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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Selective nanomanipulation of fluorescent polystyrene nano-beads and single quantum dots at gold nanostructures based on the AC-dielectrophoretic force신현준; 이상엽; 황교선; 김진식; 박정호
2018-07Shaping rolling circle amplification products into DNA nanoparticles by incorporation of modified nucleotides and their application to in vitro and in vivo delivery of a photosensitizer안대로; 이상엽; 강성재; 남기환; 김경란; Pascal Rothlisberger; Marcel Hollenstein
2014-03Simple and Easy DNA Mapping Method Using Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) Tagging김진식; 박정호; 이상엽; 신현준
2014-11Simplified Unified Model for Estimating the Motion of Magnetic Nanoparticles Within Electrohydrodynamic Field서현석; 이상엽; 이종철
2016-05Simultaneous fluorescent imaging of magnetic nanoparticles compared with non-magnetic nanoparticles using two-color system이상엽; 김가영
2008-10Single active-layer structured dual-function devices using hybrid polymer-quantum dots손동익; 박동희; 이상엽; 최원국; 최지원; Fushan Li; 김태환
2011-02Single Quantum Dot (QD) manipulation on nanowire using dielectrophoretic (DEP) force김진식; 이상엽; 서준교; 박정호; 신현준
2014-05Single-molecule fluorescence detection using one-dimension interference pattern illumination손근식; 맹준호; 한상희; 차병준; 신현준; 이상엽
2015-07Size-selective microfluidic valve맹준호; 마정민; 이상엽
2010-05Solution Chemistry of Self-Assembled Graphene Nanohybrids for High-Performance Flexible Biosensors최봉길; 박호석; 박태정; 양민호; 김준성; 장성연; 허남수; 이상엽; Jing Kong; 홍원희
1999-08Streaming potential behavior and characterization of membrane fouling during cross-flow filtration이상엽; 전명석; 김재진
1999-06Streaming potential measurements and electrokinetic properties during cross-flow membrane filtration이상엽; 전명석; 김재진
2009-04Stretching of Electrokinetically Tethered DNA in Nanochannels이병철; 신현준; 이상엽
2019-11Study on the change of fog-harvesting mechanism by mesh geometry문명운; 이상엽; 김성진; 조혜성; 박지혜; 이창제
2006-09Sulfonated poly(ether sulfone) for universal polymer electrolyte fuel cell operations김형준; N Krishnan; 이상엽; 황상엽; 김대진; 정경진; 이재광; 조은애; 이재영; 한종희; 하흥용; 임태훈
2009-08Sulfonated Poly(ether sulfone)-Based Catalyst Binder for a Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell남비; 김형준; 장종현; 이상엽; 조은애; 오인환; 홍성안; 임태훈
2007-10Sulfonated Poly(Ether Sulfone)-Based Catalyst Binder for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells남비; 김형준; 이상엽; 조은애; 오인환; 홍성안; 임태훈
2008-09Surface Treatment Effect on N-doped Nanocrystalline Diamond Electrodes황규원; 이상엽; 박종극; 정증현; 이욱성
2007-10Synthesis and characterization of cross-linked poly(ether sulfone) for a fuel cell membrane허광범; 이혜진; 김형준; 김병식; 이상엽; 조은애; 오인환; 홍성안; 임태훈
2006-08Synthesis and characterization of sulfonated poly(ether sulfone) copolymer membranes for fuel cell applicationsN. N. Krishnan; 김형준; M. Prasanna; 조은애; 신은미; 이상엽; 오인환; 홍성안; 임태훈
2005-10Systems-Level Analysis of Genome-Scale In Silico Metabolic Models Using MetaFluxNet이상엽; 우한민; 이동엽; 최형석; 김태용; 윤홍석
2008-10Tangible Telemeeting System with Tangible Video Avatar and Large Display김익재; 이상엽; 황재인; 안상철; 김형곤
2007-11Tangible Video Avatar for Natural Tele-Interaction이상엽; 안상철; 임묘택; 김형곤
2000-04The behavior of membrane potential changes during filtration of latex colloids이상엽; 전명석; 김재진
2010-08The development of optogenetic neuronal stem cell from dental stem cells전성민; 김병철; 이상엽; 이창준; 황유식; 서준교
2008-06The Effect of Air Impurities on the PEMFC Performances장종현; 김이영; 손지환; 이상엽; 조은애; 김형준; 임태훈; 한종희
2008-05The Effect of Air Impurities on the PEMFC Performances장종현; 김이영; 한종희; 이상엽; 조은애; 김형준; 임태훈
2008-10The Effect of Air Impurities on the PEMFC Performances장종현; 김이영; 손지환; 조은애; 이상엽; 김형준; 임태훈; 한종희
2010-03The effects of Nafion ionomer content in PEMFC MEAs prepared by a catalyst-coated membrane (CCM) spraying method김근호; 이관영; 김형준; 조은애; 이상엽; 임태훈; 윤성필; 황인철; 장종현