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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06A Comparison of Friction Force Calibration in Lateral Force Microscope왕옥량; 김홍준; 공호성; 윤의성; Xu-Zheng Zhao
1999-06A study on automatic wear debris recognition by using particle feature extraction장래혁; 윤의성; 공호성; A. Y. Grigorier
1999-06A study on the application of spectrometric methods for the analysis of lubricant contaminants and wear debris.공호성; 한흥구; 권오관
2001-06A study on the nano adhesion and friction at different contact conditions using SPM윤의성; 박지현; 양승호; 공호성
1995-01An experimental analysis on the maximum allowable PV value of oilless composite bearing materials공호성; 윤의성; 전기수; 송광호
1998-10An experimental study of environmental effects on the rolling resistance of bearings coated by soft metallic films양승호; 공호성; 윤의성; 김대은
1998-12An experimental study on friction and wear characteristics of air curable MoS//2 bonded films with polymeric binder materials한흥구; 공호성; 윤의성; 권오관
1998-01An experimental study on friction and wear characteristics of air-curable MoS2 films with polymeric binder한흥구; 공호성; 권오관
2000-06An experimental study on the anti-corrosion and anti-wear characteristics of MoS₂ bonded films for automotive wheel joints한흥구; 공호성; 윤의성; 권오관
2001-06An experimental study on the effect of wear particles on the sliding behavior of silver-coated bearing steels양승호; 공호성; 윤의성; 김대은
2001-12An experimental study on the light transmission characteristics with oil contamination조성용; 장철주; 공호성; 윤의성; 한흥구
2001-08An experimental study on the nano-adhesion of octadecyltrichlorosilane SAM on the Si surface윤의성; 박지현; 양승호; 한흥구; 공호성
1996-01An experimental study on the power transmission efficiency and frictional noise of MoS//2-bonded-film coated reduction gears.윤의성; 공호성; 한흥구; 오재응
1998-03An experimental study on the rolling resistance of bearing surfaces coated by pure tin and zinc films양승호; 공호성; 윤의성; 김대은
1997-01An experimental study on the rolling resistance of bearing surfaces covered by pure silver film양승호; 윤의성; 공호성; 권오관
1999-12An experimental study on the rolling resistance of silver-coated films modified by plasma surface treatments양승호; 공호성; 윤의성; 김대은
2006-06Biomimetically Engineered Polymeric Surfaces for Micro-scale Tribology아르빈드 싱; 김홍준; 공호성; 윤의성
2007-06Chromatic Parameters in the Condition Monitoring of Synthetic Hydraulic Oils오씨아; 공호성; 한흥구; 마르코바; 마카렌코
1999-04Classification of wear particles based on semantic featuresA. Ya. Grigoriev; 장래혁; 윤의성; 공호성
1998-06Condition monitoring technology for plant machinery system based on integrated wear monitoring윤의성; 장래혁; 공호성; 한흥구; 권오관; 송재수; 김재덕; 엄형섭
2002-08DDPO₄와 ODPO₄SAM 코팅의 나노 응착 및 마찰 특성 연구윤의성; 양승호; 공호성; AndreiYaGrigoriev
2000-06Effect of environment on the tribological behavior of si-incorporated diamond-like carbon films양승호; 공호성; 이광렬; 박세준; 김대은
2001-12Effect of silver particle introduction of rolling friction양승호; 공호성; 윤의성; 김대은
1996-01Evaluation of the sliding frictional characteristics at the different loading mechanisms and normal stiffness.윤의성; 공호성; 권오관; 오재응
1997-01Evaluation of the tribological behavior for MoS//2 bonded films with different contact geometry공호성; 배일; 박영필
1996-01Experimental studies on friction and wear of the solid lubricating MoS//2 bonded films.공호성; 윤의성; 한흥구; 권오관
2007-02Fluorescent Express-Method for Monitoring of Oil Condition in Tribosystems마르코바; 미시쉰; 마카렌코; M.S.Semenyuk; 공호성; 한흥구; 오씨아
1993-01Friction and wear at ceramic coated surfaces of aluminum alloy.공호성; 권오관; 김형선
1994-01Friction and wear at dry sliding low carbon steel surfaces under vacuum conditions.공호성; 윤의성; 권오관
1995-05Friction and wear of nitrogen incorporated diamond-like carbon films under a vacuum.윤의성; 공호성; 이광렬; 오재응