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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-08-163차원 골 영상 시뮬레이션 기술을 이용한 본 플레이트 제작 방법권익찬; 김광명; 박종웅; 서준교; 윤인찬; 최귀원; 추준욱
2019-12A Comparative Study on Albumin-Binding Molecules for Targeted Tumor Delivery through Covalent and Noncovalent Approach김광명; 윤홍열; 이종원; 박주호; 임승호; 조한희; 엄우람; 윤아혜; 임동권; 박재형
2011-09A monitoring method for Atg4 activation in living cells using peptide-conjugated polymeric nanoparticles최경미; 남혜윤; 나진희; 김승후; 김상윤; 김광명; 권익찬; 안형준
2009-06A near-infrared fluorescence-based optical Thermosensor이승영; 이슬기; 윤인찬; 이동기; 임용택; 정봉현; JAMES F. LEARY; 권익찬; 김광명; 최귀원
2008-02A near-infrared-fluorescence-quenched gold-nanoparticle imaging probe for in vivo drug screening and protease activity determination이슬기; 차의준; 박경순; 이승영; 홍진기; 선인철; 김상윤; 최귀원; 권익찬; 김광명; 안철희
2015-02A polymeric conjugate foreignizing tumor cells for targeted immunotherapy in vivo이영호; 윤홍열; 신정민; G. Saravanakumar; 노경희; 송권호; 전주홍; 김동완; 이경미; 김광명; 권익찬; 박재형; 김태우
2009-06A smart flower-like polymeric micelle for pH-triggered anticancer drug release오경택; 오영택; 오남묵; 김광명; 이동행; 이은성
2014-06Accurate sequential detection of primary tumor and metastatic lymphatics using a temperature-induced phase transition nanoparticulate system오근상; 이지영; 이동은; 김광명; 권익찬; 서재홍; 김상윤; 육순홍
2008-09Activatable imaging probes with amplified fluorescent signals이슬기; 박경순; 김광명; 최귀원; 권익찬
2019-08Activatable NIRF/MRI dual imaging probe using bio-inspired coating of glycol chitosan on superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles권익찬; 김광명; 정인재; 전성익; 차의준; 변영로; 김영일; 안철희
2014-11Advances in targeting strategies for nanoparticles in cancer imaging and therapy이지영; 이상민; 김광명
2019-07Advances in the strategies for designing receptor-targeted molecular imaging probes for cancer research권익찬; 김광명; 고영지; 김우준
2012-06Amphiphilic hyaluronic acid-based nanoparticles for tumor-specific optical/MR dual imaging이동은; 김아영; 윤홍열; 최기영; 권익찬; 정서영; 박재형; 김광명
2015-01Amphiphilized poly(ethyleneimine) nanoparticles: a versatile multi-cargo carrier with enhanced tumor-homing efficiency and biocompatibility박솔지; 정근수; 이은정; 이재혁; 이지영; 아제이싱; 고준석; 이상엽; 김광명; 권익찬; 박종래; 김정안; 김세훈
2009-11Anionic amino acid-derived cationic lipid for siRNA delivery서민성; 심가영; 이한영; 한수은; 유용희; 최용석; 김광명; 권익찬; 원권연; 김영봉; 오유경
2016-06Anti-VEGF PolysiRNA Polyplex for the Treatment of Choroidal Neovascularization김광명; 이지황; 류나경; 한현구; 홍혜경; 박지연; 박상준; 김영규; 심창범; 우세준; 박규형; 김현철
2006-10Antitumor drug of hydrophobically modified glycol chitosan nanoparticles as carrier for camptothecin민경현; 김종호; 김광명; 권익찬; 김유신; 박낭운; 김인산; 정서영
2008-04Antitumor efficacy of cisplatin-loaded glycol chitosan nanoparticles in tumor-bearing mice김종호; 김유신; 박경순; 이슬기; 남혜윤; 민경현; 조형곤; 박재형; 최귀원; 정서영; 박랑운; 김인산; 김광명; 권익찬
2017-01Antitumor therapeutic application of self-assembled RNAi-AuNP nanoconstructs: Combination of VEGF-RNAi and photothermal ablation권익찬; 김광명; 김선화; 손세진; 김남호; 유동길; 윤홍열; 이지영
2011-10Application of Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging Using a Polymeric Nanoparticle-Based Probe for the Diagnosis and Therapeutic Monitoring of Colon Cancer윤순만; 명승재; 김인화; 도은주; 예병덕; 류주희; 박경순; 김광명; 권익찬; 김미정; 문대혁; 양동훈; 김경조; 변정식; 양석균; 김진호
2017-05Artificial Chemical Reporter Targeting Strategy Using Bioorthogonal Click Reaction for Improving Active-Targeting Efficiency of Tumor권익찬; 김광명; 윤홍열; 심만규; 신민이; 이상민; 나진희; 구희범; 이혁진; 김종호; 이근용
2012-07Assessment of collagen-induced arthritis using cyanine 5.5 conjugated with hydrophobically modified glycol chitosan nanoparticles: correlation with 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography data차지현; 이상훈; 이신우; 박경순; 문대혁; 김광명; Sandip Biswal
2017-12Bile acid transporter mediated endocytosis of oral bile acid conjugated nanocomplex김광명; 박주호; 최정욱; 변영로
2008-08Biocompatible and AIEE Active Red Nanoparticles for Bioimaging임창근; 김세훈; 김광명; 권익찬; 안철희; 박수영
2013-11Biocompatible gelatin nanoparticles for tumor-targeted delivery of polymerized siRNA in tumor-bearing mice이소진; 이지영; 김선화; 권익찬; 김광명
2014-06Biocompatible Glycol Chitosan-Coated Gold Nanoparticles for Tumor-Targeting CT Imaging선인철; 나진희; 정서영; 김동억; 권익찬; 최귀원; 안철희; 김광명
2010-09Biocompatible Gold Nanoparticles for Liver-Specific CT Imaging선인철; 나진희; 최귀원; 권익찬; 안철희; 김광명
2010-04Biocompatible Material Coated Gold Nanorods for Photothermal Therapy of Cancer김동영; 선인철; 김광명; 권익찬; 안철희
2010-10Biocompatible Materials Coated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for NIRF/MRI Multi Modal Cancer Imaging차의준; 선인철; 김영일; 김광명; 권익찬; 안철희
2010-04Biocompatible Polymer Coated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for NIRF/MRI Multi Modal Imaging차의준; 선인철; 김광명; 권익찬; 안철희