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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-06A comparison of experimental measurements of V λ **2 with an analytic model of eutectic growth in the Al-Al//2Cu system.김기배; 윤의박; 이호인
2001-08A study of the energy absorption properties of ultralight aluminum foam조순형; 김기배; 허보영
2005-07A Study of the Structural Controlling of Al-Si Alloy by Using Electromagnetic Vibration최정평; 김기배; 남태운; 윤의박
2005-07A Study on the Coarsening and Globularization of Semi-solid Slurry of Al Alloy강석원; 김기배; 윤의박
1995-11A study on the effects of the fluid flow on the boundary layer thickness of the solid-liquid interface under forced convection.김기배; 윤의박; K. M. Kim
1997-08A study on the fabrication process and melt infiltration of salt core in squeeze casting method김기배; 노상우; 이호인; 남태운
1991-01A Study on the Mechanical Properties of AC8A/Al2O3 Composites김기배; 김경민; 조순형; 윤의박
1991-09A study on the microsegregationless solidification in rapidly solidified Al-Cr alloys.김기배; S. H. Cho; S. Nishi; 윤의박
2006-11A Study on the Structural Controlling of Al-Si Alloy by Using Electromagnetic Vibration최정평; 김기배; 남태운; 윤의박
1985-07A study on the thermal stability of ultra-rapidly solidified Al-Cr alloys.김기배; J. M. Cha; S. H. Cho; D. M. Wee; T. Y. Nam; E. P. Yoon
1992-01A study on the wettability of the Al-Li / SiC interface김기배; 김도향; 이호인
1996-01Analysis of solute redistribution in the fractionally solidified Al ingot.김기배; 김경민; 윤의박
1991-01Bi/MnBi 공정합금의 일방향응고조직 및 자기적 특성에 관한 연구 .김기배; 이호인; 윤의박; 조순형; 심진섭; 박종완; 나형용
2005-07Computer Simulation for Die Filling Behavior of Semi-Solid Slurry of Mg Alloy문중화; 김기배; 석현광; 김성빈; 김영도
2003-11Computer Simulations of High Pressure Diecasting Process of Al alloy for using a fusible salt core문중화; 김기배; 김영도; 석현광; 이호인
2007-04Corrosion behaviors of Fe45-xCr18Mo14C15B6Y2Mx(M=Al,Co,Ni,N and x=0,2) bulk metallic glasses under conditions simulating fuel cell environment자야마니; 김유찬; 김기배; 석현광; 에릭플러리
2007-03Corrosion mechanism of N-containing Fe-Cr-Mo-Y-C-B bulk amorphous alloys in highly concentrated HCl solution자야마니; 김기배; 안효석; 에릭플러리
2005-04Corrosion studies on Fe-based amorphous alloys in simulated PEM fuel cell environment자야마니; 김유찬; 김기배; 석현광; 에릭플러리
2005-09Development of ductile in-situ crystalline particles reinforced metallic glass matrix composites김유찬; 김기배; 이재철; 이병주; 에릭플러리
2007-03Development of metallic glasses for bipolar plate application자야마니; 김유찬; 석현광; 김기배; 에릭플러리
2003-11Development of net shape casting technology by using a fusible core김기배; 석현광; 이호인; 김준수
1996-04Development trends of squeeze casting machine.한요섭; 김기배; 김용준
2006-03Die filling behavior of Mg alloy slurry in semi-solid processing이덕영; 문중화; 석현광; 김성빈; 김기배
2006-09Dynamic mechanical properties of continuously cast Al alloy in electromagnetic stirrer이덕영; 강석원; 김기배
2006-09Effect of Crystal Orientation of Textures of Electromagnetic Stirred Aluminum Alloy이덕영; 강석원; 김기배
2006-09Effect of Electromagnetic Stirring during Solidification on the Morphological Evolution of Primary Solid Phase of Al Alloy이덕영; 강석원; 김기배
2006-01Effect of electromagnetic stirring on orientation distribution function of primary solid phase of Al-Cu alloy이덕영; 한준현; 강석원; 문중화; 김기배
2005-07Effect of Fluid Flow by Electromagnetic Stirring on the Microstructure of Al Alloy이덕영; 김기배; 문중화; 강석원; 김도향
2006-06Effect of hydrogenation on the structural, thermal and mechanical properties of Zr50-Ni27-Nb18-Co5 amorphous alloy자야락스미; 김기배; 에릭플러리
2006-09Effect of Isothermal Holding Temperature on Globularization of Primary Solid Phase in Multiplex-Type Slurry Cup강석원; 이덕영; 김기배