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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Ambilaterality of RM towards 1O2 in Li-O2 Batteries: Trap and Quencher정훈기; 이현욱; 김훈; 선양국; 곽원진
2017-12Controversial Topics on Lithium Superoxide in Li-O2 Batteries정훈기; 선양국; 곽원진; 박진범
2019-03Deactivation of redox mediators in lithium-oxygen batteries by singlet oxygen정훈기; 곽원진; 김훈; Yann K. Petit; Christian Leypold; Trung Thien Nguyen; Nika Mahne; Paul Redfern; Larry A. Curtiss; Sergey M. Borisov; Stefan A. Freunberger; 선양국
2016-07Li?O2 cells with LiBr as an electrolyte and a redox mediator정훈기; 곽원진; Daniel Hirshberg; Daniel Sharon; Michal Afri; Aryeh A. Frimer; Doron Aurbach; 선양국
2020-03Limited effects of a redox mediator in lithium-oxygen batteries: indecomposable by-products정훈기; 김훈; 곽원진; 선양국
2019-11Mutual Conservation of Redox Mediator and Singlet Oxygen Quencher in Lithium-Oxygen Batteries정훈기; 곽원진; Stefan A. Freunberger; 김훈; 박지원; Trung Thien Nguyen; 변혜령; 선양국
2017-11Optimized Bicompartment Two Solution Cells for Effective and Stable Operation of Li-O2 Batteries정훈기; 곽원진; 도론 어바크; 선양국
2018-03Optimized Concentration of Redox Mediator and Surface Protection of Li Metal for Maintenance of High Energy Efficiency in Li?O2 Batteries정훈기; 곽원진; 박성진; 선양국
2020-11Perpendicularly aligned TiC-coated carbon cloth cathode for high- T performance Li-O2 batteries정훈기; 정민기; 신현지; 곽원진; 선양국
2018-02Revealing the Reaction Mechanism of Na-O2 Batteries using Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy정훈기; 곽원진; 루오 랑리; 왕 종민; 선양국
2018-07Review―A Comparative Evaluation of Redox Mediators for Li-O2 Batteries: A Critical Review정훈기; 곽원진; 김훈; Doron Aurbach; 선양국
2016-04Silver nanowires as catalytic cathodes for stabilizing lithium-oxygen batteries곽원진; 정훈기; 이선화; 박진범; 도론 어바크; 선양국
2020-09Sustainable Encapsulation Strategy of Silicon Nanoparticles in Microcarbon Sphere for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery Anode김상옥; 정훈기; 김형석; 권현정; 신현지; 황장연; 곽원진
2019-02Triple Hierarchical Porous Carbon Spheres as Effective Cathodes for Li-O2 Batteries정훈기; 정민기; 모비눌; 곽원진; 박지원; 변혜령; 장민철; 선양국
2022-01Uniformly distributed reaction by 3D host-lithium composite anode for high rate capability and reversibility of Li-O2 batteries이중기; 정훈기; 정민기; 김지영; 곽원진; 선양국
2019-05Verification for trihalide ions as redox mediators in Li-O2 batteries정훈기; 김훈; 곽원진; 선양국