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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07A Monolithic and Standalone Artificial Synthetic Device for CO2 conversion to CO전효상; 고재현; 황윤정; 민병권
2015-03A monolithic and standalone solar-fuel device having comparable efficiency to photosynthesis in nature전효상; 고재현; 박세진; 지신천; 고두현; 황윤정; 민병권
2016-08Arm Length Dependency of Pt-Decorated CdSe Tetrapods on the Performance of Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation민병권; 고재현; 성영훈; 임재훈; Jeffrey Pyun; 차국헌
2015-04CO2 Reduction with Nanostructured Metal Electrodes황윤정; 민병권; 김청희; 전효상; 고재현; 지신천
2021-08Confinement of Ultrasmall Bimetallic Nanoparticles in Conductive Metal-Organic Frameworks via Site-Specific Nucleation장지수; 박충성; 구원태; 정상규; 신하민; 김윤화; 조희진; 김동하; 이지영; 박세연; 고재현; 김지한; 김일두
2014-05Design of Hierarchically Structured Gold Catalysts for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction고재현; 황윤정
2015-02Directional step flow across ridges on multiscale two-face prism array고재현; 윤현식; 성승현; 김상문; 최세진; 서갑양; 차국헌
2013-06Efficient Light Harvesting with Micropatterned 3D Pyramidal Photoanodes in Dye-­Sensitized Solar Cells고재현; 우상혁; 윤현식; 정재현; 이용건; 이병호; 강용수; 차국헌
2015-08Electrochemical CO2 conversion catalysts for integrated monolithic solar-fuel generators고재현; 전효상; 황윤정; 민병권
2015-04Enhanced power conversion efficiency of solution based CIGSSe solar cells by band-gap grading박세진; 전효상; 고재현; 민병권
2016-01Enhancement in carbon dioxide activity and stability on nanostructured silver electrode and the role of oxygen지신천; 전효상; 김청희; 이한길; 고재현; 조진한; 민병권; 황윤정
2017-07Facile CO2 Electro-Reduction to Formate via Oxygen Bidentate Intermediate Stabilized by High-Index Planes of Bi Dendrite Catalyst정광덕; 민병권; 김낙균; 황윤정; 고재현; 원다혜; 엄태대형; 김형준
2016-01Gold catalyst reactivity for CO2electro-reduction: From nano particleto layer에듀아더스; 전효상; 김청희; 지신천; 고재현; 황윤정; 민병권
2015-04Highly Selective Electrochemical CO2 Conversion on a Hierarchically Structured Gold Catalyst고재현; 황윤정; 민병권
2021-11Improving the oxygen evolution reaction using electronic structure modulation of sulfur-retaining nickel-based electrocatalysts민병권; 고재현; 오형석; 이웅희; 한만호; 빈민욱; 박종혁; 김지현
2014-04Multi-stage paste coating method for low cost and high efficiency CIGS thin film solar cells전효상; 안희상; 고재현; 민병권
2015-01Oxygen Plasma Induced Hierarchically Structured Gold Electrocatalyst for Selective Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Monoxide고재현; 전효상; 지신천; 에듀아더스; 이현주; 황윤정; 민병권
2014-04Photoelectrochemical CO2 Conversion for Fuel Production Powered by Monolithic Thin-Film Photovoltaic Devices고재현; 전효상; 지신천; 황윤정; 민병권
2015-07Physical and Chemical Changes after CO2 Reduction of Au and Redox-Au Electrodes using XPS and KPFM Analysis Measurements김해리; 전효상; 고재현; 황윤정; 민병권
2021-01Sacrificial Template­Assisted Synthesis of Inorganic Nanosheets with High­Loading Single­Atom Catalysts: A General Approach장지수; 신하민; 고재현; 박충성; 김동하; 안재완; 김윤화; 조수호; 백현석; 김일두
2019-08Selective grafting of polymer brushes enables directed self-assembly of high-χ block copolymers고재현; Ji Yeon Kim; Qingjun Zhu; Natsuko Ito; Ryuta Mizuochi; Gregory Blachut; Jan Doise; Stephen Sirard; Christopher J. Ellison; Nathaniel A. Lynd; C. Grant Willson
2019-02Selective grafting of polymer brushes for directed self-assembly of high-χ block copolymers고재현; Ji Yeon Kim; Qingjun Zhu; Natsuko Ito; Ryuta Mizuochi; Gregory Blachut; Jan Doise; Stephen Sirard; Christopher J. Ellison; Nathaniel A. Lynd; C. Grant Willson
2015-07Selective Production of CO from Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction on Hierarchically Structured Gold Catalysts고재현; 황윤정; 민병권
2015-04Solar-fuels production by a monolithic and standalone photoelectrochemical device전효상; 고재현; 황윤정; 민병권
2019-12Strategies for Increasing the Rate of Defect Annihilation in the Directed Self-Assembly of High-Chi Block Copolymers고재현; Jan Doise; Ji Yeon Kim; Qingjun Zhu; Natsuko Kinoshita; Hyo Seon Suh; Paulina Rincon Delgadillo; Geert Vandenberghe; C. Grant Willson; Christopher J. Ellison
2007-08Technology trend of the HID light source한수빈; 김상우; 고재현; 양성채; 임연찬; 박대희
2022-02Thermo-selenized stainless steel as an efficient oxygen evolution electrode for water splitting and CO2 electrolysis in real water matrices민병권; 고재현; 오형석; 이웅희; 고영진; 한만호; 임철완; 이승연; 빈민욱; 김지현; 김웅
2013-04Thermoresponsive switching of liquid flow direction on a two-face prism array고재현; 김상문; 강도현; 서효선; 윤현식; 서갑양; 차국헌
2014-09Trilevel-Structured Superhydrophobic Pillar Arrays with Tunable Optical Functions우상혁; 고재현; 이수진; 윤현식; 차국헌
2015-11Uniform decoration of Pt nanoparticles on well-defined CdSe tetrapods and the effect of their Pt cluster size on photocatalytic H2 generation성영훈; 임재훈; 고재현; Lawrence J. Hill; 민병권; Jeffrey Pyun; 차국헌