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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10Carbon nanotube fibers with high specific electrical conductivity: Synergistic effect of heteroatom doping and densification구본철; 황준연; 이동수; 김남동; 김대윤; 홍승기; 박승규; 박민; 남정태; 이동주; 김융암
2018-01Chirality-induced antisymmetry in magnetic domain wall speed민병철; 김덕호; 박용근; 김대윤; 박민호; 김주성; 남윤석; 제숭근; 최혁철; 최석봉
2020-09Crystal Engineering of Amphiphilic Organic Dye for Metallic Coloration양철민; 전대영; 김대윤; 유기현; Seok-In Lim; Luciano De Sio; Kwang-Un Jeong
2021-07Development of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Smart Inks by Substituting Ionic Pendants and Engineering Molecular Packing Structures김대윤; Seok-In Lim; Jahyeon Koo; Junhwa Jang; Mintaek Oh; Duy Thanh Tran; Sungjune Park; Yan Cao; Kwang-Un Jeong
2020-07Diacetylene-Functionalized Dendrons: Self-Assembled and Photopolymerized Three-Dimensional Networks for Advanced Self-Healing and Wringing Soft Materials김대윤; Yu-Jin Choi; Daseal Jung; Seok-In Lim; Kwang-Un Jeong; Won-Jin Yoon
2021-12Domain-selective thermal decomposition within supramolecular nanoribbons김대윤; Yukio Cho; Ty Christoff-Tempesta; Guillaume Lamour; Julia H. Ortony
2021-10Effects of molecular flexibility and head group repulsion on aramid amphiphile self-assembly김대윤; Samuel J. Kaser; Andrew J. Lew; Ty Christoff-Tempesta; Yukio Cho; Julia H. Ortony
2020-07Making Non-conjugated Small Molecule Organic Radicals Conduct주용호; 김대윤; 고재형; 유일환; 조예린; 손대원
2014-04Maximizing domain-wall speed via magnetic anisotropy adjustment in Pt/Co/Pt films김덕호; 유상철; 김대윤; 문경웅; 제숭근; 조정구; 민병철; 최석봉
2015-12Molecular-scale charge trap medium for organic non-volatile memory transistors이상아; 김대윤; 정광운; 이상현; 배수강; 이동수; 김태욱; 왕건욱
2021-04Morphological Transitions of a Photoswitchable Aramid Amphiphile Nanostructure김대윤; 유기현; Ty Christoff-Tempesta; Guillaume Lamour; Xiaobing Zuo; Julia H. Ortony
2017-06Optimal angle of magnetic field for magnetic bubblecade motion민병철; 김덕호; 문경웅; 유상철; 김대윤; 황찬용; 최석봉
2021-04Self-Assembly of Aramid Amphiphiles into Ultra-Stable Nanoribbons and Aligned Nanoribbon Threads김대윤; Ty Christoff-Tempesta; Yukio Cho; Michela Geri; Guillaume Lamour; Andrew J. Lew; Xiaobing Zuo; William R. Lindemann; Julia H. Ortony
2021-05Transfer and Amplification of Cyanostilbene Molecular Function to Advanced Flexible Optical Paints Through Self-Crosslinkable Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polysiloxanes김대윤; Jahyeon Koo; Junhwa Jang; Seok-In Lim; Mintaek Oh; Kyung Min Lee; Micheal E. McConney; Luciano De Sio; Kwang-Un Jeong
2017-03Wide-Range Probing of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction민병철; 김덕호; 유상철; 김대윤; 최석봉
2020-11-20섬모형 그래핀 복합체, 그 제조 방법, 및 이를 포함하는 마찰전기 나노 발전기김대윤; 박성웅; 배수강; 이승기; 이아람; 최광훈; 형석기
2021-01-27이종원소 도핑을 통한 고전도성 나노탄소재료 제조방법 및 이로부터 제조된 탄소나노튜브섬유구본철; 김남동; 김대윤; 남정태; 이동주; 홍승기; 황준연
2021-01-18향상된 물성을 가지는 탄소나노튜브 섬유 및 그 제조방법구본철; 김남동; 김대윤; 김서균; 류성우; 유남호; 이동주; 정현수; 홍승기; 황준연