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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07A 4 V Li-Ion Battery using All-Spinel-Based Electrodes오인환; 정경윤; 정훈기; 굴람 알리; 정민기; 모비눌; 선양국
2017-08Achieving high capacity and rate capability in layered lithium transition metal oxide cathodes for lithium-ion batteries조병원; 오시형; 정경윤; 굴람 알리; 노재교; 안주현; 디키 수산토; 김종학
2019-08Advantageous crystalline?amorphous phase boundary for enhanced electrochemical water oxidation정경윤; 굴람 알리; HyukSu Han; Heechae Choi; Sungwook Mhin; Yu-Rim Hong; Kang Min Kim; Jiseok Kwon; Minyeong Je; Ha Nee Umh; Dong-Ha Lim; Kenneth Davey; Shi-Zhang Qiao; Ungyu Paik; Taeseup Song
2015-05An open-framework iron fluoride and reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as a high-capacity cathode material for Na-ion batteries굴람 알리; 오시형; 김세영; 김지영; 조병원; 정경윤
2014-02Anatase Titania Nanorods as an Intercalation Anode Material for Rechargeable Sodium Batteries김기태; 굴람 알리; 정경윤; 윤종승; Hitoshi Yashiro; 선양국; Jun Lu; Khalil Amine; 명승택
2019-05Anionic Redox Activity as a Key Factor in the Performance Degradation of NaFeO2 Cathodes for Sodium Ion Batteries정경윤; 장혜정; 조민경; 김형석; 김지영; 굴람 알리; 디키 수산토; 남경완
2017-06Cobalt-doped pyrochlore-structured iron fluoride as a highly stable cathode material for lithium-ion batteries정경윤; 굴람 알리; Gul Rahman
2019-04Determination of lithium diffusion coefficient and reaction mechanism into ultra-small nanocrystalline SnO2 particles하흥용; 정경윤; 굴람 알리; 쉬라즈; Supriya A. Patil; Mashkoor Ahmad; 김학성
2020-07Effect of the interfacial protective layer on the NaFe0.5Ni0.5O2 cathode for rechargeable sodiumion batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 임희대; 굴람 알리; 디키 수산토; 이크라
2019-02Electrochemical Mechanism Investigation of Cu2MoS4 Hollow Nanospheres for Fast and Stable Sodium Ion Storage정경윤; 굴람 알리; Jingwei Chen; Lars Mohrhusen; Shaohui Li; Katharina Al-Shamery; Pooi See Lee
2019-02Electrochemically activated cobalt nickel sulfide for an efficient oxygen evolution reaction: partial amorphization and phase control정경윤; 굴람 알리; 홍유림; 민성욱; 김강민; 한원식; 최희채; 이호준; Seong-I. Moon; Soumen Dutta; 선세호; 정연길; 송태섭; 한혁수
2019-12Elucidating the performance-limiting electrode for all-vanadium redox flow batteries through in-depth physical and electrochemical analyses하흥용; 정경윤; 살림 아바스; 쉬라즈 메흐붑; 굴람 알리
2017-12Elucidating the reaction mechanism of SnF2@C nanocomposite as a high-capacity anode material for Na-ion batteries오시형; 정경윤; 정훈기; 굴람 알리; 이지훈
2018-11Enhancing the performance of all-vanadium redox flow batteries by decorating carbon felt electrodes with SnO2 nanoparticles하흥용; 정경윤; 황진연; 굴람 알리; 신현진; 쉬라즈; 살림 아바스
2020-12Entangled reduced graphene oxide nanosheets as an insertion anode with large interlayer spacing for high rate Na-ion batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 김형석; 굴람 알리; 무하마드 아크바; AsadMehmood; MobinulIslam; 남경완
2018-03Facile metal coordination of active site imprinted nitrogen doped-carbons for the conservative preparation of non-noble metal oxygen reduction electrocatalysts하흥용; 굴람 알리; Asad Mehmood; Jonas Pampel; Francisco Ruiz-Zepeda; Tim-Patrick Fellinger
2020-05High-rate lithium storage and kinetic investigations of a cubic Mn2SnO4@Carbon nanotube composite anode하흥용; 정경윤; 김상옥; 굴람 알리; 쉬라즈; 무하마드 아크바; Mashkoor Ahmad
2017-01Honeycomb-layer structured Na3Ni2BiO6 as a high voltage and long life cathode material for sodiumion batteries정경윤; 김동현; 굴람 알리; Deu S. Bhange; Daniel A. Anang; 신태주; 김민규; 강용묵; 남경완
2017-10Improving the sodium storage capacity of tunnel structured NaxFexTi2-xO4 (x=1, 0.9 & 0.8) anode materials by tuning sodium deficiency정경윤; 김지영; 굴람 알리; Deu S. Bhange; 남경완
2016-03Investigation of the Na Intercalation Mechanism into Nanosized V2O5/C Composite Cathode Material for Na-Ion Batteries굴람 알리; 이지훈; 오시형; 조병원; 남경완; 정경윤
2019-01Kinetic and Electrochemical Reaction Mechanism Investigations of Rodlike CoMoO4 Anode Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries정경윤; 정훈기; 김지영; 굴람 알리; 모비눌
2017-02Lithium intercalation mechanism into FeF3 center dot 0.5H(2)O as a highly stable composite cathode material조병원; 정경윤; 장원영; 정훈기; 이지훈; 굴람 알리; 남경완
2017-01Metal-Organic Framework Cathodes Based on a Vanadium Hexacyanoferrate Prussian Blue Analogue for High-Performance Aqueous Rechargeable Batteries정경윤; 김동현; 이지훈; 굴람 알리
2020-12NaFeSnO4: Tunnel structured anode material for rechargeable sodium-ion batteries정경윤; 김지영; 배지환; 박재호; 반지; 다니엘; 굴람 알리; 윤우영; 남경완
2020-06Nanoporous nitrogen doped carbons with enhanced capacity for sodium ion battery anodes정경윤; 굴람 알리; Asad Mehmood; Burak Koyuturk; Jonas Pampel; Tim-Patrick Fellinger
2018-05Parallelized Reaction Pathway and Stronger Internal Band Bending by Partial Oxidation of Metal Sulfide?Graphene Composites: Important Factors of Synergistic Oxygen Evolution Reaction Enhancement정경윤; 최희채; 굴람 알리; 한혁수; 김강민; 홍유림; 최정현; 권지석; 이승우; 이재웅; 류정호; 송태섭; 민성욱
2016-06Polythiophene-Wrapped Olivine NaFePO4 as a Cathode for Na-Ion Batteries조병원; 정경윤; 굴람 알리; 디키 수산토; 이지훈; 최성원; 남경완
2018-11Preparation of High-Performance Cathode and Anode Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries and Investigating the Reaction Mechanism정경윤; 임희대; 김지영; 굴람 알리
2016-02Probing the Sodiation-Desodiation Reactions in Nano-sized Iron Fluoride Cathode굴람 알리; 이지훈; 조병원; 남경완; 안도천; 장원영; 오시형; 정경윤
2018-06Probing the Sodium Insertion/Extraction Mechanism in a Layered NaVO3 Anode Material정경윤; 정훈기; 굴람 알리; 모비눌; 남경완