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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-12An analysis of interfacial characteristics between amine-functionalized polystyrene/copper and between hydroxyl-functionalized polystyrene/copper : Studies on polymer-metal interfaces, 3김동하; 김건형; 조원호; 김정안
2003-07Anionic (Co)polymerization of fluorene and carbazole derivatives김건형; 최규진; 진용현; 곽순종; 김광웅; 김정안
1997-10Anionic synthesis of chain-end functionalized polymers carrying aromatic tertiary amine groups김건형; 조재철; 조원호; 곽순종; 김광웅; 김정안
1997-07Anionic synthesis of dihydroxyl-functionalized macromonomers using diphenylethylene derivative김정안; 조재철; 김건형; 김광웅; 김효진; 전문석; 이찬홍; 조원호
1997-04Anionic synthesis of end-functionalized macromonomers using diphenylethylene derivatives김정안; 조재철; 김건형; 조원호; 황승상; 김광웅
1999-01Anionic synthesis of functionalized polymers.김건형; 조원호; 곽순종; 황승상; 김광웅; 김정안
1998-01Anionic synthesis of macromonomer carrying amino group using diphenylethylene derivative김정안; 조재철; 김건형; 김광웅; 조원호; Roderic P. Quirk
1997-04Anionic synthesis of macromonomer carrying amino group using diphenylethylene derivative김정안; 조재철; 김건형; 김광웅; 조원호; Roderic P. Quirk
2004-05Applications of telechelic polymers as compatibilizers and stabilizers in polymer blends and inorganic/organic nanohybrids김정안; 김상섭; 김건형; 진용현; 홍순만; 황승상; 조봉규; 신동윤; 임승순
1999-02Are all growing active chain-ends located at the surface of the dispersed particle in the living dispersion polymerization system?김효진; 류현수; 김건형; 곽순종; 황승상; 김광웅; 김정안; 임승순
1998-01Comparison of activities of homogeneous Ti-based catalysts in the presence of methylaluminoxane (MAO) for synthesis of syndiotactic polystyrene by UV/visible spectroscopic study김정안; 김건형; 조재철; 곽순종; 김광웅; 조원호; 윤혜성; 임동수
2003-02Controlled radical polymerizations of N-isopropylacrylamide김건형; 김상섭; 이종찬; 신동윤; 김정안
1998-01Microstructure effect in the coupling reactions of polymeric organolithium compounds using chlorosilanes조재철; 김건형; 김광웅; 곽순종; 김정안; 조원호; 전문석; 이찬홍; 여종기; Roderic P. Quirk
1999-01Multimacromonomer 타입의 고분자 입자를 이용한 core-shell 타입 입자 제조 .류현수; 조재영; 임승순; 김건형; 진용현; 곽순종; 김광웅; 김정안
2003-01New applications of telechelic polymers.김정안; 김상섭; 김건형; 진용현; 조봉규
2001-12New applications of telechelic polymers.김정안; 김상섭; 김건형; 조봉규
1998-02New synthetic methods for polyolefins김정안; 김건형; 곽순종; 김광웅
2000-01Polymeric Nanospheres김정안; 류현수; 김건형; 김상섭
2005-04Preparation of hydrogel nanoparticles by atom transfer radical polymerization of N-isopropylacrylamide in aqueous media using PEG macro-initiator김건형; 김정안; 조원호
2002-04Preparation of nano-sized CdS using telechelic polymers김정안; 김광웅; 김상섭; 이종찬; 김건형
2001-03Solvent and temperature effects on syndiotacticity in titanocene-catalyzed copolymerizations of styrene with its derivatives carrying a polar group류현수; 진용현; 김건형; 곽순종; 김광웅; 김정안; 김상섭; 이종찬; 조재영
2004-10Studies on the Physical Properties of Fullerene-Modified Polystyrenes이석; 김환기; 김건형; 김정안; 강호종
1999-01Styrenic type of pH sensitive material containing sulfonamide.조정교; 류현수; 김건형; 곽순종; 김광웅; 김정안; 배유한
2000-04Surface-functionalized [60]fullerene using polymeric organolithium compounds김건형; 김정안; 김광웅; 곽순종; 황승상; 류현수; 김상섭
1999-07Surface-functionalized polymer particles prepared by living dispersion polymerization김효진; 김정안; 류현수; 김건형; 김광웅; 임승순
2000-03Syntheis and characterization of surface-modified C60 using polymeric organolithium compounds김정안; 곽순종; 김광웅; 김건형; 조원호
1999-12Synthesis and characterization of poly(styrene-co-4-[(tert-butyldimethylsilyl)oxy]styrene) as a precursor of hydroxyl-functionalized syndiotactic polystyrene김건형; 조원호; 곽순종; 김광웅; 황승상; 김정안
2000-09Synthesis and characterization of polymer-modified [60]fullerene김정안; 김건형
1999-04Synthesis of 4-tert-butyldimethysilyloxystyrene and its copolymerization with styrene using ( η **5-idenyl)trichlorotitanium in the presence of methylaluminoxane김건형; 조원호; 곽순종; 김광웅; 김정안
1998-01Synthesis of a diphenylethylene derivative carrying aromatic tertiary amine groups and its use in chain end functionalization of alkyllithium-initiated polymerizations김정안; 곽순종; 김광웅; 김건형; 조재철; 조원호; 임동수; 김동민