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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-09Label-free and real-time detection of avian influenza using nanowire field effect transistors임매순; 안재혁; 박태정; 이상엽; 최양규
2012-09Lithography-free centimeter-long nanochannel fabrication method using an electrospun nanofiber array박석희; 신현준; 김용환; 양동열; 이종철; 이상엽
2015-01Low-bandgap biophotonic nanoblend: A platform for systemic disease targeting and functional imaging서영훈; 조민주; 정욱재; 장우동; Tymish Y. Ohulchanskyy; 이상엽; 최동훈; Paras N. Prasad; 김세훈
2019-11Magnetic Field Assisted Polishing for Micromilled Mold이상엽; 응웬탄콰; 김정윤; 박소현; 이대웅; 박우태
2019-04Magnetic field assisted polishing for micromilled PMMA mold이상엽; 응웬탄콰; 박우태
2019-09Magnetic particle movement in two-phase flow under external magnetic field이상엽; 이대웅; 이창제
2018-08Measurement of magnetic and non-magnetic particle movement in external magnetic field using PIV이상엽; 이창제
2018-04Measurement of magnetic nano particle and non-magnetic nano particle movement in external magnetic field using PIV이상엽; 이창제
2006-04Membrane Electrode Assembly for a Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Under Non-humidified Conditions김형준; 이상엽; S. Vengatesan; 조은애; 임태훈; 오인환
2006-02Membrane electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cells김형준; 조은애; 이상엽; 임태훈
2017-05Micro-scale hydrophobic barriers for paper-based on multiplex diagnostics이상엽; 남기환
2008-01Microenvironment-Controlled Encapsulation (MiCE) Process: Effects of PLGA Concentration, Flow Rate, and Collection Method on Microcapsule Size and MorphologySnider, Connie; 이상엽; Yeo, Yoon; Gregori, G.; Robinson, J. Paul; Park, K.
2003-02Multiple live video avatar in virtual environment김익재; 이상엽; 안상철; 권용무; 김형곤
2012-04Nano-patterning on end-facet of optical fiber for nano-particle manipulation강동훈; 김진식; 장지혜; 이상엽; 박정호; 신현준
2012-03Nanochannel fabrication for capillary electrophoresis using electrospun nanofibers박석희; 김유리; 양동열; 이상엽
2015-05Nanoparticle separation using electrophoresis and dielectrophoresis차병준; 맹준호; 신현준; 정재원; 이상엽
2014-10Natural Oil-Based Chemiluminescent Nanodroplets for In vivo Imaging of Hydrogen PeroxideAjay Singh; 조홍준; 이상엽; 고준석; 김세훈
2010-11Neuronal differentiations of dental papilla stem cells in microfluidic co-culture devices정효은; 전성민; 서준교; 황유식; 정석; 이상엽
2016-10Non-invasive stem cell tracking in hindlimb ischemia animal model using bio-orthogonal copper-free click chemistry김광명; 이상민; 이장욱; 이시연; 윤화인; 이지영; 박순정; 구희범; 문성환; 이혁진; 조용우; 강선웅; 이상엽
2008-09Novel MEA fabrication with gradient Nafion binder in electrodes김근호; 김형준; 이관영; 장종현; 이상엽; 조은애; 오인환; 임태훈
2006-10Novel membrane electrode assembly (MEA) fabrication for PEMFC operations under non-humidified conditions김형준; 조은애; 이상엽; 오인환; 임태훈
2018-09Numerical Simulation on the Induced Voltage Across the Coil Terminal by the Segmented Flow of Ferrofluid and Air-Layer이상엽; Won-Ho Lee; Jong-Chul Lee
2012-07On the flow around a vibrating cantilever pair with different phase angles최민석; 이상엽; 김용환
2007-05Operation of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell under non-humidified conditions using a membrane-electrode assemblies with composite membrane and electrode뱅가테산; 김형준; 이상엽; 조은애; 하흥용; 오인환; 임태훈
2006-11Operation of PEMFC under non-humidified condition using silica composite electrode approach벤가테산; 김형준; 조은애; 이상엽; 하흥용; 오인환; 임태훈
2007-04Optimal conditions for partial oxidation of propane over ceria-promoted nickel/calcium hydroxyapatite이상엽; 곽정훈; 김민성; 남석우; 임태훈; 홍성안; 윤기준
2017-05Optimize mechanical micro-machining condition to fabricate micro mold이상엽; 마정민
2016-10Particle Tracing Simulations of Dielectrophoretic and Magnetophoretic Flows in Magnetic Nanofluids이상엽; 이원호; 김성민; 이종철
2008-01Performance Analysis of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Integrated with a Trickling Bed Bioreactor for Biological High-Rate Hydrogen Production전병승; 엄영순; 이선미; 이상엽; 김형준; 김용환; 구만복; 상병인
2007-04Performance analysis of PEMFC integrated with trickling bed bioreactor for biological high-rate hydrogen production전병승; 이선미; 이상엽; 김형준; 김용환; 엄영순; 상병인