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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02Bibliometric analysis of twenty-year research trend in desalination technologies during 2000-2020정성필; 부찬희; 김혜원; 이경훈; 백영빈; 곽노균; 김춘수
2011-10Continuous-Flow Biomolecule and Cell Concentrator by Ion Concentration Polarization곽노균; Sung Jae Kim; Jongyoon Han
2009-10Effects of Mold Rising Angle and Polymer Concentration in Solvent-Assisted Molding곽노균; 김홍남; Sung-Hoon Lee; Kahp Y. Suh
2017-02Energy efficiency enhancement of electromembrane desalination systems by local flow redistribution optimized for the asymmetry of cation/anion diffusivity곽노균; Bumjoo Kim; Siwon Choi; Van Sang Pham; Jongyoon Han
2016-05Enhanced Salt Removal by Unipolar Ion Conduction in Ion Concentration Polarization Desalination곽노균; Van Sang Pham; Bumjoo Kim; Lan Chen; Jongyoon Han
2009-04Fabrication of Monolithic Bridged Structures by Vacuum-Assisted Capillary Force Lithography곽노균; Hoon Eui Jeong; Kahp Y. Suh
2008-11Generation and self-replication of monolithic, dual-scale polymer structures by two-step capillary force lithography곽노균; Hoon Eui Jeong; Jae Kwan Kim; Kahp Y. Suh
2019-03Generation of Solvent-Free 3D Lipid Structure Arrays on High Aspect Ratio Si Microwell Substrate곽노균; 김태송; 강지윤; 한원배
2016-10Isolation of extracellular vesicle from blood plasma using electrophoretic migration through porous membrane강지윤; 곽노균; 허유희; 조시우; 조원주; 박재성
2017-02Merging Ion Concentration Polarization between Juxtaposed Ion Exchange Membranes to Block the Propagation of the Polarization Zone김태송; 강지윤; 곽노균; 김민영; 이현준
2016-05Microfluidic Paper-based Biomolecule Preconcentrator Based on Ion Concentration Polarization한성일; 황교선; 곽노균; 이정훈
2013-01Microscale electrodialysis: Concentration profiling and vortex visualization곽노균; Guofeng Guan; Weng Kung Peng; Jongyoon Han
2012-12Multi-vortical flow inducing electrokinetic instability in ion concentration polarization layer곽노균; Sung Jae Kim; Sung Hee Ko; Jonathan D. Posner; Kwan Hyoung Kang; Jongyoon Han
2017-01Nanopore Sensing in Aqueous Two-Phase System: Simultaneous Enhancement of Signal and Translocation Time via Conformal Coating강지윤; 곽노균; 이상준; 최원준
2016-10Nanopore Sensing in Aqueous Two-Phase System: Simultaneous Enhancement of Signal and Translocation Time via Conformal Coating강지윤; 곽노균; 이상준; 최원준
2019-05Nonlinear dynamics of ion concentration polarization in capacitive deionization강지윤; 이수현; 이형섭; 김동호; 봉기완; 곽노균
2016-02Paper-Based Flow Fractionation System Applicable to Preconcentration and Field-Flow Separation홍석빈; 곽노균; 김원정
2017-05Partially Cured Photopolymer with Gradient Bingham Plastic Behaviors as a Versatile Deformable Material곽노균; 박현하; 고한길; 성민호; 곽문규; 정훈의
2016-08Purification of High Salinity Brine by Multi-Stage Ion Concentration Polarization Desalination곽노균; Bumjoo Kim; Hyukjin J. Kwon; Van Sang Pham; Minseok Kim; Bader Al-Anzi; Geunbae Lim; Jongyoon Han
2013-03Shear Flow of an Electrically Charged Fluid by Ion Concentration Polarization: Scaling Laws for Electroconvective Vortices곽노균; Van Sang Pham; Kian Meng Lim; Jongyoon Han
2017-02Sheltering the perturbed vortical layer of electroconvection under shear flow곽노균; Van Sang Pham; Jongyoon Han
2020-03Simultaneous electric production and sizing of emulsion droplets in microfluidics강지윤; 이상준; 최원준; 곽노균
2010-06Solvent-Assisted Decal Transfer Lithography by Oxygen Plasma Bonding and Anisotropic Swelling곽노균; Pilnam Kim; Sung Hoon Lee; Kahp Y. Suh
2016-01Spatiotemporally Defining Biomolecule Preconcentration by Merging Ion Concentration Polarization곽노균; 강지윤; 김태송
2009-12UV-assisted Capillary Force Lithography for engineering biomimetic multiscale hierarchical structures: From lotus leaf to gecko foot hairs곽노균; Hoon Eui Jeong; Ali Khademhosseini; Kahp Y. Suh
2014-02-12마이크로 유체 기반 표면전하 제어형 단백질 농축 소자 및 그 제조 방법곽노균; 김태송; 유용경; 이정훈; 한성일; 황교선
2014-01-10모세관을 이용한 단백질 농축 소자 및 그 제조 방법곽노균; 김태송; 유용경; 이정훈; 한성일; 황교선
2014-02-12선택적 이온 투과형 마이크로 포어 소자 및 그 제조 방법곽노균; 김태송; 유용경; 이정훈; 한성일; 황교선