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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09Altered presynaptic function and number of mitochondria in the medial prefrontal cortex of adult Cyfip2 heterozygous mice권석규; 김수연; Gyu Hyun Kim; Yinhua Zhang; Hyae Rim Kang; Seung-Hyun Lee; Jiwon Shin; Chan Hee Lee; Hyojin Kang; Ruiying Ma; Chunmei Jin; Yoonhee Kim; Se-Young Choi; Kea Joo Lee; Kihoon Han
2020-12Dysfunction of Mitochondrial Ca2+ Regulatory Machineries in Brain Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases권석규; 정현수; 파트마 세마 잔바크쉬 체첸; 김수연; 조용철
2018-06Emerging roles of mitochondria in synaptic transmission and neurodegeneration권석규; Annie Lee; Yusuke Hirabayashi; Tommy Lewis; Franck Polleux
2020-10Enhanced Prefrontal Neuronal Activity and Social Dominance Behavior in Postnatal Forebrain Excitatory Neuron-Specific Cyfip2 Knock-Out Mice권석규; 김수연; Yinhua Zhang; Hyae Rim Kang; Seung-Hyun Lee; Yoonhee Kim; Ryuying Ma; Chunmei Jin; Ji-Eun Lim; Seoyeon Kim; Yeju Kang; Hyojin Kang; 최세영; 한기훈
2018-11MFF-dependent mitochondrial fission regulates presynaptic release and axon branching by limiting axonal mitochondria size권석규; Tommy L. Lewis Jr.; Annie Lee; Reuben Shaw; Franck Polleux
2021-04Neuron Segmentation Using Incomplete and Noisy Labels Via Adaptive Learning with Structure Priors권석규; 파트마 세마 잔바크쉬 체첸; 김수연; 박찬민; 이강근; 정원기
2019-10Pleiotropic Mitochondria: The Influence of Mitochondria on Neuronal Development and Disease권석규; Vidhya Rangaraju; Tommy L. Lewis; Yusuke Hirabayashi; Matteo Bergami; Elisa Motori; Romain Cartoni; Julien Courchet
2020-11Super-Resolution Three-Dimensional Imaging of Actin Filaments in Cultured Cells and the Brain via Expansion Microscopy권석규; 정현수; 박찬이; 조영빈; 조인; 김병연; Jennifer H. Shin; 최성용; 한영기; 장재범
2021-01The Neomycin Resistance Cassette in the Targeted Allele of Shank3B Knock-Out Mice Has Potential Off-Target Effects to Produce an Unusual Shank3 Isoform권석규; Chunmai Jin; Hyojin Kang; Taesun Yoo; Jae Ryun Ryu; Ye-Eun Yoo; Ruiying Ma; Yinhua Zhang; Hyae Rim Kang; Yoonhee Kim; Hyunyoung Seong; Geul Bang; Sangwoo Park; Woong Sun; Hyunkyung Kim; Jin Young Kim; Eunjoon Kim; Kihoon Han
2020-01The small GTPase ARF6 regulates GABAergic synapse development권석규; 정현수; 김현호; 정혜지; 고재원; 엄지원