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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-08A collision detection for interactive mechanical assembly simulation김현석; 고희동; 이건우; 이종원
1995-08A collision detection method for real time assembly simulation김현석; 고희동; 이건우; 이종원
1996-02A collision detection method for virtual assembly system김현석; 고희동; 이건우; 이종원
2019-03A high-performance supercapacitor based on polyaniline-nanoporous gold변지영; 김상훈; 이건우; 신형준
1999-09Collaborative design in assembly design김현석; 고희동; 이건우
2000-01Development of a new sheet deposition type rapid prototyping system조인행; 이건우; 최원철; 송용억
1998-01Development of automatic decubing layered manufacturing system조인행; 송용억; 노경환; 이건우
1998-01Development of sheet deposition rapid prototyping system and STL-based CAD system for rapid prototyping조인행; 허정훈; 강희석; 이건우; 송용억; 노경환
1998-01Development of sheet deposition rapid prototyping system minimizing post processing조인행; 송용억; 노경환; 이건우
1999-07Development of sheet deposition type rapid prototyping system minimizing post processing조인행; 이건우; 송용억
2017-08Fabrication of nanoporous gold thin films on glass substrates for amperometric sensing of aniline김상훈; 쭝 히에우 쩐; 이건우; 신형준
1999-02Framework for computer supported collaborative work김현석; 고희동; 이건우
2019-01High-performance sodium hybrid capacitor enabled by presodiated Li4Ti5O12정경윤; 노하경; 정준희; 김명성; 이건우; Masoud Nazarian-Samani; 김광범
1993-05Incremental feature-based modeling김현석; 고희동; 이건우
1999-01Inhibition of activation of nuclear factor κ B is responsible for inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression by higenamine, an active component of aconite root강영진; 이용수; 이건우; 이덕형; 류재천; 윤혜숙; 장기철
2002-03Marginal fit related to margin types of glass infiltrated alumina core fabricated from aqueous-based alumina tape오남식; 유병수; 김일규; 최진호; 김대준; 박일석; 이명현; 이건우
2020-11Nanoporous gold-palladium: A binary alloy with high catalytic activity for the electro-oxidation of ethanol변지영; 김상훈; 이건우; 신형준
2011-05Novel methods for 3D postoperative analysis of total knee arthroplasty using 2D-3D image registration김영준; 김강일; 최진혁; 이건우
2020-04Polyol-mediated carbon-coated Li4Ti5O12 nanoparticle/graphene composites with long-term cycling stability for lithium and sodium ion storages정경윤; 노하경; 이건우; SafaHaghighat-Shishavan; 김광범
2010-02Postoperative analysis of the biomechanical effect of TKA using the finite element method이림림; 김영준; 마안자; 이건우
2013-06Properties and consolidation of nanostructured TiO2 by pulsed current activated sintering손인진; 이건우; 도정만; 윤진국
2016-10Registration of an X-ray image and CT data for three-dimensional analysis of whole leg이득희; 김영준; 심응준; 이병훈; 우성경; 이건우
2019-05Revisiting NaTi2(PO4)3/nanocarbon composites prepared using nanocarbons with different dimensions for high-rate sodium-ion batteries: The surface properties of nanocarbons정경윤; 노하경; 이건우; 김광범
2010-10Scaled Attenuation Fields: Improved Realtime Generation Method for Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs명대광; 김영준; 최진혁; 이건우
2021-02-22나노다공성 합금 박막의 제조방법김상훈; 김종식; 변지영; 이건우
2012-06-28환자-맞춤형 정합 가이드 시스템 및 그 방법김강일; 김영준; 이건우; 장태호