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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10A colorimetric probe to deterimine NO2- using label free gold nanocrystals이강봉; 남윤식; 김경민
2017-11A colorimetric probe to determine NO2- using label-free gold nanocrystals이강봉; 남윤식; 김경민
2016-08A colorimetric sensor of iodide ion using glycol chitosan-capped gold nanoparticles이강봉; 남윤식; 김경민
2018-02A Highly Sensitive and Selective Colorimetric Hg2+ Ion Probe Using Gold Nanoparticles Functionalized with Polyethyleneimine이강봉; 이연희; 남윤식; 김경민
1991-01A Study on the Mechanical Properties of AC8A/Al2O3 Composites김기배; 김경민; 조순형; 윤의박
2021-03Amine blending optimization for maximizing CO2 absorption capacity in a diisopropanolamine ? methyldiethanolamine ? H2O system using the electrolyte UNIQUAC model이웅; 최봉근; 김성모; 김경민; 최정호; 이종섭; 백일현; 남성찬; 문종호
2017-04An Optimized and Efficient Synthetic Strategy to Prepare Arylnaphthalene Lactone Natural Products함정엽; 김태정; 김경민; 강기성
1996-01Analysis of solute redistribution in the fractionally solidified Al ingot.김기배; 김경민; 윤의박
1998-08Buffer/[CoFe/Cu]//N 다층박막의 자기저항 특성송은영; 오미영; 이현주; 김경민; 김미양; 이장로; 김희중
2022-01CO2 absorption mechanism in aqueous ternary solutions of alkanolamines: Experimental and thermodynamic modeling approaches이웅; 김승모; 김경민; 최봉근; 문지훈; 신범주; 이우기연; 신채호; 최정규; 민병무; 문종호
2017-10Development of transparent film heater using conducting polymer nanocomposites유남호; 김경민; 이재관
2016-04Doxorubicin/gold-loaded core/shell nanoparticles for combination therapy to treat cancer through the enhanced tumor targeting권익찬; 김광명; 김인산; 김경민; 오근상; 박달용; 이재영; 이범석; 김상윤; 윤순홍
2017-10Effect of defect-healing in graphene nanosheets on the mechanical properties of polyimide nanocomposites구본철; 유남호; 고문주; 남기호; 김경민; 이재관; 김호중
1996-01Effects of fluid flow on the solute redistribution of high purity aluminum ingot김기배; 김경민; 이재철; 이호인; 윤의박; 조남돈
1996-04Effects of fluid flow on the solute redistribution of high purity aluminum ingot.김기배; 이재철; 이호인; 김경민; 윤의박; 조남돈
2016-02Efficient synthesis of natural arylnaphthalene lactone lignans via Hauser-Kraus ring formation strategy김태정; 이윤서; 김경민; 함정엽
2017-10Four-Bits-Per-Cell Operation in an HfO2-Based Resistive Switching Device주현수; 차익수; 김건환; 양민규; 이동규; 최지원; 장재혁; 이상길; 박보근; 한정환; 정택모; 김경민; 황철성; 이영국
2016-11Glutathione Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Colorimetric Detection of Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride이강봉; 이연희; 남윤식; 나인욱; 김경민
2015-10Glutathione functionalized gold nanoparticles for colorimetric detection of didecyldimethylammonium chloride김경민; 남윤식; 이강봉
2017-05glycol chitosan 표면 개질한 금 나노입자를 활용한 요오드 이온 검출 방법이강봉; 남윤식; 김경민
2017-07Highly sensitive and selective assay method for iodide ion determination based on gold nanoparticles conjugated with glycol chitosan이강봉; 이연희; 남윤식; 김경민
2017-05Highly Sensitive Colorimetric Assay for Determining Fe3+ Based on Gold Nanoparticles Conjugated with Glycol Chitosan이강봉; 이연희; 남윤식; 김경민
1997-06Magnetoresistance of buffer /CoFe/Cu/Co sandwiches송은영; 오미영; 김경민; 이장로; 김미양; 김희중; 박창만; 이상석; 황도근
2016-10Mechanical and electrical behavior of polymer nanocomposites using defect- healing reduced graphene oxide유남호; 김경민; 이재관
2017-04Mechanical behavior of polymer nanocomposites using defect-healing of reduced graphene oxide유남호; 김경민
2011-06Nanofilamentary resistive switching in binary oxide system김경민; 정두석; 황철성
2013-11-19POI 추출 모호성 해소 방법, 문서로부터 POI를 추출하는 방법, POI 추출 장치고희동; 김경민; 김은영; 맹성현; 오흥선; 이강욱
2010-10Sequence discrimination of the Zα domain of human ADAR1 during B-Z transition of DNA duplexes서여진; 안희철; 이은해; 방종철; 강영민; 김희은; 이연미; 김경민; 최병석; 이준화
2019-11Sustainable production of reduced graphene oxide using elemental sulfur for multifunctional composites구본철; 유남호; 유재상; 장세규; 남기호; 정하나; 김경민; 김서균; 이헌상; 문봉진
2022-02Synergistic approach to simultaneously improve response and humidity-independence of metal-oxide gas sensors이정훈; 김경민; 박진근; 이지은; 권용정; 최현석; 양승민; 정영규