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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-03A Facile One-Pot Preparation of Potassium Hydroxyaryl- and (Hydroxyalkyl)aryltrifluoroborates박영희; 안홍열; Belgin Canturk; 전상일; 이석준; 강헌중; Gary A. Molander; 함정엽
2007-10A Simple One-Pot Synthesis of Potassium Organotrifluoroborates including Hydroxyl Group박영희; 안홍열; 전상일; 함정엽
2006-04Analysis of Extracted Elements in Green Tea using Magnetized Water이성현; 전상일; 엄병헌
2018-11Biological activity of secondary metabolites isolated from H. truncatum함정엽; 최선준; 전상일
2018-04Biological activity of secondary metabolites isolated from mushrooms함정엽; 최선준; 송봉근; 최필주; 황병수; 전상일
2010-10Black bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, attenuates retinal degeneration caused by oxidative stress in vitro and in vivo김경아; 전상일; 정상훈
2012-08Edible seaweed, Eisenia bicyclis, protects retinal ganglion cells death caused by oxidative stress김경아; 김상민; 강석우; 전상일; 엄병헌; 정상훈
2007-04Effect of physiochemical parameters for the chemical speciation of heavy metals권동욱; 최재영; 전상일
2013-11Efficient Regioselective one-pot synthesis of 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles from in situ potassium arylethynyltrifluoroborates through Sonogashira Reaction최필주; 송중호; 이명재; 김태정; 전상일; 함정엽
2007-10Facile Preparation of Potassium Hydroxyaryltrifluoroborates박영희; 안홍열; 전상일; Gary A. Molander; 함정엽
2008-09Facile Synthesis of Stilbene Derivatives by Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction김동수; 안홍열; 조영애; 전상일; 함정엽
2019-11Hypoxylonol F Isolated from A. annulatum regulates pancreatic β- cell metabolism to improve insulin secretion.함정엽; 박영태; 김태정; 최필주; 최선준; 송봉근; 김영석; 황병수; 전상일
2019-10Hypoxylonol F Isolated from Annulohypoxylon annulatum regulates pancreatic β-cell metabolism to improve insulin secretion.함정엽; 최필주; 최선준; 송봉근; 전상일
2016-10Improved Anticancer and Renoprotective Effects of Temperature and Pressure Controlled Microwave (TPC-MW) processed Ginseng함정엽; 김규선; 최필주; 송봉근; 최선준; 강기성; 황병수; 전상일
2008-05One-Pot Preparation of Hydroxyaryl- and (Hydroxyalkyl)aryltrifluoroborates박영희; 안홍열; Belgin Canturk; 전상일; 이석준; 강헌중; Gary A. Molander; 함정엽
2018-10Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of dry eye syndrome from Terminalia chebula함정엽; 박영태; 허준성; 최선준; 송봉근; 최필주; 최준혁; 전상일
2018-11Pharmaceutical composition for use in the prevention or treatment함정엽; 송봉근; 전상일
2010-10Potassium Alkynylaryltrifluoroborates and Their Suzuki-Miyaura Cross Coupling Reactions김동수; 전상일; 함정엽
2012-04Quantitative analysis of 5,7-dihydroxy-6-geranyl flavanone from Robinia pseudo-acacia var. umbraculifera by several extraction method황예란; 박순혜; 이우정; 윤구; 함정엽; 김용기; 전상일; 김수남
2006-10Rapid structural identification and ABTS antioxidant screening system for natural products박영희; 이성현; 전상일; 김민철; 엄병헌
2006-10Structural determination of kurarinone and sophoraflavanone G from Sophora flavescens최정민; 이성현; 전상일; 김민철; 엄병헌
2016-10Synthesis and biological evaluation of marine-derived benzoxazole natural products as anti-cancer agents함정엽; 김태정; 이윤서; 노태섭; 김경민; 전상일
2009-10Synthesis of Functionalized Alkyne-containing organotrifluoroborates via Haloaryltrifluoroborates and Their Cross-Coupling Reaction김동수; 조영애; 안홍열; 전상일; 함정엽
2009-04Synthesis of Potassium Alkynylaryltrifluoroborate and Their Cross Coupling Reaction김동수; 조영애; 안홍열; 전상일; 함정엽
2019-04The change of ginsenosides composition in ginseng leaves extract by the microwave-processed함정엽; 최필주; 송봉근; 윤철희; 전상일
2006-10The identification and isolation of Chlorogenic acids in Blue berrys by using LC-NMR and preparative HPLC김동수; 이성현; 전상일; 홍세진; 엄병헌
2018-10The synthesis of benzoxazole compounds and their anticancer activities함정엽; 김태정; 이신애; 최선준; 김영석; 전상일
2017-04국내 자생하는 참군소에 함유된 단일 화합물의 분리 및 구조 규명 연구함정엽; 김영석; 김규선; 최선준; 황병수; 전상일
2014-04파낙스속 식물의 신규가공법 개발과 유효성분의 극대화 연구김영석; 최필주; 주해윤; 전상일; 함정엽