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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-07-091.48및1.75마이크로미터의 적외선을 방출하는 레이저 유리 및 그의 방 출 방법조운조; 최상삼; 이상배
1999-1210 GHz phase look loop using a four-wave-mixing signal in semiconductor optical amplifier김동환; 김상혁; 조재철; 최상삼
2000-1040 GHz optical phase lock loop circuit for ultrahigh speed optical time division demultiplexing system김동환; 김상혁; 조재철; 최상삼
2000-08A Study on configuration of a laser resonator with high alignment stability차혁진; 주홍; 전영민; 최상삼; 현재경
1989-01Analysis of a tunable multichannel two-mode-interference wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer.김선호; 최상삼; 정영철; 이종창
1997-03Bi-directional energy transfer process in Er3+-Tm3+-codoped fluorozirconate glasses조운조; 김명욱; 김상혁; 조재철; 최상삼
1988-04Birefringence measurement of polarization maintaining fibers by modified lateral force method.김상혁; 조재철; 최상삼
1989-06Branching angle tuning of a multi step ion-exchanged tow-mode-interference wavelength-division multi/demultiplexer in glass.김선호; 최상삼; 정영철; K. G. Han
1992-06Comparison of laser electrodes for efficient uniform discharge.김동환; 주홍; 최상삼
1990-01Composition control and annealing effect on the growth of YBaCuO superconducting thin films by RF magnectron sputtering.염상섭; 최상삼; 한택상; S. J. Park; Y. H. Kim
1990-09Degradation of performance due to photoinduced index change in a Ti:LiNbO3 two-mode interference wavelength division multi/demultiplexer김동환; 변영태; 김선호; 최상삼
1995-03Diffraction grating 을 이용한 화상 직접 전송기술 .이상배; 최상삼
1987-12Electrical conductivity change with crystallization in fluorozirconate glasses.한택상; 조운조; 최상삼; 박순자
1996-03Electro-optical properties of the intensity and the phase for the reflected light in reflective mode, 45˚ twisted nematic liquid crystal cells이건준; 김상혁; 조재철; 최상삼; 임동건; 안선홍; 김욱성; 권순범
1998-07Fabrication and Measurements of High-Tc Superconducting Digital Devices김영환; 이종민; 최상삼; 한택상; 서동만; 장주억; 강준희
1993-03Fabrication and output characteristics of compact capacitor transfer XeCl laser.김동환; 주홍; 최상삼; 이수만
1997-03Fiber bragg grating sensor using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer이상배; 송민호; 이병호; 최상삼
1997-10Fiber Bragg grating sensor using polarization-maintaining fiber김철진; 박태상; 이상배; 최상삼; 정해양
1994-10Flux-flow 1/f noise properties in epitaxial YBa//2Cu//3O//7//-//y thin films.한택상; 최상삼; 김영환; 강원남; 박종혁; 김동호; 이상영
1999-02Harmonically mode-locked semiconductor-fiber ring laser and the optput pulse compression김동환; 김상혁; 조재철; 최상삼
2000-03In situ cavity loss measurements of a mode-locked erbium-doped fiber ring laser by the relaxation oscillation frequency method전영민; 김봉규; 김동환; 김명욱; 김상국; 최상삼
1996-06Kinetic inductance 를 이용한 YBCO IR bolometer 의 광응답 특성 .심성엽; 김동호; 임해룡; 박종혁; 김창훈; 최상삼; 한택상
1997-12Laser sensor wavelength interrogation using a long-period fiber grating이상배; 송민호; 최상삼; 남희; 이병호
1992-01LCTV 를 이용한 실시간 광학영상 처리에 관한 연구 .조재철; 김상혁; 최상삼
1991-09Li ₂ O 의 삼출이 없는 LiNbO ₃ 광도파로의 제조방법 .조재철; 김상혁; 최상삼; 김상국
1998-04Measurement of temperature dependence of the zero dispersion wavelength using four-wave mixing in DSF김상혁; 김동환; 조재철; 김선호; 김상국; 최상삼
2000-06Measurements of a high-Tc RSFQ 4-stage shift register and the inductance of the shift register cell박종혁; 김영환; 강준희; 한택상; 김창훈; Jong Min Lee; 최상삼
1992-01Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of BaTiO//3 thin films on Si.염상섭; 윤영수; 최상삼; D. H. Lee
1990-09Michelson 간섭계형 광섬유 간섭센서 어레이 .이상배; 조재철; 양진성; 김명욱; 최상삼
1993-03MOCVD 기법으로 제작한 AlyGa1-yAs/Al χ Ga1- χ As/AlyGa1-yAs strip-loaded 도파도의 전파손실 측정김용; 박경현; 최상삼; 김선호; 변영태