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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-04Quantitative analysis of 5,7-dihydroxy-6-geranyl flavanone from Robinia pseudo-acacia var. umbraculifera by several extraction method황예란; 박순혜; 이우정; 윤구; 함정엽; 김용기; 전상일; 김수남
2008-08Regioselective one-pot preparation of stilbene derivatives using various potassium organotrifluoroborates안홍열; 김동수; 박영희; 조영애; 이우정; 김수남; 최재영; 양현옥; 함정엽
2013-10Regioselective one-pot synthesis of 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles from in situ generated potassium arylethynyltrifluoroborates최필주; 송중호; 이명재; 김태정; 함정엽
2017-05Regioselective Synthesis of the FXR Antagonist E-Guggulsterone from Three Natural Steroids함정엽; 진정욱; 한동엽; 원동환; 조성진; 김경희; 강헌중
2013-10Renoprotective effect of Maillard reaction products from Heat-processed Ginsenoside Re with Leucine한임호; 김영주; 함정엽; 강기성
2018-03Renoprotective Effects of Hypoxylonol C and F Isolated from Hypoxylon truncatum against Cisplatin-Induced Cytotoxicity in LLC-PK1 Cells함정엽; 김태정; 김규선; 최선준; 송봉근; 최필주; 황병수; 이다혜; 송지훈; 강기성
2014-01Renoprotective effects of Maillard reaction products generated during heat treatment of ginsenoside Re with leucineJi Hoon Kim; 한임호; Noriko Yamabe; 김영주; 이우정; Dae-Woon Eom; 최필주; Gab Jin Cheon; Hyun-Jai Jang; 김수남; 함정엽; 강기성
2010-06Robinia pseudo-acacia var. Umbraculifera and amorphastilbol enhance the glucose and lipid metabolism in vivo mice models for obesity and diabetes이우정; 박연숙; 윤구; 함정엽; 양현옥; 김수남
2007-11Scalarane Sesterterpenes from a Marine Sponge of the Genus Spongia and Their FXR Antagonistic Activity남상집; 고현실; 주문경; 황후상; 진정욱; 함정엽; 이병찬; 이재환; 원동환; 최혁재; 고재영; 신경진; 오태경; 김석호; 노정래; 강헌중
2010-12Selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor δ isosteric selenium agonists as potent anti-atherogenic agents in vivo진정욱; 홍준영; 이재환; Hoosang Hwang; Hyunsil Ko; Hyukjae Choi; Dongyup Hahn; Jaeyoung Ko; Sang-Jip Nam; Jungae Tak; 함정엽; Heonjoong Kang
2008-04Selective vasodilatation effect of sargahydroquinoic acid, an active constituent of Sargassum micracanthum, on the basilar arteries of rabbits박병곤; 신운섭; 엄유미; 조성식; 박갑만; 윤동수; 권성준; 함정엽; 최병욱; 이석준
2013-07Sesquiterpenes from the Rhizomes of Cyperus rotundus and Their Potential to Inhibit LPS-induced Nitric Oxide Production김수정; 류별; 김하영; 양영인; 함정엽; Jung-Hye Choi; 장대식
2015-01Solid-phase Synthesis of Combinatorial 2,4-Disubstituted-1,3,5-Triazine via Amine Nucleophilic Reaction문성원; 함정엽; 장영태; 이재욱
2014-01Stereospecific anticancer effects of ginsenoside Rg3 epimers isolated from heat-processed American ginseng on human gastric cancer cellEun-Hwa Park; 김영주; Noriko Yamabe; Soon-Hye Park; Ho-kyong Kim; Hyuk-Jai Jang; Ji Hoon Kim; Gab Jin Cheon; 함정엽; 강기성
2014-08Stereospecific effects of ginsenoside 20-Rg3 inhibits TGF-β1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition and suppresses lung cancer migration, invasion and anoikis resistance김영주; 최원일; 전부남; 최경철; 김건홍; 김태진; 함정엽; 장혁재; 강기성; 고현석
2012-04Sterols from a soft coral, Dendronephthya gigantea as farnesoid X-activated receptor antagonists신경진; 진정욱; 한동엽; 이재환; 황후상; 원동환; 함정엽; 최혁재; 강은수; 김희영; 주문경; 남상집; 강헌중
2018-05Stimulation of Innate Immune Function by Panax ginseng after Heat Processing함정엽; 최필주; 신명숙; 송지훈; 이종헌; 김송이; 신광순; 강기성
2011-10Studies toward the total synthesis of Octa-substituted Cyclopentane Natural Product, Pactamycin김태정; 요코 사이카와; 마사야 나카타; 함정엽
2015-12Studies toward the total synthesis of pactamycin김태정; So Matsudaira; Shinji Hirota; Shohei Matsushita; Tsuyoshi Doi; Yoko Saikawa; 함정엽; Masaya Nakata
2015-10Studies toward the total synthesis of pactamycin, multi-functionalized aminocyclitol natural product김태정; 마사야 나카타; 함정엽
2015-10Studies toward the total synthesis of pactamycin, octa-substituted aminocyclitol natural product김태정; 이윤서; 노태섭; 마사야 나카타; 함정엽
2018-11Study of increase of active ingredient and biological activity through microwave processing method of ginger함정엽; 최필주; 강기성
2018-04Study of increase of active ingredient and biological activity through novel processing method of ginger함정엽; 김규선; 최필주; 강기성
2013-10Synergic Effect of Curcumin on Epigllocathechin Gallate-induced Anticancer Action in PC3 Prostate Cancer Cell이지환; 김영주; 함정엽; 장혁재; 엄대운; 강기성
2015-08Synergistic effect of curcumin on epigallocatechin gallate-induced anticancer action in PC3 prostate cancer cellsDae-Woon Eom; Ji Hwan Lee; 김영주; Gwi Seo Hwang; 김수남; Jin Ho Kwak; Gab Jin Cheon; Ki Hyun Kim; Hyuk-Jai Jang; 함정엽; Ki Sung Kang; Noriko Yamabe
2007-10Syntheses and Evaluation of Amorphastilbol Derivatives as PPAR γ Agonist안홍열; 이우정; 박영희; 김수남; 함정엽
2006-10Syntheses of Functionalized Organotrifluoroborates and Their Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reactions함정엽; Gary A. Molander
2011-04Synthesis and biological evaluation of bilobol and adipostatin A타나카; 아라이; 김수남; 함정엽; 우스키
2016-10Synthesis and biological evaluation of marine-derived benzoxazole natural products as anti-cancer agents함정엽; 김태정; 이윤서; 노태섭; 김경민; 전상일
2009-01Synthesis of 10-substituted triazolyl artemisinins possessing anticancer activity via Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cylcoaddition조성식; 오상태; 엄유미; 정지희; 함정엽; 신운섭; 이석준