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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-02A highly charged proton exchange membranes prepared by using water soluble polymer blends for fuel cells강문성; 김종학; 원종옥; 문승현; 강용수
2005-05An ab initio syudy of ionic liquid silver complexes as carriers in facilitated olefin transport membranes원종옥; 김동범; 강용수; 최대기; 김훈식; 김찬경; 김창곤
1997-01An analysis of pervaporation of methanol/MTBE mixtures through the cellulose acetate and cellulose triacetate membranes강용수; 양재식; 조원호
2002-04An atomistic simulation of facilitated transport of olefin in a membrane with silver ions고연조; 허준; 조원호; 최상욱; 원종옥; 강용수
1996-01Analysis of facilitated transport in solid membranes with fixed site carriers 1. single RC circuit model.강용수; 김은영; 홍재민; 장정식
1996-01Analysis of facilitated transport in solid membranes with fixed site carriers 2. series RC circuit model.강용수; 김은영; 홍재민; 장정식
2003-06Analysis of the glass transition behavior of polymer-salt complexes: an extended configurational entropy model.김종학; 민병렬; 원종옥; 강용수
2003-05Analysis of the single-stage membrane process by facilitated olefin transport.고동균; 정석택; 김종학; 강용수
2003-12Anomalous temperature dependence of facilitated propylene transport in silver polymer electrolyte membranes김종학; 민병렬; 원종옥; 강용수
2003-04Application of pervaporation and membrane hybrid process in olefin/paraffin separation from C//5 mixtures.김성현; 김용진; 한만석; 송승준; 최대기; 원종옥; 강용수; 김훈식
2002-04Changes in facilitated transport behavior of silver polymer electrolytes by UV irradiation원종옥; 윤여상; 강용수
1998-05Chemical modification of polysulfones and their gas transport properties강용수; 박현채; 원종옥; 김일원; 조재영; M. D. Guiver; G. P. Robertson
1995-01CO//2/CH//4 transport in polyperfluorosulfonate ionomers: effects of polar solvents on permeation and solubility.강용수; J. Pellegrino
2002-02Complexation mechanism of olefin with silver ions dissolved in a polymer matrix and its effect on facilitated olefin transport김종학; 민병렬; 원종옥; 강용수
2002-10Complexation of cilver ions with poly(butyl methacrylate) and propylene toward facilitated propylene transport이귀종; 조재영; 원종옥; 강용수
2002-04Complexation of olefin to silver ions in polymer electrolyte membranes for facilitated olefin transport김종학; 민병렬; 원종옥; 강용수
2004-09Complexation of phthalate oxygens in poly(ethylene phthalate) with silver ions and its effect on the formation of silver nanoparticles강상욱; 김종학; 고동균; C.K.Kim; 원종옥; K.Char; 강용수
1994-01Composite membranes of poly(1-trimethylsilyl-1-propyne) and poly(dimethyl siloxane) and their pervaporation properties for ethanol-water mixture.강용수; 신은미; 정범석; 김재진
1999-01Control of phase separation behavior of PC/PMMA blends and their application to the gas separation membranes김명호; 김주헌; 김창근; 강용수; 박현채; 원종옥
2005-01Coordination Compound Molecular Sieve Membranes원종옥; 서진수; 김종학; H.S.Kim; 강용수; S.J.Kim; Y.Kim; J.Jegal
2002-11Coordination structure of various ligands in crosslinked PVA to silver ions for facilitated olefin transport김종학; 민병렬; 이기봉; 원종옥; 강용수
2001-04Correlation between structure and gas transport properties of silyl-modified polysulfones and poly(phenyl sulfone)s김일원; 이귀종; 조재영; 박현채; 원종옥; 강용수; Michael D. Guiver; Gilles P. Robertson; Ying Dai
1999-01Decrease in electrical conductivity upon oxygen exposure in polyanilines doped with HCl.강용수; 이혁재; 남궁지나; 정범석; 이후성
2001-06Dendrimer/gold particles image on polymer films원종옥; 전지원; 강용수
2001-06Density functional theory studies on the dissociation energies of metallic salts: relationship between lattice and dissociation energies김창곤; 원종옥; 김훈식; 강용수; 이흥근; 김찬경
2001-10Density functional theory studies on the reaction mechanisms of silver ions with ethylene in facilitated transport membranes: a modeling study김창곤; 김찬경; 이봉수; 원종옥; 김훈식; 강용수
2004-06Dependence of facilitated olefin transport on the thickness of silver polymer electrolyte membranes김종학; 박수미; 원종옥; 강용수
2004-08Dye-sensitized nanocrystalline solar cells based on composite polymer electrolytes containing fumed silica nanoparticles김종학; 강문성; 김영진; 원종옥; Nam-Gyu Park; 강용수
2005-02Dye-sensitized solar cells based on composite solid polymer electrolytes강문성; 김종학; 김영진; 원종옥; 박남규; 강용수
2008-07Dye-sensitized solar cells employing solid-state oligomer electrolyte with secondary interaction박종혁; 김준경; 강용수; 이상수