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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-112D Image-based individual 3D face model generation and animation김진우; 고한석; 김형곤; 안상철
1998-033-D shape and motion recovery using SVD from image sequence정병오; 김형곤; 고한석
2007-103D Environment Modeling and its Application to Human Robot Interaction전경원; 권용무; 고한석
2004-11An Interactive Teleconference System for Small Groups오상윤; 안상철; 김형곤; 고한석
2017-07An Ultrasonic System with an Attachable Acoustic Lens for Investigation of Opening a Microfluidic Blood-Brain Barrier Model이병철; 김홍남; 오민택; 고한석; 이승현; 김정훈; 박관규
1999-02Automatic generation of 3D face model from trinocular images이광도; 안상철; 권용무; 김형곤; 고한석
1999-07Automatic generation of 3D face model from trinocular images이광도; 안상철; 권용무; 고한석; 김형곤
1998-07Depth extraction of moving object using TMS320C80 DSP송창준; 고한석; 김익재; 안상철; 권용무
1998-06Design of disparity extraction system of moving object송창준; 고한석; 권용무
1999-11Implementation of video structuring system using color and motion information송창준; 고한석; 권용무
2006-12Indoor Environment Modeling for Interactive Virtual Reality of Robot Security조상우; 권용무; 고한석
2007-09Interactive 3D Virtual Space Service on Mobile Phone전경원; 기정석; 권용무; 고한석
2000-01Korean phonological viseme for real-time LipSynch based on phoneme recognition by GMM주희열; 안상철; 김형곤; 고한석
2007-10Mobile Phone based Interactive 3D Virtual URS (Ubiquitous Robotic Space) Service전경원; 권용무; 고한석
2000-01MPEG-4 baed 3D face model animation김진우; 고한석; 김형곤; 권용무; 안상철
2004-09Multispectral Mural Underdrawing Mosaic Technique이태성; 권용무; 고한석
2001-09Real time motion extraction of 3-D input device using stereo camera윤상민; 김익재; 안상철; 김형곤; 고한석
2018-07Real-time Optical Imaging of Microbubble Destruction with an Acoustic Lens Attached Ultrasonic Diagnostic Probe in Microfluidic Capillary Models이병철; 김홍남; 오민택; 고한석; 이승현; 김정훈
2003-02Realization of image correction in distortion screen using real-time warping hardware오상윤; 정병일; 김익재; 안상철; 김형곤; 고한석
2006-10Research on Virtual URS and Its Service on Mobile Phone조상우; 코니타 샤합; 권용무; 안상철; 고한석
2002-07Stereo vision based 3D input device윤상민; 김익재; 안상철; 고한석; 김형곤
2002-02Stereo vision based 3D input device윤상민; 김익재; 안상철; 고한석; 김형곤
2000-06Video scene segmentation technique based on color and motion feature송창준; 고한석; 권용무
2010-03Virtual Ubiquitous Robotic Space and Its Network based Services, Remoet and Telerobotics전경원; 권용무; 고한석