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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10Negligible seeding source effect on the final ANAMMOX community under steady and high nitrogen loading rate after enrichment using poly(vinyl alcohol) gel carriers이석헌; 조경진; 최민규; 배효관
2020-05Nitrification stability and membrane performance under different water permeation intensity of an osmotic membrane bioreactor이석헌; 정다운; 이창하; 배효관
2016-09Nutrient Recovery of Starch Processing Waste to Cordyceps militaris: Solid State Cultivation and Submerged Liquid Cultivation배효관; 조경진; 이준엽; 신승구; 구태완; 한규성; 황석환
2006-08Occurrence of Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea in Wastewater Treatment Plant Bioreactors박희등; George F. Wells; 배효관; Craig S. Criddle; Christopher A. Franc
2006-10Optimization of Bioconversion of Starch Processing Waste to Phellinus linteus Mycelia using Response Surface Analysis이승용; 배효관; 김나경; 황석환
2009-11Optimization of culture conditions for the best activity of anammox bacteria by response surface analysis타누스리; 배효관; 정진영
2008-02Optimization of Growth Conditions of Lentinus edodes Mycelium on Corn Processing Waste Using Response Surface Analysis이승용; 배효관; 김나경; 황석환
2009-11Optimization of LC-MS/MS analysis on chlortetracycline using response surface analysis정희숙; 배효관; 김지형; 정진영
2009-10Optimization of LC-MS/MS for the Analysis of Sulfamethoxazole by using Response Surface Analysis배효관; 정진영
2007-10Optimization of Solid- and Liquid-phase Fermentation of Ganoderma lucidum using Starch-processing Waste as an Alternative Substrate배효관; 이승용; 정진영; 황석환
2015-03Optimization of the mechanical strength of PVA/alginate gel beads and their effects on the ammonia-oxidizing activity배효관; 양희정; 최민규; 정윤철; 이석헌; 유영제
2006-11Optimizing growth conditions of Phellinus linteus mycelia using starch processing wastewater김나경; 이승용; 배효관; 황석환
2008-12Ozonation of tetracycline in water하마드; 배효관; 정진영
2018-11PVA를 이용한 연속식 아나목스 공정에서 우점 미생물 군집에 대한 식종원 영향 고찰이석헌; 조경진; 최민규; 배효관
2012-11-26PVA와 알지네이트 기반 코어-쉘 구조의 복합담체 및 그 제조방법배효관; 양희정; 이석헌; 정윤철; 정진영
2008-11Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Microbial Community Structure in SBR for Enriching ANAMMOX Consortium배효관; 타누스리; 정진영
2009-10Qualitative and quantitative analysis of microbial community structure in the sequencing batch reactor for enriching ANAMMOX consortium배효관; 정진영
2009-10Reaction kinetics and degradation pathway of tetracycline in ozonation정진영; M. Hammad Khan; 배효관
2015-10Resource recovery using whey permeate to cultivate Phellinus linteus mycelium: Solid-state and submerged liquid fermentation조경진; 이준엽; 한규성; 김나경; 배효관; 황석환
2012-09SHARON under the limitation of inorganic carbon: enrichment and high-rate conversion of nitrogen배효관; 양희정; 이석헌; 정윤철; 유영제
2016-11Simultaneous dechlorination and disinfection using vacuum UV irradiation for SWRO process이석헌; 배효관; 정성필; 조경진; 김희선; 최관호
2016-11Specific ANAMMOX activity (SAA) in a sequencing batch reactor: optimization test with statistical comparison배효관; Tanusree Paul; Daeik Kim; 정진영
2014-05Succession of marine biofilm community by the chlorine adaptation정다운; 배효관; Tanja Kleintschek; 이재훈; Thomas Schwartz; Ursula Obst; 이석헌
2019-02Surface-loaded metal nanoparticles for peroxymonosulfate activation: Efficiency and mechanism reconnaissance김상훈; 안용윤; 배효관; 김형일; Jae-Hong Kim; 이승걸; 이재상
2010-09Tetracycline degradation by ozonation in the aqueous phase: Proposed degradation intermediates and pathway하마드; 배효관; 정진영
2015-12The biostimulation of anaerobic digestion with (semi)conductive ferric oxides: their potential for enhanced biomethanation백가현; 김자애; 조경진; 배효관; 이창수
2011-02The community analysis of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in wastewater treatment plants revealed by the combination of double labeled T-RFLP and sequencing배효관; 박정한; 전관수; 정진영
2008-08The optimization of LC-MS/MS using response surface analysis: peak area of product ion as a function of fragmentor and collision energy배효관; 정진영
2007-09The Various Factors which Should Be Considered in Classifying Toxic Substances in Water and Deriving Their Effluent Limits: Focusing on the Reduction of Risk배효관; 정윤철; 양형재; 김재훈; 이현동; 정진영