dual-targeting RNA nanoparticles for efficient delivery of polymeric siRNA to cancer cells최기영; 김태형; 현하나; 허로운; 남건욱; 양경직; 김영민; 이윤석; 안재윤; 박재형; 노영훈
1997-03Effects on compost stabilization by the design factors of the composting apparatus for the animal wastes II박완철; 김태형; 하준수; 신남철
1996-08Effects on compost stabilization by the design factors of the composting apparatus for the animal wastes.김태형; 박완철; 하준수; 신남철
2005-03Evaluation of the estrogenic activity of Leguminosae plants유혜현; 김태형; 안소윤; 김윤정; 김현영; 박향란; 박정일
2014-11Flexible Sieve-Type Electrodes Embedded in Multi-Lumen Hydrogels for in-vivo Neural Signal Sensing of Spinal Cord정진우; 최원석; 김태형; 한성민; 윤인찬; 서준교; 최귀원; 김진석
2004-05Fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of nitrifiers in piggery wastewater treatment reactors김동진; T.K. Kim; E.J. Choi; 박완철; 김태형; D.H. Ahn; Z. Yuan; L. Blackall; J. Keller
2009-01Food waste treatment using the biological process박완철; 김태형; 이미애; 조길영; 박재철; 최근형
2013-11Implantable Neural Device Integrated with Regenerative Scaffold for Neural Signal Sensing from Damaged Spinal Cord정진우; 김태형; 한성민; 윤인찬; 서준교; 김진석
2003-06Improvement of livestock wastewater treatment process by combining with physical pre-treatment.김태형; 이창주; 박완철
2013-04In-vivo Neural Signal Acquisition Using Implantable MEMS Devices정진우; 김태형; 한성민; 윤인찬; 전국진; 김진석
2005-04Oligomerization activated apoptosis and its regulation이영태; 홍종희; 로이안쿠르; 고윤미; 김태형; 뉴엔티민후옌; 이진희; 김기선
2010-05Past, Present, and Future Anthropogenic Emissions over Asia: a Regional Air Quality Modeling Perspective우정헌; 정부전; 최기철; 서지현; 김태형; 박록진; 윤대옥; 정재인; 문병권; 예상욱
2022-01Photoluminescence properties of Eu-doped WO3-Eu2(WO4)3 composite and single-phase Eu2(WO4)3 powders장호성; 홍아라; 김애희; 강지호; 박용준; 김태형; 홍지호; 김가영; 윤태광; 김동훈
2009-12Polymer-based flexible tactile sensor up to 32 x 32 arrays integrated with interconnection terminals김건년; 이강렬; 김원효; 박광범; 김태형; 김진상; 박정호
2013-07Sieve Type MEMS Neural Electrode for Signal Recording of Spinal Cord정진우; 김세환; 정규환; 김태형; 김진석; 전국진
2012-11Site-specific PEGylated Exendin-4 modified with a high molecular weight trimeric PEG reduces steric hindrance and increases type 2 antidiabetic therapeutic effects최기영; 김태형; Hai Hua Jiang; 임성묵; 윤유석; 이슬기; Xiaoyuan Chen; 변영로; 이강춘
2019-05Size-controlled synthesis of polymerized DNA nanoparticles for targeted anticancer drug delivery최기영; 남건욱; 김태형; 김영민; 양경직; 채덕영; Lawrence B. Mensah; 노영훈
2015-04Swimming Microscale Robot with Multi-Fingered Microgripper Structure정진우; 양보미; 김태형; 진주영; 김민준; 김진석
2016-07Systemic PEGylated TRAIL Treatment Ameliorates Liver Cirrhosis in Rats by Eliminating Activated Hepatic Stellate Cells김광명; 오유민; 박오규; Magdalena Swierczewska; James P. HamiltoJames P. Hamilto; 박종성; 김태형; 임성묵; 엄하나; 조동규; 이충은; Raouf Kechrid; Panagiotis Mastorakos; Clark Zhang; 한세광; 전옥철; 변영로; Justin Hanes; 이강춘; Martin G. Pomper; Bin Gao; 이설기