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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06Development of Pt anode catalyst in direct formic acid fuel cells강성진; 탁용석; 이재광; 이재영
2006-09Direct formic acid fuel cell portable power system for the operation of a laptop computerCraig M. Miesse; 정원석; 정경진; 이재광; 이재영; 한종희; 윤성필; 남석우; 임태훈; 홍성안
2006-08Direct formic acid fuel cell system for lap-top computer operation이재영; 이재광; 한종희; 남석우; 임태훈; 정원석
2015-09Disinhibitory Action of Astrocytic GABA at the Perforant Path to Dentate Gyrus Granule Neuron Synapse Reverses to Inhibitory in ADOleg Yarishkin; 이재광; 조선미; 황은미; 이창준
2005-06Electrostatic capacitance of TiO2 nanowires in a porous alumina template이재영; 최진섭; 이재광; 최상교; 전희동
2018-04Expression of μ-Opioid Receptor in CA1 Hippocampal Astrocytes오수진; 이창준; 황은미; 남민호; 이재광; 안희영; 한경석; 배진영; 박시형; 김은주; 배용철
1997-07Fabrication and characterization of sol-gel derived cobalt ferrite thin layers on silicon substrate오영제; 이재광; 김철성; 정형진
1997-07Fabrication of CoFe2O4 thin films prepared by a sol-gel method and their magnetic properties오영제; 이재광; 이영숙; 박승일; 이희민; 김철성
2016-04Fluoride Induces a Volume Reduction in CA1 Hippocampal Slices Via MAP Kinase Pathway Through Volume Regulated Anion Channels이창준; 이재광; 한영은; Oleg Favorov; Mark Tommerdahl; Barry Whitsel
2014-08GABA from reactive astrocytes impairs memory in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease조선미; 올레그; 황유진; 천예은; 박미정; 우동호; 배진영; 김태근; 이재광; 전희정; 박현정; 이다용; 홍진표; 김혜연; 오수진; 박승주; 이효; 윤보은; 김영수; 정용; 심인섭; 배용철; 조제원; Neil W Kowall; 류훈; 황은미; 김대수; 이창준
2015-12Homogeneous generation of iDA neurons with high similarity to bona fide DA neurons using a drug inducible systemHanseul Park; Hongwon Kim; Junsang Yoo; 이재광; Hwan Choi; Soonbong Baek; 이창준; Janghwan Kim; Christopher J. Lengner; Jung-Suk Sung; Jongpil Kim
2012-01Imiquimod enhances excitability of dorsal root ganglion neurons by inhibiting background (K2P) and voltage-gated (Kv1.1 and Kv1.2) potassium channels이재광; 김태근; 홍진표; 우준성; 민현정; 황은미; 이성중; 이창준
2008-02Influence of Au contents of AuPt anode catalyst on the performance of direct formic acid fuel cell이재광; 이재영; 한종희; 임태훈; 성영은; 탁용석
2006-03Influence of Bi Modification of Pt Anode Catalyst in Direct Formic Acid Fuel CellsSungjin Kang; 이재영; 이재광; Seung-Young Chung; Yongsug Tak
1998-01Magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 powders and thin films grown by a sol-gel method이재광; 이희민; 김철성; 오영제
1998-09Magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 thin films prepared by a sol-gel method이재광; 박재윤; 오영제; 김철성
2019-01Molecular Tunability of Magnetic Exchange Bias and Asymmetrical Magnetotransport in Metalloporphyrin/Co Hybrid Bilayers민병철; 조준현; 변진호; 오인선; 박정민; 진미진; 이재광; 유정우
1997-05Preparation and characterization of ultra-fine CoFe2O4 powders by a sol-gel method이재광; 오영제; 서정철; 박승일; 김철성
2014-08Rebound burst firing in the reticular thalamus is not essential for pharmacological absence seizures in mice이승은; 이재광; Charles Latchoumane; 이보영; 오수진; MD.Zahangir Alam Saud; 박청담; Ning Sun; 정은지; Chien-Chang Chen; 최의주; 이창준; 신희섭
2020-11Severe reactive astrocytes precipitate pathological hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease via H2O2- production박기덕; 박종현; 이승은; 류훈; 조혜선; 임현주; Heejung Chun; You Jung Kang; 김윤하; Jin Hee Shin; Woojin Won; Jiwoon Lim; Yeonha Ju; Yongmin Mason Park; Sunpil Kim; 이재광; 우준성; 황은진; 조선미; Daesoo Kim; Doo Yeon Kim; Jeong-Sun Seo; Byoung Joo Gwag; Young Soo Kim; Bong-Kiun Kaang; Hansang Cho; 이창준
2017-08Small molecule-based lineage switch of human adipose-derived stem cells into neural stem cells and functional GABAergic neurons이창준; 이재광; Jihye Park; Nayeon Lee; Eun Kyung Choe; Min Kyung Kim; Jeonghoon Lee; Min Soo Byun; Myong-Wuk Chon; Seong Who Kim; Ju Han Kim; Jun Soo Kwon; Mi-Sook Chang
2005-08Sulfonated Poly(ether sulfone) for Universal Fuel Cell Operations김형준; Nambi Krishnan; 조은애; 황상엽; 김대진; 하흥용; 이재광; 정경진; 한종희; 오인환; 임태훈
2006-09Sulfonated poly(ether sulfone) for universal polymer electrolyte fuel cell operations김형준; N Krishnan; 이상엽; 황상엽; 김대진; 정경진; 이재광; 조은애; 이재영; 한종희; 하흥용; 임태훈
2016-05Suppression of 14-3-3γ-mediated surface expression of ANO1 inhibits cancer progression of glioblastoma cells.이창준; 황은미; 이재광; 박재용; 이영선; 배연주; 이복순; 김은주; 조장훈; 류강현; 유지윤; 김철호; 이관수; 이석근; 강상수
2011-11The Molecular Mechanism of Neuronal Activity-dependent Volume Regulation by Astrocytes우준성; 이재광; 윤보은; 이창준
2016-09Ultra-sensitive detection of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the brain of freely moving mice using an interdigitated microelectrode (IME) biosensor이창준; 황교선; 이재광; 김진식; 김선필; 전희정; 김정연; 유용경; 김강은; 이정훈