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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-07Fabrication and structural analysis of epitaxial Ni/Cu(001) nanostructure on a Si substrate이성구; 신상원; 이재용; 이종한; 송종한; 최재영; 이현휘; 이흥수
2020-09Facile synthesis of zirconium-organic frameworks@biomass-derived porous graphitic nanocomposites: Arsenic adsorption performance and mechanism최재영; 칼리무스 판디; 이다원
2008-06Fe and Mn removal using treatment agents in Yongdong coal mine drainage최재영; 박영태; 양중석; 이주영
2019-10Feasibility of soil washing agents to remove fluoride in soils최재영; 안용태; 박상현; 이선재; 서승원; 윤현식
2019-10Feasibility of soil washing agents to remove fluoride in soils최재영; 안용태; 한만호; 이다원; 박상현; 윤현식; 서승원
2020-01Fluoride removal by palm shell waste based powdered activated carbon vs. functionalized carbon with magnesium silicate: Implications for their application in water treatment나인욱; 최재영; Choe Earn Choong; Kien Tiek Wong; Seok Byum Jang; Shaliza Ibrahim; Yeomin Yoon; Min Jang
2021-05Fucoxanthin biosynthyesis has a positive correlation with the specific growth rate in the culture of microalga Pheodactylum tricornutum이택성; 구송이; 김상민; 최재영; 권도연; Trang Thi Vuong; 엄재인; 황금택
2019-06Fusion of Spectroscopy and Cobalt Electrochemistry Data for Estimating Phosphate Concentration in Hydroponic Solution김형석; 박수현; 최재영; 김정도; 정대현; 김학진
2007-05Generation of rainfall-runoff grid data for using GIS in AML(Abandoned Mine Land)이주영; 양중석; 권동욱; 최재영
2021-08Genome Analysis of Streptomyces nojiriensis JCM 3382 and Distribution of Gene Clusters for Three Antibiotics and an Azasugar across the Genus Streptomyces권학철; 박진수; 최재영; 홍성철; 김다은; 김승영; 현창구
2020-08Genome-wide functional analysis of phosphatases in the pathogenic fungus Cryptococcus neoformans최재영; Jae-Hyung Jin; Kyung-Tae Lee; Joohyeon Hong; Dongpil Lee; Eun-Ha Jang; Jin-Young Kim; Yeonseon Lee; Seung-Heon Lee; Yee-Seul So; Kwang-Woo Jung; Dong-Gi Lee; Eunji Jeong; Minjae Lee; Yu-Byeong Jang; Yeseul Choi; Myung Ha Lee; Ji-Seok Kim; Seong-Ryong Yu; Jin-Tae Choi; Jae-Won La; Haneul Choi; Sun-Woo Kim; Kyung Jin Seo; Yelin Lee; Eun Jung Thak; Anna F. Averette; Yong-Hwan Lee; Joseph Heitman; Hyun Ah Kang; Eunji Cheong; Yong-Sun Bahn
2018-12Genomic Insights into the Rice Blast Fungus through Estimation of Gene Emergence Time in Phylogenetic Context최재영; 이종준; 전준현
2006-06Geochemical modeling of cadmium sorption to soil as a function of soil properties최재영
2009-09Geochemistry of As-Fe under the Groundwater ConditionsSang_Hun Lee; Woosik Jung; Byoug-Hun Jeon; Sun-Joon Kim; 최재영
2007-04GIS based on environmental risk assessment at farm level area이주영; 양중석; Jean Demontal; 최재영
2007-05GIS based on Reduction analysis of Threatened species in aquifer ecology이주영; Karmaon Lowell; 양중석; 최재영
2007-04GIS based on spatial analysis of benzene concentration at regional contaminated area이주영; 양중석; Jean Demontal; 최재영
2008-04GIS based on spatial distribution of BTEX concentration in the vadose zone이주영; 한무영; 최재영; 양중석
2007-06GIS based the spatial distribution model for concentration of heavy metal ions in AML(Abandoned Mine Land)이주영; 최재영
2021-02Granular Mg-Fe layered double hydroxide prepared using dual polymers:Insights into synergistic removal of As(III) and As(V)최재영; Choe Earn Choong; Kien Tiek Wong; Seok Byum Jang; Pichiah Saravanan; Chulhwan Park; Sang-Hyoun Kim; Byong-Hun Jeon; Yeomin Yoon; Min Jang
2020-01Heavy metal speciation with prediction model for heavy metal mobility and risk assessment in mine-affected soils최재영; 안용태; 칼리무스 판디; 박상현; 윤현식; 지민규
2008-06Heavy metal treatment using for agents for acid mine drainage최재영; 양중석; 이주영; 박영태
2008-06Hydrologic Analysis of Acid Mine Drainage(AMD) from Abandoned Mine이주영; 최재영; 양중석
2021-10Identification on Possibility of Soil Contamination by Airborne Pollutants Produced by Chemical Combustion (Fire and Explosion) and LC-MS based Soil Metabolome Analysis for Ecological Assessment이정애; 최재영; 안용태; 조정만; 표희수; 김민석; 윤성택
2011-08Inhibition of growth and activity of iron oxidizing bacteria for the prevention of acid mine drainage production박영태; 양중석; 윤현식; 지민규; 지은도; 이우람; 지원현; 권현호; 최재영
2011-05Inhibition of growth and activity of iron oxidizing bacteria for the prevention of acid mine drainage production박영태; 양중석; 윤현식; 지민규; 지은도; 지원현; 권현호; 최재영
2012-04Inhibition of Growth and Activity of Iron Oxidizing Bacteria for the Prevention of Acid Mine Drainage Production박영태; 양중석; 권만재; 윤현식; 지민규; 지은도; 이우람; 지원현; 권현호; 최재영
2010-04Inhibition of growth and activity of oxidation bacteria for reducing acid mine drainge박영태; 양중석; 윤현식; 지민규; 지은도; 이우람; 지원현; 최재영
2013-04Inhibition of pyrite oxidation by surface coating agents: Batch and field studies최재영; 지은도; 윤현식; 이우람; 박영태