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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991-091.55 ㎛ gain in a short Er**3**+-doped zirconium glass fiber.조재철; 김명욱; 조운조; 최상삼
1997-1110 GHz harmonically mode-locked fiber ring laser김봉규; 김명욱; 전영민; 이정찬; 김상국; 조재철; 최상삼; 강병윤; 양길호
1999-1210 GHz phase look loop using a four-wave-mixing signal in semiconductor optical amplifier김동환; 김상혁; 조재철; 최상삼
1999-1110GHz optical phase locked loop김동환; 김상혁; 전영민; 조재철; 최상삼
1998-1110㎓ mode-locked semiconductor ring laser김동환; 김상혁; 전영민; 고성윤; 조재철; 최상삼
1996-06(111) twins in BaTiO3 thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering김영환; 한택상; 정수진; 장진욱; 최상삼
2000-1040 GHz optical phase lock loop circuit for ultrahigh speed optical time division demultiplexing system김동환; 김상혁; 조재철; 최상삼
1989-06'89 Workshop on laser and optical engineering이상배; 조재철; 최상삼
1990-05'90 Workshop on laser and optical engineering김명욱; 조운조; 이상배; 조재철; 최상삼
1997-09A comparative study of the surface resistances and microwave penetration depths of YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films with various thicknesses이상영; J. Y. Cho; B. J. Soh; B. H. Park; C. S. Jung; J. W. Ahn; C. H. Kim; B. Oh; S. H. Moon; A. G. Denisov; V. B. Fedorov; 김영환; 한택상; 최상삼
1995-01A comparative study on the microwave penetration depth of various Y//1Ba//2Cu//3O//7//-// δ thin films using a non-contact method.한택상; 최상삼; 이상영; G. B. Kim; S. T. Lim; W. N. Kang; B. Oh; Y. W. Choi; S. H. Moon; A. G. Denisov
1997-01A fiber Bragg grating strain sensor using tilted fiber Bragg grating demodulator강성철; 김세윤; 이상배; 권서원; 최상삼; 이병호
1999-08A fiber-integrated semiconductor ring laser for 10GHz optical timing extraction김동환; 김상혁; 조재철; 최상삼
1999-11A fully controllable bandpass filter using the chirped fiber bragg gratings박세강; 박진우; 윤홍; 이상배; 최상삼
1996-01A holographic optical element for the wide angle color holographic car disply.손정영; 이혁수; 최상삼; Vadim V. Smimov; 강법주
1999-02A new all-fiber bidirectional optical cross-connect with tunable fiber Bragg gratings김기훈; 권서원; 박진우; 이상배; 최상삼
2001-07A new modulation phase shift method of dispersion measurement using aom and I/Q demodulator류성권; 이상배; 최상삼; 조규만
1999-08A novel demodulation technique for the wavelength shift of fiber Bragg grating sensors using the I/Q signal pocessing schemeSung Chul Kang; 이상배; 최상삼; 이병호
1998-12A novel method to measure dynamic strain using optical-path controlled mach-zehnder interferometer and fiber Bragg grating sensorSung Chul Kang; 이상배; 최상삼; 이병호
2001-02A novel OCDMA based on special chirped fiber Bragg gratings구현덕; 김상인; 박세강; 이상배; 최상삼; 송석호; 감필수
2001-02A novel OCDMA based on special chirped fiber bragg gratings구현덕; 김상인; 이상배; 최상삼; 송석호; 김필수
2001-07A novel spectral coding technique based on the special chirped fiber bragg gratings for fiber optic CDMA구현덕; 김상인; 박세강; 이상배; 최상삼; 김필수; 송석호
1997-08A single flux quantum circuit based on high-Tc bicrystal Josephson junction operating at 71K김영환; 강준희; Jong-Min Lee; 최상삼; 한택상; 박순자; 박순자
2000-08A Study on configuration of a laser resonator with high alignment stability차혁진; 주홍; 전영민; 최상삼; 현재경
1998-11A study on the signal characteristics of fiber bragg grating sensors used for strain measurement of composite laminates류치영; 홍창선; 권서원; 이상배; 최상삼
1994-10Al0.3Ga0.7As/GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As srtip-loaded 도파로의 식각깊이에 따른 전파손실 측정박경현; 변영태; 김선호; 최상삼; 정영철; 박승한; 김웅
1994-10AlGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs strip-loaded 형태의 도파로에서 cosine 함수와 두 원호로된 s-bend 의 복사손실 측정 .김동렬; 김말문; 박경현; 변영태; 김선호; 최상삼
2000-07An arbitrarily channel-selective filter using the chirped fiber Bragg gratingsSe Kang Park; Jin Woo Park; Hong Yoon; 이상배; 최상삼
2000-11An optical channel-switching transmission filter using the segmented chirped fiber Bragg grating박세강; 박진우; 구현덕; 이상배; 최상삼
2001-07An optical channel-switching transmission filter using the segmented chirped fiber bragg grating박세강; 박진우; 구현덕; 이상배; 최상삼