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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03Single-carbon discrimination by selected peptides for individual detection of volatile organic compounds주수미; 이기영; 민선준; 유용경; 황교선; 김상경; 이현정
2009-08Stereocontrolled Synthesis of Oxaspirobicycles via Prins-Pinacol AnnulationSatish N. Shavre; 푸나; 민선준; 이재균; 배애님; 김유승; 조용서
2010-04Stereoselective Synthesis of 2,4-Disubstituted Tetrahydropyrans via Prins-type Cyclization김영습; 이재균; 조용서; 배애님; 최기항; 민선준
2009-06Streocontrolled Synthesis of Oxaspirobicycles via Prins-pinacol rearrangement사티시; 푸나; 김유승; 이재균; 장문호; 민선준; 조용서
2018-06Streptavidin-mirror DNA tetrahedron hybrid as a platform for intracellular and tumor delivery of enzymes권익찬; 안대로; 정학숙; 김경란; 김주현; 황두현; 이창용; 이원석; 윤대성; 신동윤; 민선준
2011-04Studies on Intramolecular Aza-Prins-type Cyclization of Amino Allylsilane손영욱; 이재균; 배애님; 이재열; 민선준; 조용서
2011-04Studies on the synthesis of α-Azidoether as a reversible terminator for DNA SBS (sequencing by synthesis)권태희; 이재균; 배애님; 이재열; 조용서; 민선준
2010-05Synthesis and biological evaluation of 1,4-diazepane derivatives as T-type calcium channel blockers구수진; 이재균; 배애님; 정혜진; 임혜원; 한소엽; 민선준; 조용서
2011-08Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 1-Heteroarylmethyl 1,4-Diazepanes Derivatives as Potential T-type Calcium Channel Blockers푸나; 구수진; 최연희; 박지연; 한소엽; 백두종; 이재균; 배애님; 민선준; 조용서
2013-03Synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-(arylethynyl)quinoline derivatives as mGluR5 antagonists for the treatment of neuropathic pain손명희; 김지영; 임은정; 백두종; 최기항; 이재균; 배애님; 민선준; 조용서
2014-06Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 2-Substituted Quinoline 6-Carboxamides as Potential mGluR1 Antagonists for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain김영희; 손지원; 김주현; 백두종; 이용섭; 임은정; 이재균; 배애님; 민선준; 조용서
2015-03Synthesis and biological evaluation of aryl isoxazole derivatives as metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 antagonists: A potential treatment for neuropathic pain조경희; 김태훈; 손우승; 서선희; 민선준; 조용서; 금교창; 정규성; 고훈영; 이지연; 배애님
2009-10Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Homopiperazine Derivatives as Potential T-type Calcium Channel Blockers구수진; 송치만; 민선준; 이재균; 배애님; 한소엽; 장문호; 조용서
2015-05Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of N3-Alkyl-Thienopyrimidin-4-Ones as mGluR1 Antagonists김민주; 김영재; 서선희; 백두종; 민선준; 금교창; 추현아
2010-10Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of new Quinuclidine derivatives as Potential Therapeutic Agents for Alzheimer’s Disease최연희; 김영습; 배애님; 이재균; 최기항; 조용서; 민선준
2015-11Synthesis and biological evaluation of picolinamides and thiazole-2-carboxamides as mGluR5 (metabotropic glutamate receptor 5) antagonists부 호앙 남; 김지영; Ahmed Helmy Ebraheem Hassan; 최기항; 박종현; 박기덕; 이재균; 배애님; 추현아; 민선준; 조용서
2011-09Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Quinoline Derivatives as Selective mGluR1 Modulators김영희; 백두종; 이재균; 배애님; 민선준; 조용서
2013-04Synthesis and evaluation of oxime derivatives as modulators for amyloid beta-induced mitochondrial dysfunction김영습; 정선화; 박병건; 고민경; 장현서; 최기항; 백자현; 이지연; 이재균; 배애님; 조용서; 민선준
2014-08Synthesis and In vivo Evaluation of 5-Methoxy-2-(phenylethynyl)quinoline (MPEQ) and [11C]MPEQ Targeting Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5 (mGluR5)김지영; 손명희; 최기항; 백두종; 고민경; 임은정; 배애님; 금교창; 이재균; 조용서; 추현아; 이윤우; 문병석; 이병철; 이호영; 민선준
2014-01Synthesis of 3'-O-fluorescently mono-modified reversible terminators and their uses in sequencing-by-synthesis김다래; 김택수; 김은선; 민선준; 신동윤; 안대로
2011-08Synthesis of 3,4-Dimethylidene Oxacycles through Prins-Type Cyclization of Allenylmethylsilanes푸나; 김영습; 이재균; 배애님; 김유승; 민선준; 조용서
2011-09Synthesis of chemical modulators related to neurological disorders민선준
2009-10Synthesis of exoalkylidenetetrahydrofurans via Prins-type cyclization푸나; 민선준; 이재균; 배애님; 김유승; 장문호; 조용서
2018-09Synthesis of N-Alkyl-Carbazole Derivatives as 5-HT7R Antagonists최경일; 임혜원; 추현아; 성지혜; 김영재; 이소연; 염미영; 태진성; 김학중; 민선준
2008-10Synthesis of Spiro- heterocycles compounds via Prins-Type cyclisation and Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement사띠시; 푸나; 민선준; 이재균; 추현아; 배애님; 장문호; 김유승; 조용서
2015-05Synthesis of the Tricyclic Ring Structure of Daphnanes via Intramolecular [4 + 3] Cycloaddition/SmI2-Pinacol Coupling아메드 하산; 이재균; 배애님; 민선준; 조용서
2012-04Synthetic study of modified deoxynucleotides for DNA sequencing technology김은선; 조용서; 민선준
2008-06Target Oriented Synthesis of Neurotrophic Natural Products민선준; S. J. Danishefsky
2011-11The Synthetic Study of Daphnane Family Natural Products: Formation of 5,7,6-Membered Ring Structure via Intramolecular Diels Alder Reaction of Furan김영습; 최기항; 배애님; 이재균; 조용서; 민선준
2008-10TMSOTf-Promoted Addition of Alkynes to Aldehydes: A Novel Synthesis of Chroman-4-ones박지연; 푸나; 추현아; 이재균; 민선준; 배애님; 김유승; 백두종; 조용서