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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994-01A study of polymer/ceramics composite with application to dye host.이동아; 김구대; 강현규; 문지웅
1992-01A study on the bonding characteristics of inorganic/organic composite by measurement of the glass transition temperature(Tg).이동아; 김구대; 김현민
1994-01A study on the characteristics of ORMOSIL as a dye host by measurement of UV/VIS spectrophotometer.김구대; 이동아; 강현규; 문지웅
1993-01A study on the development of mullite fibers using the sol-gel process김구대; 이동아; 이현임; 윤석진
1988-01A Study on the Development of Polycrystalline Alumina Fibers in the Non-aqueous System정형진; 김구대
1994-01A study on the preparation and characterization of TiO//2-SiO//2 aerogels by supercritical drying.김창은; 이종혁; 김구대; 이해욱
1998-09Application of 90/10 ormosil prepared by sol-gel method as a dye laser host김구대; 이동아
2004-08Characterization of Ceramic Composite-Membranes Prepared by ORMOSIL Coating Sol김구대; 김태봉
2005-03Characterization of Ceramic Composite-Membranes Prepared by TEOS-PEG Coating Sol김태봉; 최세영; 김구대
2001-06Characterization of LSM-YSZ composite electrode by ac impedance spectroscopy김재동; 김구대; 문지웅; 박용일; 이해원; Koichi Kobavashi; Masayuki Nagai; 김창은
1998-03Co-firing of solid oxide fuel cell using pore former문지웅; 이홍림; 김구대; 김재동; 이해원
1997-01Defection of dimer of Rhodamine 6G perchlorate doped in Ormosil김구대; 이동아; 문지웅; 박경수
2007-03Development of recycling technology from waste aggregate and dust from waste concrete김구대; 김태봉
2002-11Development of silica membrane support for microfiltration by extrusion method민동기; 최세영; 오승환; 김구대
2003-08Dielectric properties of ZrTiO ₄ thin films synthesized by sol-gel method.Dae-Sung Kim; 박덕해; 김구대; 최세영
2004-08Dielectric properties of ZrTiO4 thin films synthesized by sol-gel method김대성; 박덕해; 김구대; 최세영
1984-02Effect of cement content on the creep of a 90+% Al//2O//3 refractory concrete.Donald J. Bray*; Jay R. Smyth; Thomas D. McGee; 김구대
2000-06Effect of Co dopant on the (La, Sr)MnO3 cathode for solid oxide fuel cell김재동; 김구대; 이기태
1998-10Effect of current collecting layer on the impedance of LSM and LSM-YSZ cathode문지웅; 이홍림; 김구대; 김재동; 이해원
1996-01Effect of microstructural change on the optical property of ormosil embedded organic molecules.김구대; 이동아; 김재동; 박지애
1997-01Effect of microstructural change on the optical property of Ormosil embedded with organic molecules김구대; 이동아; 김재동; 문지웅; 이홍림
2001-05Effect of YSZ particle size and sintering temperature on the microstructure and impedance property of Ni-YSZ anode for solid oxide fuel cell문지웅; 김구대; 이기태; 이홍림
1996-01Effects of initial sol parameters on optical transparency of TiO//2-SiO//2 bainary aerogels in TMOS-based system.이종혁; 최수영; 김창은; 김구대
1995-01Fabrication of electrode/electrolyte layer with novel microstructure using artificial pore former.문지웅; 이해원; 강현규; 김재동; 김구대; 이홍림
1998-09Impedance properties of LSMC-YSZ composite cathode김재동; 김구대; 문지웅; 김창은; 이동아
1998-09Interface reaction between LSMC and YSZ and impedance properties김재동; 김구대; 문지웅; 김창은; 이해원; 이동아
1995-01Optical transparency and microstructure of TiO//2-SiO//2 binary aerogels.이종혁; 최수영; 김창은; 김구대; 이해욱
2001-01Oxygen reduction mechanism and electrode properties of (La,Sr)MnO₃-YSZ composite cathode for solid oxide fuel cell (Part Ⅰ: oxygen reduction mechanism)김재동; 김구대; 이기태
2001-01Oxygen reduction mechanism and electrode properties of (La,Sr)MnO₃-YSZ composite cathode for solid oxide fuel cell (Part Ⅱ: electrode properties)김재동; 김구대; 이기태
2000-09Power generating characteristics and long term stability of the anode supportiong type SOFC이종호; 김구대; 손용배; 이해원; 김상우; 송휴섭; 김긍호