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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-11A study on the birefringence as a function of wavelength for polarization maintaining hollow core photonic crystal fibers김길환; 조태용; 황규진; 이관일; 김경식; 이상배
2009-03Active phase control of a Ag near-field superlens via the index mismatch approach강구민; 이광칠; 정영진; 박해성; 김경식
2014-02Bifunctional moth-eye nanopatterned dye-sensitized solar cells: light-harvesting and self-cleaning effects강구민; 허성연; 고종관; 안성훈; 지원석; 김경식; 김종학
2001-04Bioequivalence of Dong Sung Lovastatin tablet to Mevacor tablet (Lovastatin 20 mg)최민구; 최미희; 김경식; 김인화; 이영주; 명승운; 김명수; 정석재; 심창구
2015-07Broadband and ultrahigh optical haze thin films with self-aggregated alumina nanowire bundles for photovoltaic applications강구민; 배규영; 남민우; 고두현; 김경식; Willie J Padilla
2012-11Broadband electromagnetic cloaking with smart metamaterials강구민; 신동혁; Yaroslav Urzhumov; 정영진; 백승화; 최민정; 박해성; 김경식; David R Smith
2013-05Broadband Light-Trapping Enhancement in an Ultrathin Film a-Si Absorber Using Whispering Gallery Modes and Guided Wave Modes with Dielectric Surface-Textured Structures강구민; 박해성; 신동혁; 백승화; 최민정; 김경식; Willie J. Padilla; Dai-Hyuk Yu
2011-12Broadband optical antireflection enhancement by integrating antireflective nanoislands with silicon nanoconical-frustum arrays강구민; 박해성; 신동혁; 백승화; 김경식; Willie J Padilla
2006-05Composition, Reactivity, and Regulation of Extracellular Metal-Reducing Structures (Bacterial Nanowires) Produced by Shewanella oneidensis Strain MR-1장인섭; 김병홍; 김경식
2004-09Construction of bacterial artificial chromosome library from electrochemical microorganisms백정호; 김만수; 조혁; 장인섭; 이지영; 김경식; 김병홍; 박영인; 한예선
2018-04Effects of metal ions on syngas fermentation by C2~C6 acid/alcohol-producing Clostridium carboxidivorans P7 and Clostridium sp. JS66이선미; 엄영순; 김경식; 김경헌
2006-07Electrically conductive bacterial nanowires produced by Shewanella oneidensis strain MR-1 and other microorganismsYuri A. Gorby; Svetlana Yanina; Jeffrey S. McLean; Kevin M. Rosso; Dianne Moyles; Alice Dohnalkova; Terry J. Beveridge; 장인섭; 김병홍; 김경식; David E. Culley; Samantha B. Reed; Margaret F. Romine; Daad A. Saffarini; Eric A. Hill; Liang Shi; Dwayne A. Elias; David W. Kennedy; Grigoriy Pinchuk; Kazuya Watanabe; Shun’ichi Ishii; Bruce Logan; Kenneth H. Nealson; Jim K. Fredrickson
2021-08Enhancing the Efficiency of GaSb Photovoltaic Cell Using Thin-Film Multiscale Haze and Radiative Cooling강구민; Prince Gupta; 김연홍; 임종혁; Augustine M. Urbas; 김경식
2022-01Enhancing the Up-conversion Luminescence Using All Dielectric Three-Dimensional Multiscale Anodized Aluminum Oxide Nanowire Structure장호성; 강미선; Prince Gupta; 김경식
2015-12Flexible thin-film black gold membranes with ultrabroadband plasmonic nanofocusing for efficient solar vapour generation강구민; 배규영; Suehyun K Cho; Wounjhang Park; 김경식; Willie J Padilla
2018-10Genome analysis and influences of cofactors on syngas fermentation by C2~C6 acid/alcohol-producing Clostridium sp. JS66이선미; 엄영순; 김경식; 최재표; 김경헌
2015-08Graded-lattice AAO photonic crystal heterostructure for high Q refractive index sensing강구민; 이정민; 배규영; 최민정; 백승화; 유도식; 이장원; 김경식
2008-02Improved image quality of a Ag slab near-field superlens with intrinsic loss of absorption강구민; 이광칠; 박해성; 김재훈; 김경식
2015-12Improvement of light extraction efficiency in flip-chip light emitting diodes on SiC substrate via transparent haze films with morphology-controlled collapsed alumina nanorods강구민; 백승화; 신동혁; 배규영; 김용현; 김경식
2018-10Large-scale nanoporous metal-coated silica aerogels for high SERS effect improvement강구민; 김창욱; 백승화; 류윤하; 김연홍; 신동혁; 이장원; Wounjhang Park; Augustine M. Urbas; 김경식
2016-05Lithography-free broadband ultrathin-film absorbers with gap-plasmon resonance for organic photovoltaics강구민; 최민정; 신동혁; Nilesh Barange; 이장원; 고두현; 김경식
2008-11Low loss fusion splicing of hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber and single-mode fiber안진수; 장현수; 박광노; 김길환; 이상배; 김경식
2016-05Multi-Functional Transparent Luminescent Configuration for Advanced Photovoltaics한일기; 한준수; 권석준; 남민우; 권현근; 권순홍; 차민정; 이성환; 박상필; 정다운; 이규태; 이한주; 도영락; 김상진; 김경식; Richard Friend; 고두현
2016-02Multi-functional transparent luminescent configuration for advanced photovoltaics한일기; 한준수; 권석준; 이승환; 권현근; 권순홍; 차민정; 박상필; 정다운; 이규태; 이한주; 남민우; 도영락; 김상인; 김경식; Richard H. Friend; 고두현
2010-12Multilayered Pt/Ru nanorods with controllable bimetallic sites as methanol oxidation catalysts유성종; 전태열; 김경식; 임태훈; 성영은
2005-01On-line monitoring of low biochemical oxygen demand through continuous operation of a mediator-less microbial fuel cell문현수; 장인섭; 장재경; 김경식; 이지영; Robert W. Lovitt; 김병홍
2015-09Porous metallic nanocone arrays for high-density SERS hot spots via solvent-assisted nanoimprint lithography of block copolymer강구민; 류윤하; 이장원; 김경식
2010-06Quantitative analysis of mixed hydrofluoric and nitric acids using Raman spectroscopy with partial least squares regression강구민; 이광칠; 박해성; 이진호; 정영진; 김경식; 손붕호; 박형국
2006-04Quantitative assessment of hTERT mRNA expression in dysplastic nodules of HBV-related hepatocarcinogenesis오봉경; 김영주; 박영년; 최진섭; 김경식; 박찬일
2015-11Refractometric and colorimetric index sensing by a plasmon-coupled hybrid AAO nanotemplate강구민; 배규영; 이정민; 유도식; 이장원; 김경식