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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04Enhanced nanofiltration performance of graphene-based membrane on wrinkled polymer supports김선준; 남윤태; 강경민; 정우빈; 김대우; 정희태
2020-09Graphene oxide nanoribbon hydrogel: viscoelastic behavior and use as a molecular separation membrane김성수; 최윤규; 김지훈; 강준혁; 최은지; 최승은; 김정필; 권오찬; 김대우
2019-04Graphene Oxide/Carbon Nanotube Bilayer Flexible Membrane for High-Performance Li-S Batteries with Superior Physical and Electrochemical Properties김선준; 이동규; 김용재; 최현지; 김대우; 전환진; 안치원; 이재우; 정희태
2011-07High-temperature hydrodechlorination of ozone-depleting chlorodifluoromethane (HCFC-22) on supported Pd and Ni catalysts하정명; 김대우; 김재훈; 안병성; 김연제; 강정원
2012-07Highly Selective Catalytic Hydrodechlorination of Chlorodifluoromethane in Supercritical Fluids하정명; 김대우; 김재훈; 안병성; 강정원
2011-05Highly Selective Catalytic Hydrodechlorination of HCFC-22 under Supercritical Conditions하정명; 김대우; 김재훈; 안병성; 강정원
2010-04Hydrodechlorination of CHClF2 in Supercritical Fluids김대우; 김재훈; 김재덕; 강정원
2011-04Hydrodechlorination of HCFC-22 Using Supercritical Fluids김대우; 김재훈; 김재덕; 강정원
2010-10Hydrodechlorination of HCFC-22 Using Supercritical Fluids김대우; 김재훈; 김재덕; 강정원
2018-07Influence of graphene thickness and grain boundaries on MoS2 wrinkle nanostructures김선준; 권오민; 김대우; 김지한; 정희태
2021-05Large-Area Ti3C2Tx-MXene Coating: Toward Industrial-Scale Fabrication and Molecular Separation김선준; 김지훈; 박경석; 김용재; 최은지; 강준혁; 권오찬; 조정호; 김대우
2020-09Mapping Graphene Grain Orientation by the Growth of WS2 Films with Oriented Cracks김선준; Da Luo; 박강호; 최명기; 김대우; Meihui Wang; 정우빈; 이종훈; Rodney S. Ruoff; 정희태
2009-07Metal Nanoparticle Synthesis Using Supercritical Alcohol김재훈; 김대우; Bambang Veriansyah; 강정원; 김재덕
2017-11One dimensional building blocks for molecular separation: laminated graphitic nanoribbons김선준; 김대우; 김인; 장지돈; 남윤태; 박강호; 권기옥; 조경민; 최정훈; 김대옥; 강경민; 정유성; 정희태
2019-07Polybenzoxazole/graphene nanocomposite for etching hardmask김선준; 신승욱; 김종선; 김대우; 정희태
2017-11Selective Molecular Separation on Ti3C2Tx-Graphene Oxide Membranes during Pressure-Driven Filtration: Comparison with Graphene Oxide and MXenes김선준; 강경민; 김대우; Chang E. Ren; 조경민; 최정훈; 남윤태; Yury Gogotsi; 정희태
2009-10Studies on the Catalytic Hydrodechlorination of CHClF2김대우; 김재훈; 김재덕; 강정원
2011-11Supercritical Catalytic Hydrodechlorination of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons김대우; 하정명; 김재훈; 안병성
2011-11Supercritical Purification of Hydrofluorocarbons from Their Aqueous Mixture김대우; 하정명; 김재훈; 안병성
2012-12Supercritical-phase-assisted highly selective and active catalytic hydrodechlorination of the ozone-depleting refrigerant CHClF2하정명; 김대우; 김재훈; 김석기; 안병성; 강정원
2009-04Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles Using Supercritical Alcohol김대우; 김재훈; 밤방; 김재덕; 강정원; 이윤우
2009-05Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles Using Supercritical Alcohol김대우; Bambang Veriansyah; 김재훈; 김재덕; 이윤우
2017-07Thickness Control of Chemical Vapor Deposition-Grown Graphene Film by Oxygen Plasma Etching with Recycled Use of Ni Catalyst김선준; 김대우; 최형욱; 정희태
2016-11Ultrastrong Anchoring on the Periodic Atomic Grooves of Black Phosphorus김승민; 정현수; 김대우; 권기옥; 옥종민; 정희태
2018-01Ultrathin graphene oxide membranes on freestanding carbon nanotube supports for enhanced selective permeation in organic solvents김선준; 김대우; 조경민; 강경민; 최정훈; 김대옥; 정희태
2011-08-25초임계유체공정에 의한 클로로디플루오로메탄으로부터 디플루오로메탄을 제조하는 방법김대우; 김재훈; 박종민; 안병성; 하정명
2010-02-26초임계유체상에서의 수첨탈염소반응을 통한 디플루오로메탄의 제조방법김대우; 김재덕; 김재훈; 박종민
2011-07-07클로로디플루오로메탄으로부터 수첨탈염소반응을 통한 고수율의 디플루오로메탄의 제조방법김대우; 김재훈; 박종민; 안병성; 하정명