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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-09Adhesion behavior of mouse liver cancer cells on nanostructured superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces고태준; 김은경; So Nagashima; 오규환; 이광렬; 김소연; 문명운
2012-09Bioinspired steel surfaces with extreme wettability contrast허은규; 고태준; 이광렬; 오규환; 문명운
2017-02Copper circuit patterning on polymer using selective surface modification and electroless plating문명운; 고태준; 박상진; 윤주일; 오규환; 한준현
2021-05Direct recovery of spilled oil using hierarchically porous oil scoop with capillary-induced anti-oil-fouling문명운; 김성진; 조서현; 이영아; 고태준; 김도현; 조원진; 김호영; Shu Yang; 오규환
2013-09Hierarchical structures of AlOOH nanoflakes nested on Si nanopillars with anti-reflectance and superhydrophobicity유의선; 이헌주; 고태준; 김성진; 이광렬; 오규환; 문명운
2015-03High Performance Gas Diffusion Layer with Hydrophobic Nanolayer under a Supersaturated Operation Condition for Fuel Cells고태준; 김세훈; 홍보기; 이광렬; 오규환; 문명운
2018-01Highly adhesive and high fatigue-resistant copper/PET flexible electronic substrates문명운; 고태준; 박상진; 윤주일; 한준현; Kyu Hwan Oh
2012-10Ion-beam induced surface roughening of poly-(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) tuned by a mixture of Ar and O2 ionsWei Dai; 고태준; 오규환; 이광렬; 문명운
2021-09Layer Orientation-Engineered Two-Dimensional Platinum Ditelluride for High-Performance Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells문명운; 박상진; Jinfa Chang,; 고태준; 제민정; 정희석; 한상섭; Mashiyat Sumaiya Shawkat; Mengjing Wang; Seung Min Yu; Tae-Sung Bae; 오규환; 최희채; Yang Yang; Yeonwoong Jung
2017-08Nanostructured fabric with robust superhydrophobicity induced by a thermal hydrophobic ageing process문명운; 고태준; 오지현; 박정희
2014-10Nanostructured self-cleaning lyocell fabrics with asymmetric wettability and moisture absorbency (part I)권성옥; 고태준; 유의선; 김주연; 문명운; 박정희
2014-10Nanostructured superhydrophobic silk fabric fabricated using the ion beam method오지현; 고태준; 문명운; 박정희
2015-09Nanostructures formed on carbon-based materials with different levels of crystallinity using oxygen plasma treatment고태준; 조원진; 이헌주; 오규환; 문명운
2015-01Plasma-induced hetero-nanostructures on a polymer with selective metal co-deposition고태준; 오규환; 문명운
2020-01Single-step plasma-induced hierarchical structures for tunable water adhesion문명운; 김성진; 윤선미; 박상진; 김민성; 고태준; 오규환; 남산
2013-05Superhydrophobic transparent surface of nanostructured poly(methly methacrylate) enhanced by a hydrolysis reaction허은규; 고태준; 신봉수; 노현철; 다이웨이; 성원경; 김호영; 이광렬; 오규환; 문명운
2019-12The cytotoxicity and skin irritation of nanostructured cellulose surface fabricated by a plasma-induced method문명운; 박지호; 고태준; 민혜숙; 김민성; 김정아; 전병준; 김영민; Yan Huang; Xian Jin; Kyu Hwan Oh; Mi Ok Kim; 최태현; Maierdanjiang Wufuer
2013-02Thermal stability of superhydrophobic, nanostructured surfaces차성철; 허은규; 고태준; 김성진; 노현철; 이광렬; 오규환; 문명운
2012-11Water condensation behavior on the surface of a network of superhydrophobic carbon fibers with high-aspect-ratio nanostructures고태준; 허은규; 신봉수; 김호영; 이광렬; 홍보기; 김세훈; 오규환; 문명운
2016-12Water Wetting Observation on a Superhydrophobic Hairy Plant Leaf Using Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy문명운; 윤선미; 고태준; 오규환; 남산
2014-02-10유-유 분리 또는 유-수 분리를 위한 마이크로-나노 복합 기공을 가진 방직 천 표면의 제조방법고태준; 김도현; 문명운; 소지현; 오규환; 유의선; 이석헌; 이헌주
2013-03-14친수성이 향상된 알루미늄 표면의 제조방법 및 친수성 알루미늄 표면체문명운; 오규환; 유의선; 이광렬; 이헌주; 고태준; 김성진
2014-01-03침상의 나노구조를 가지는 초소수성 섬유, 이의 제조 방법, 및 이를 포함하는 섬유제품고태준; 김도현; 문명운; 오규환; 유의선; 이정심; 이헌주; 조원진