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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-04A scale-up of pressure swing adsorption process for 4Nm3/hr H2 separation남기문; 강석현; 정병만; 손승준; 이창하; 최대기
2004-02A Scale-up of PSA Process for 4m3/hr Hydrogen Separation남기문; 강석현; 정병만; 손승준; 이창하; 최대기
2005-10Adsorption characteristics of H2S, CH3SH, and NH3 on impregnated activated carbon장성철; 강석현; 정병만; 최현우; 안의섭; 최대기; 오성근
2005-10Adsorption dynamic characteristics and simulations in a layered bed for hydrogen mixtures정병만; 강석현; 안의섭; 최현우; 장성철; 최대기
2005-04Adsorption Dynamic Characteristics of Binary and Ternary Mixture Gases on Activated Carbon강석현; 정병만; 최현우; 안의섭; 김성현; 최대기
2004-08Adsorption Eqilibria and Dynamic Characteristics of Pure and Mixture Gases on Heterogeneous Adsorbents남기문; 정병만; 강석현; 이병권; 최대기
2005-10Adsorption equilibria of CO2, CO, H2 and their binary mixtures on zeolite 5A안의섭; 장성철; 정병만; 강석현; 최현우; 최대기; 김성현
2005-04Adsorption Equilibrium of H2, CO and CO2 on Zeolite 5A and Activated Carbon안의섭; 정병만; 강석현; 최현우; 김성현; 최대기
2004-02Adsorption Equilibrium of Methane, Hydrogen and their Mixture Gas on Activated Carbon정병만; 남기문; 강석현; 이창하; 최대기
2020-09Boosting oxygen evolution reaction of transition metal layered double hydroxide by metalloid incorporation정경윤; 한혁수; 김강민; 류정호; 이호준; 우정욱; Ghulam Ali; 김태경; 강석현; 최승건; 권지석; 정용채; 민성욱; 송태섭
2020-09Dual­Phase Engineering of Nickel Boride­Hydroxide Nanoparticles toward High­Performance Water Oxidation Electrocatalysts정경윤; 홍유림; 김강민; 류정호; 민성욱; 김정인; Ghulam Ali; 강석현; 한혁수
2005-08Dynamic Characteristics of Adsorption for H2/Ar/CH4 Mixtures in Activated Carbon Bed강석현; 정병만; 최현우; 안의섭; 장성철; 김성현; 최대기
2005-01Equilibrium Istherms of CH4, C2H6, C2H4, N2, and H2 on Zeolite 5A Using a Static Volumetric Method남기문; 정병만; 강석현; 이병권; 최대기
2005-04Experiment and Simulation of 2-bed PSA for Hydrogen Separation from H2/CH4 Gas Mixture남기문; 정병만; 강석현; 이창하; 이병권; 최대기
2005-06Experiment and Simulation of PSA Process for H2/Ar Mixtures Gas강석현; 정병만; 최현우; 김성현; 이병권; 최대기
2005-10Facilitated transport membranes for separation of isoprene/n-pentane최현우; 안의섭; 정병만; 강석현; 장성철; 김동범; 최대기; 이창하; 김훈식
2005-10Facilitated transport membranes with SPEEK-AgNO3 for the separation of isoprene/n-pentane mixtures최현우; 안의섭; 정병만; 강석현; 장성철; 김동범; 최대기; 이창하; 김훈식
2005-12Hydrogen separation from binary and ternary mixture gases by pressure swing adsorption강석현; 정병만; 최현우; 안의섭; 장성철; 김성현; 이병권; 최대기
2005-08Hydrogen Separation from Ternary Mixture Gases by Pressure Swing Adsorption강석현; 정병만; 최현우; 안의섭; 장성철; 김성현; 최대기
2005-09Hydrogen Separation of Binary Mixtures Using a ACtivated Carbon Bed by Pressure Swing Adsorption Process강석현; 정병만; 최현우; 장성철; 안의섭; 김성현; 이병권; 최대기
2005-04Isoprene/n-Pentane Separation using Facilitated Transport Membranes Containing SPEEK-AgNO3최현우; 최대기; 김동범; 강석현; 정병만; 안의섭; 김훈식; 이창하
2006-04Large scale PSA process for hydrogen separation김은철; 노경호; 강석현; 최대기
2006-03Large-scale PSA process for hydrogen separation from gas mixture최대기; 김은철; 강석현; 노경호
2005-07Optimization of a pressure swing adsorption process for hydrogen separation최대기; 윤정호; 남기문; 정병만; 강석현; 이병권
2005-10Performance analysis of hydrogen separation system from ternary mixture gases by PSA강석현; 정병만; 최현우; 안의섭; 장성철; 최대기; 김성현
2005-08Prediction and Experiment of Multi-component Adsorption for H2, CH4, and C2H4 on Activated Carbon정병만; 강석현; 안의섭; 이창하; 장성철; 최대기
2005-04Prediction of Mixture Gases Adsorption from Single Component Isotherms정병만; 강석현; 안의섭; 최현우; 이창하; 최대기
2021-03Pulsed Laser Confinement of Single Atomic Catalysts on Carbon Nanotube Matrix for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Reaction정경윤; 무하마드 아크바; 강석현; 정영규; 민성욱; 류정호; Ghulam Ali; 이강표; 한혁수; 김강민
2005-05Pure and Binary Mixture Gases Adsorption Equilibria of Hydrogen/Methane/Ethylene on Activated Carbon정병만; 강석현; 최현우; 이창하; 이병권; 최대기
2019-10Self-healing behavior of Inconel 617B superalloy서진유; 김한진; 강석현; 이석진; 이영국